Guides to help you have Groovy Hairstyles for Long Face

Taking about a perfect looking look, what words spring into your mind? In fact, the way you get a charming look is actually in choosing the appropriate texture and style for your hair. Each face type requires a different hairstyle, so it is one of the most important factors to opt hairdo. If your face is narrow and its length is longer that its width, you probably own a long face shape. Here are our guides to help you understand everything about the best hairstyle for long face shape.

1. Flattering hairstyle for long thin face

Straight hair

If you have a long face with straight hair, side-swept bangs will be ideal choice to create more width to your look. This hairstyle for long thin face has ability to create a shorter face. The perfect hair length should be shoulder length to make your face look more prominent.

straight hairstyle

Long curly hair

Do you realize that curls are excellent way to give your hair volume and width to balance your face length? Whether you have a naturally curls or not, please don’t curl your entire head. The hair will be flat on top and curly on the side. This is a great hairstyle for every girl. Having said that getting the right haircut is the key for gorgeous look.

Long curly hair

Sleek bob

The answer for those having a long face shape is sleek bob hairstyle. This style is able to highlight the hair work well for many hair types. However, it’s not the ideal option for anyone with curly hair.

sleek bob

2. Best hairstyle for long face big forehead

Have you ever been in trouble with your big forehead and long face? Perhaps, you are looking for a hairstyle to hide these flaws. In order to help you obtain a fashionable and amazing look, some hairstyle below can be useful for you.

Long layered hair with thick bangs

The truth is that long hair can make a strong impression on women with long faces. Long layers and thick bangs make their forehead look smaller and shorten the face length. Their anxiety of facial structure and hair does not matter.


Long layered hair thick bangs

Bardot bangs

Another example of hairstyle for long face thin hair is bardot bangs. It is a smart choice for girls having thin hair. Take a look at this picture! Her bangs are a bit longer and thicker on the side and part in the middle. The S-shaped light waves make her hair look more voluminous. What do you think about bardot bangs? Be ready to refresh your hairstyle.

Bardot bangs

3. Hairstyle of celebrities having a long face

Like all face shape, to show off your features, it’s important to decide the best hairstyle for long face thin hair. Now, there are some general hairdos of celebrities for you.

Victoria Beckham

Mention about iconic fashion, it can’t help talking about Victoria Beckham. If you have a long face like her, let’s think about a medium hair length and a simple hairdo like her. Her dark lashes make her eyes become the focus of the long, noble face. 

Victoria Beckham

Kerry Washington

If long straight hair is no longer your preference, pixie haircut will be your excellent option. The combination of textured pixie has ability to show off her angles and this hairstyle brings stylish vibe and edgy look. Try this hairdo if you are looking for messy and unique look all the time.

Kerry Washington


Do you want something sleek? A slightly curly hairstyle such as the famous singer will not disappoint you. Looking at this picture, feathered layers kept her hair from falling on her face. It can be said that the beautiful curls make her face seem fuller and draw people’s attention to her beautiful hair.

Angelina Jolie

Long face will no longer be a worry if you’ve got sexy cheekbones and long hair like the glamorous actress Angeline Jolie. In this hairstyle, her classic updo shows off her charming look. Having said that her hairstyle is effortless but really attractive. Who can keep their eyes off her beauty?

Angelina Jolie

Claudia Schiffer

If you’ve got a long face and long hair, you will draw your inspiration from Claudia Schiffer’s wavy blonde hair. It can’t be denied that her classic and timeless hairstyle has ability to complement her face. This must be an ideal hairstyle for anyone who falls in love with vintage look.

Claudia Schiffer

So, do you find out your best hairstyle for long face? If you like this post, please follow Luxshinehair and share your idea below. We’d love to see your comment, and we wish to stumble across your story as soon as possible.

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