Gorgeous wedding hairstyles for black brides

Are you a black woman looking for an incredibly amazing hairstyles for your wonderful up-coming wedding? Do you already find your own wedding hairstyles or are you still hesitating? Well, just spend some minutes relaxing and check out our list below at Luxshinehair to find out which is the most suitable hairstyles that match your face and personality!

Gorgeous wedding hairstyles for black bridesWedding is considered as the most meaningful and important moment of one’s life. It is time for “two souls but a single thought, two hearts but beat as one” start to stand by other side together during the rest of their life. It is also the time for bride to show off her beauty and become the center of attention like a queen wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. Hairstyle is also a remarkable highlight of bride. Here Luxshinehair shows you best wedding hairstyles for black women that will definitely enhance your beauty. Get ready and here we go!

Amazing wedding updos

Updo wedding hairstyle is a traditional hairstyle for almost women in the world. It not only brings an elegant and pure look for bride, but also never runs out of fashion. You may add in it into your list of considerations since updo hairstyle is always top-ranked in best wedding hairstyle list. Moreover, it goes well with all clothes styles and skin tone, so it will be a highlight of black women on their ceremony.

Amazing wedding updosIf you get a lot of bangs, your hair is quite full, a messy updo hairstyle will definitely what you are looking for. Add some flowers to your hair and a pair of matching earrings will help you look more charming.

Amazing wedding updosA beautiful jeweled headband that matches your earrings is also a perfect choice that completes bride’s look, especially works with black brides.

Amazing wedding updosBesides, a side updo hairstyle with large waves to create this style is also a good idea for black women on their wedding day. A lovely silver barrette will increase your elegance.

Amazing wedding updosAn updo with black straight hair combed back give you a noble appearance that will definitely grab all attention on your wedding day. Simple but still modern and fashionable, this style will satisfy you.

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Beautiful short wedding hairstyles

A lot of women worry about their short hair since they think that it is difficult in finding hairstyles for women who are having short hair. Do short hair cause many troubles in making wedding hairstyle? The answer is NO! Luxshinehair will give you some useful tips for black women with short hair to a nice wedding hairstyle.

Side-shaved hairstyle is a unique style for black women with short hair. Shave the sides of your short hair and dress it up with gold leaves barrette and tiny flower will definitely make you outstanding.

Beautiful short wedding hairstylesStyle your short hair in curly texture and keep it by a leaf crown is a good idea for black bride with short hair. A veil can  make it more attractive

Beautiful short wedding hairstyles

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Big bun and braid

A high bun wedding hairstyle is totally a perfect choice for black woman. We can combine a bun with braid around to hold the bun up and hide some hairclips inside to make bun tight. This is a perfect combination since the braid can be seen as a bright point of your hair. You can curl your hair or messy up your hair to make the bun bigger.

Big bun and braidChignon or low bun combined with a nice veil will definitely help you look more charming and elegant

Big bun and braid

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Curly wedding hairstyle

No need to put many barrettes or hairclips, hair accessories to make it more complicate, a curly hair with one small veil or a small silver hairclip is what you need to have an elegant and attractive wedding hairstyle.

Curly wedding hairstyleCurly hair is suitable and easy to make with both long hair and short hair, create a peaceful and happy feeling on other people.

Loose wavy hairstyle

If you have a long hair, loose wavy should be your great option. Long loose waves are attractive and bring more romance to your wedding. It can match different style of make-up and go well and elegant with white gorgeous wedding dress. You can put a silver headband to create a highlight for your hair.

Loose wavy hairstyle

Fishtail braid

Wedding is your day, so let be a princess at least once! Stunning fishtail braid can totally realize your dream of becoming a beautiful princess on this important ceremony. Combined with a pair of silver earrings, this hairstyle will help you to shine up and become a center of attention.

Fishtail braidWell, you’ve gone with us till the end of our list! Luxshinehair hopes that you already found one wedding hairstyle for your own to shine up on your up-coming meaningful ceremony. If you have any comment or need our help, please let us know. We are always willing to help you.

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