Gorgeous Long Hairstyles for Women

 It can’t be denied that long hairstyles become a hot trend in recent days. Owning long and soft hair is a dream of many women for some reasons. These hairstyles help to conceal imperfections on your face. In other words, they balance proportions as well as cover less attractive features on your face. Besides, with a long hairstyle, you must look younger and more feminine. So no matter what types of hair you want from braids, curls to waves, as long as your hair is long, everything will become very easy. To be honest, long hairstyles are considered as the secret key to create charm and attractiveness of a woman. So, if you are looking for a long hairstyle to change yourself, consider these several gorgeous long hairstyles for women bellow.

Gorgeous Long Hairstyle for Women

1. Long Bob Hairstyles for Women

Do you know why almost fashion editors love this hairstyle? Long bob can also called “lob”. It is obvious that long bob hairstyles are becoming one of the most beloved hair-dos today. This style is quite elegant, sophisticated but easy to maintain. Fitting any kind of hair from straight, wavy or sleek hair, it looks amazing on any face shapes. What are characteristics of long bob hairstyles? In general, Long Bob is often shorter at the back and gradually longer at the front. The cut usually ends some inches below your chin, which helps to flatter your face.

Long bob hairstyle for women

2. Layered Hairstyles for Women

You dream of a change for your hair but are not willing for a cutting, don’t you? If you are in this situation, long layered hairstyles are the perfect one for you. This style can be suitable to both thick and fine hair types. Choosing layers, you will have your hair cut in different lengths. In order to make your face shape flattered, the hairdressers need to adjust the position as well as the length of layers the most suitably. There are many beautiful long layered hairstyles that you can try based on your face shape. Some popular layers are partial highlighted layers, champagne layers, wavy layers, multi-layers and so on. If you have a round and square face, choose airy and long layers. But, if your face shape is oval, you may fit soft and subtle layers more.

A beautiful layered hairstyle


3. Long Braids for Women

 It can be said that long braided hairstyles are the inspiring source for creativity of many stylists. That is totally correct! Generally! There are a variety of unique braiding techniques to make gorgeous and fabulous braids. To make your long braids more beautiful, you can also try with highlights, clips, flowers, etc. For example, if you follow princess hairstyles, chunky silver braid with flowers is the wonderful braiding technique for you. This awesome French braid style brings girls a gentle beauty as a lovely princess with some flowers on braided hair and beautiful strands left on face. So amazing! You must find your own prince of your life.

Chunky silver braid with flowers

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4. Cute Long Hair for Women

How do you feel when seeing a girl with a lovely long hair? Your heart must be melted for her loveliness and sweetness. If you are having long hair and don’t know what to do with it, make it become nicer with accessories and simple styling. An unfinished and loose ponytail will help to take advantage of your volume. You can leave a few pieces of long hair out around your face to make it look more natural. Imagine, on a nice day, you make this hairstyle and wander along lake banks, you can experience the feeling of the fresh air on your face and the wind blowing through your hair. There is nothing more wonderful than that! Finally, add a cute velvet ribbon on your hair. Now, look at mirror, you look so amazing!

Loose wavy ponytail


5. Twisted Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

 To make this hairstyle, all you need to do is to twist a few of the font sections of your hair backwards and then pin them at the back of your head. By this way, you have create the half up and half down style that makes you look so adorable. You can also attack a bow at the tie to increase your hair’s beauty. So, this hairstyle is quite easy to apply, right?

Twisted Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Are you excited about those gorgeous long hairstyles for women? If you find any style that fit you most, why don’t you try it right now? Don’t be afraid to change your hairstyles! Someone said that “Can’t say it often enough – change your hair, change your life”. You can also visit Luxshinehair to find yourself beautiful hair extensions. Wish you be satisfied with your hairstyles!

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