Gorgeous short hairstyles for prom meetings

Prom is considered the second most important day for girls, just after wedding day. Therefore, every girl always wants to be the most beautiful person on this occasion. Apart from stylish dresses, pretty high heels, twinkle jewelries, impressive hairstyles are very necessary.

Realizing the importance of great hairdos, all of them spend time and money to have the most beautiful look. However, many girls worry that they cannot manage to have a charming and suitable hairstyle with their short hair. This article of gorgeous short hairstyles for prom meetings will help you to deal with these problems.

Gorgeous short hairstyles for prom meetings

1. Short perm hairstyles

There are many different perm kinds for your various changes. You can choose yourself the most beautiful kinds which is appropriate for your face, your skin and also your individual hobby and character. In addition to the pattern, you should color your hair to make it much more attractive and outstanding. Thanks to different hues, your perm hairstyle gets great dimension and depth. These aforementioned styles can be useful suggestions.

Loose wavy hairstyle

This kind of wavy hair will never be unfashionable or forgotten. It always gives a charming and beautiful image regardless of long hair or short hair. As for girls with short hair or shoulder- length hair , loose waves also make soft and gentle feeling but still full of personality. You can combine it with bangs to have a younger and cuter look or attach some lovely accessories to make highlights for your hair.

Short perm hairstyles Loose wavy hairstyle

Retro hairdo

How do you think of making a retro hairstyle at a luxurious prom? It sounds ancient but suitable if you want to have an impressive and aristocratic appearance. Curling locks were created and skillfully fixed with hairspray to make up a unique style.  Many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Alison Brie, and so on tried this style and get tons of compliments.

Short perm hairstyles Retro hairdo

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Fumy wavy

You think that fumy wavy is only appropriate for long hair, don’t you? No, it is actually a wrong opinion. Fumi wavy for short hair, especially shoulder- length hair raises hair’s volume and help women’s small face become more balanced and attractive. Thanks to the curling hair ends, your tress embraces your face to soften it and hide edgy aspects perfectly. If you have oval or angle face frame, you should combine it with a blunt bangs or wispy bang for a cute look. Or else, a long fringe will be a great idea for short hairstyles for prom.

Short perm hairstyles Fumy wavy

Curly hairstyles

You can choose to have deep or loose, even messy curls. Girls with these kinds bring strong and pro-active characters so that they know how to make curly hairstyles become their strength among crowd. No one can deny that these styles are extremely fit for charming and beautiful girls. If you find it boring, just make it fun with side braids or twinkle accessories. Stop being lovely as other girls, a rebellious image will catch people’s eyes at the prom for sure.

Short perm hairstyles Curly hairstyles

2. Short straight hairstyles

Straight bob hairstyle

Active girls like bob style a lot because it creates keenness and attractiveness at the first sight. Imagine that you are the only one with straight bob among the other with long hairstyles at the prom meeting, you actually looks like the Queen of the party. Don’t afraid of investing in this style with impressive hair color and suitable accessories for the best appearance.

Straight bob hairstyle


Pixie hairstyle

Let’s erase immediately your thought that pixie hair is only for tomboy girls. This style can completely get on well with every girls if they know to select suitable colors and haircuts. It even gives womankind to have fresh and active image that can knock out all the others in the party. Not Western girls but Asian girls love trying this impressive hairstyle. Why don’t you the next person doing that? If you want to get more inspirations for short pixie haircut, just click here.

Short straight - Pixie hairstyle

3. Short braid hair

Braid hair is too popular with soft girls with long hair but it doesn’t mean that you cannot do braids with short hair. Braids for short hair make better highlights for girls instead of simple wavy or straight hair. In addition, they are representative for creation but extremely charm. You can refer to some outstanding styles below:

Braided Crown

With this braid style, you will look like the beautiful Cinderella stepping out of the ancient fairy tale. This style is always one of the best choices for girls with naive and lovely appearance. All things you need to do is twisting front hair parts and let it be along the hair line. Fixing them on hair above your nape with some clips and making the rest look as naturally as possible. Some accessories like earrings or tiny bows is not a bad idea. Are you ready to become a Princess with beautiful crown?

Braided Crown

Half up and half down braids

As its name, you need to create the braid hairstyle with your short hair or shoulder length hair so as to the upper part is beautifully braided and loosen for naturalness and the other part is rested down like a waterfall with natural curly or straight hair. There are many different ways to make this hairstyle so have it been impressive enough for you to take part in prom? If you want to make a spotlight, let’s try fishtail braids as photo below.

Half up and half down braids


There still have a lot of different choices of short hairstyles for prom meetings that we can’t list all here. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share with us. In case that your hair is too thin and fine, you can use hair extensions. You can demand patterns that you want and they look perfectly natural. Therefore, they can be very useful for you to have a wonderful hairstyle at the prom party.

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