Guide On How To Cut A Wig

No matter how your wig hair extensions is human hair or synthetic hair, when you get it, you can cut and style it as you want. You may be confused among a lot of ways to cut a wig and make it look natural. To get the most natural-looking, you can cut it for creating short hairstyles, adding more layers and making a bang. To create a natural hairline, it’s important to use good quality tools for cutting such as scissors and tweezers.

Now, in this article, we suggest some popular ways on how to cut a wig according to different ways.

How To Cut A Wig Into Layers

It has never been a faded trend to have layered hair. Even, this is considered to be the most favorite hairstyle that many girls are crazy for. Below is the step-by-step guide about how to cut a wig into layers that we want to share with you. We want to note that the guidelines below are fore straight hair. If you want to thin out curly hair, it may not work.

Step 1: Put The Wig On A Wig Head

Put the wig on the wig head and make sure that your wig is straight. Part the wig into middle part or side part as you want before cutting the lace.

Put The Wig On A Wig Head

Step 2: Hold The Front Hair Sections Back

Use your hands to gather the front hair sections and use some hair clips to hold all hair in front of the ears in place. Add more pins to the sides of the hairpiece to attach it to the wig head. Don’t worry that the lace will be painful. This even ensure the hair is not accidentally cut when you layer the other hair sections.

Step 3: Determine The Layer Position

Continue separating the layers of your hair and keep the layers of the bottom wig in place. Then, determine how long you want the layers to be. The length of the layers of hair depends on you.

Step 4: Secure The Top Section

To cut the layers easily, you should clip the top hair section to work easier on the bottom and middle part. Hold your top hair section apart from the rest of your hair on the wig.

Secure The Top Section

Step 5: Work On The Middle Section

In the middle part, hold a small hair piece and cut it across at a time. You can work with the rest of the hair in the middle of hair section. Be careful to avoid accidentally cutting your fingers while cutting your hair.

Step 6: Layer The Top Hair Section

Remove the hair clips from the top of your wig and repeat the layering process. If you find that the hair get tangled, you can use a brush to remove tangles.

Step 7: Take Off Hair Clips In The Front Hair Sections And Trims

Remove the hair clips from the wig hair and comb out the hair on both sides of the hair to ensure that there is no hair clips left. Then cut the front hair section.

comb out the hair on both sides of the hair

Cut the hair downwards and keep your elbow up to control your hand in the right direction. You can even adjust your hair wig by cutting any hair you have missed.

Cut the hair downwards

Take note: You need to use sharp scissors no matter what types of wig you own (human hair wig or synthetic hair wig). If not, you can hurt the hair shaft leading to bad appearance as well as damaged wig.

How To Cut A Wig Hair Into A Bob

If you think that it’s difficult to change your long wig into a cute short hairstyle, that’s wrong. Turn your long wig hair extensions into a trendy short one to change your look as well as switch up yourself.

The first thing you want to do is to divide the wig into three or more small parts. Using rubber bands or ponytail holders to keep the hair in place. Remember to use a rubber band in a place where you want to stop the hair. If you are familiar with cutting wigs, this will help make your cutting process easier. Now, use sharp scissors to cut straight along underneath the rubber band.

divide the wig into three or more small parts

When you’ve finished, remove all bands from the hair wig. Brush the hair and fix the hair at the bottom of your head. Definitely cut down all ugly hair at the bottom before styling it.

A beautiful hairstyle is a dream of many girls that can easily get thanks to the help of wig hair extensions. However, to achieve this, you should know how to apply as well as cut the wig properly. Hope that this article is useful for you. Follow for more information. Thanks so much!



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