Gorgeous bridal hairstyles for medium length hair

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You don’t need to have perfect long hair to look outstanding and attractive in the wedding day because there are many choices for bridal hairstyles with every length size. If you own medium length hair or want to have a beautiful medium length hairstyle for your life’s important day, don’t regret spending some time reading this article. Luxshinehair would like to introduce you the most gorgeous bridal hairstyles for medium length hair.

bridal hairstyles with medium length hair

1. Messy wavy hairstyle

You don’t think that messy wavy hair means a style which looks very tangled and ugly. It is still a kind of wavy hair but its performance is not too clear and bouncy. Hair waves are very soft, natural and voluminous. Western girls love this style with bright hair colors because it helps to embellish their strength of sound skin and smart face.

You can have this medium length hairstyle with messy waves anytime without spending a lot of time or efforts to make. If you own this style in your wedding day, you will look absolutely beautiful and charming, even when you don’t use any other accessories.

  Messy wavy hairstyles

2. Curled ends

The hairstyle with curled ends is never out of global women’s attention. It brings to bride the purest and softest images. The combination between relaxed hair above and perfect loose curls below not only makes strong impressions with the others, but also displays the gentleness and loveliness of the bride.

curled ends

To be suitable with different shapes of face, you can combine it with deep side part hair or middle part hair, even with cute bangs if you like. Curled ends can bring to you the most wonderful feelings in this important day.

3. Half up half down hairstyles

These hairstyles have a lot of different variations and their images are all very charming and impressive. Obviously, you can make them with other short hair and long hair. However, it is the prettiest when in medium length size.

You can make half up half down hairstyles with all of curly, wavy and straight hairstyles, even braid hairstyles that you want to look the most natural and self- confident. Having more side part bangs is completely not a bad idea.

4. Wavy side ponytail

Side ponytail hairstyle with hair waves is too popular and familiar with girls who want to look outstanding and impressive at prom or important meetings. Perceptibly, it is also ideal for a perfect appearance on the wedding day. Let’s imagine when hair is tied into a low ponytail, it will be leave on a side of your shoulders and give the perfect result.

Commonly, using this style with loose waves is the best. However, you can completely change into appropriate hairstyles like deep waves, loose curls, romantic curls, etc which can make your appearance look the brightest.

Side ponytail

5. Shiny straight hair with puff and headband

If you think that straight hair is not suitable for wedding hairstyles, you are totally wrong! You can get a perfect straight medium length hairstyle with impressive hair colors for hair’s highlights. In addition, by brushing your front hair back and exposing your forehead with a suitable headband, you will have a unique hairstyle which takes every other people by surprise.

On your wedding day, don’t forget to combine it with attractive make up styles to have the best appearance!


6. High curly bun

Girls who love noble and charming styles will very like this high curly bun hairstyle because its appearance is very impressive. Moreover, hair curls make hair look more voluminous as well as look softer and more attractive.  Therefore, it is undoubted that this is the hairstyle that brides love. To have the most beautiful image with it, using tiny flowers or accessories is highly encouraged.

hair buns

7. Waterfall braid

This is a special type of half up half down hairstyles but the effect that it bring is more impressive and attractive.  You only need to braid small parts of your front hair and tie it in the middle. The rest part is curled according to your hobby and let relaxed. We make sure that it will make your image look more outstanding and enchanting than ever. Try it and you will be the most beautiful bride when walking down the aisle.


In case you have short hair, thin hair, even hair loss that prevent you from making beautiful medium length hairstyles for the wedding day, don’t be worried. Luxshinehair brings to you a wonderful choice that can help you to deal with these problems. It is using hair extensions. No matter which style you want is, we can make the best hair products for your demands.

wedding medium length hairstyles

For now, let’s be ready for your wonderful wedding day with these aforementioned impressive bridal hairstyles for medium hair! You will actually be prettiest and happiest bride in your bridegroom’s eyes as well as all other people at the party.

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