Glow In The Dark Hair Dye – The Lastest Trends

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If you’ve ever read the story or watched the famous cartoon film “Tangled”, you’ve probably imagined about owning a glowing hair. Now, that absolutely can become true with glow in the dark hair dye. Do you know glow in the dark hair dye’s existence? It is a hair dye that can light up your hair when you are in the dark or under special lighting conditions (UV light) or in some places like nightclubs, sessions music or night parties,… Their composition includes light sensitive components such as sulfur powder, luminous powder,…

When you use them for your hair, you will be amazed at the wonderful effects they bring. You will have outstanding hair, especially on special occasions with bold and unique beauty. Because of that, recently, this trend is becoming hot. There are many colors created for your hair like galaxy hair, rainbow hair or blacklight hair… And corresponding to it, there are many brands of glow in the dark hair dye. Luckily, this article will help you if you are interested in glowing hairstyles.

Some brands for you to choose from

The glowing hairstyle is a quite unique hairstyle and not everyone has the boldness to choose this style. Therefore, in fact, there are not many brands that produce glow in the dark hair dye product for you to choose from. However, don’t worry if you are looking for a suitable product for you, because we’ll give you a list of suggestions below.

  • Paint Glow in Dark Hair Streaks Temporary GEL
  • Splat Glows in the dark temporary hair color
  • Phoenix neon glowing hair
  • Manic Panic Semi-Permanent – Hair color cream
  • UV Color Rinse

There are also some other brands besides the list above, but we have mentioned you the most prominent names above. The following is more detailed information for you.

1. Glow temporary glow in the dark hair gel

Like its name, this dye is a temporary dye. Because it is not permanent, you completely remove it after washing your hair. It is suitable for you to use on special occasions and does not want to permanently change your hair color. This product also has many colors for you to choose from like Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink. Another special feature of this glowing hair dye is that it is unlike any other, it can glow without UV light, which means it will always glow in the dark or in certain light conditions anywhere that you don’t need to worry.

2. Splat Glows in the dark temporary hair color

Splat is also a temporary brand of glowing hair dye that you should try. This product is of good quality, helping your hair to grow in standard glow colors and in the middle of the desired time. It is also diverse with many color choices such as cosmic pink developers and washes out, atomic blue Halloween decor, violet rays washes out and galactic green-washes out,… Splat Glows in the dark temporary hair color

Glowing hairstyle ideas

If you have chosen the best light-colored hair dye for you, here are some interesting ideas about colors and glowing hairstyles for you.

1. Guy Tang’s Phoenix hair

This hairstyle was created by Guy Tang – a famous hair stylist. First, your hair to be bleached and then it is carefully dyed with bright neon colors. This color makes your hair look like a glowing torch. Extremely prominent and super glowing colors at night

2. Rainbow hair

If you love the beauty of rainbow colors, why don’t you try this hairstyle with glowing colors? Please imagine that you will be able to bring the rainbow that appears in the dark with radiant and youthful beauty. That’s so magic! You should curl the curls when you color this hair. Each strand of hair will be highlighted by a wonderful color. Rainbow hair

3. Blue glowing hair

You will look like a sea queen with glowing blue hair. Hair color brings mysterious beauty and attraction to you. Blue is also great when glowing in the dark with strong and striking light.

Blue glowing hair

How to get a beautiful glowing hair

In order to get the lightening hair you want, you need to know how to use glowing hair dye. You will start with bleaching your hair brighter and then, you will use neon color to dye. Always pay attention to whether you are using a temporary or permanent hair dye because it will affect your glowing hair. Now some steps are taken.

How to get a beautiful glowing hair

  • Step 1: Bleaching your hair

You can choose between self-bleaching at home or going to a professional hair salon. However, our advice is that you should go to a hair salon to bleach your hair because the hair professionals know how to accurately dye your hair that helps your hair as little damage as possible.

  • Step 2: Don’t forget to keep your hair moist

After bleaching your hair, your hair will become sensitive, so be sure to increase your hair’s moisture in the first two weeks. You can use a special hair conditioner or hair mask. They will help your hair to be nourished and restored.

  • Step 3: Adding glow in the dark hair dye

Please choose the color that you love. Normally, people will choose highlights like neon, neon pink, neon green. If you want to mix colors, you should dye opposite colors side by side. For example, yellow and purple, green and pink or blue and red can be dyed side by side. However, yellow and orange or red and pink is not a perfect combination.

  • Step 4: Apply the dye

Hair dye should be applied when your hair is dry. You will need to use tools such as rubber gloves or a small brush to apply dye to your hair if you do it at home. However, if you are dyeing your hair at the salon, the only thing you need to do is wait. Finally, your glowing colors are even and beautiful, depending on your dyeing process. Don’t be too worried because the results will often be as you want it to be and you may be even more surprised.

The above is all you need to know about glow in the dark hair dye and the ideas to help you have a great glowing hair. We hope it will help a lot with silver in changing a completely new and daring style. If you love the prominence, rebellion and the love of night parties, no need to worry more, try to create a glowing hair. To help your hair become damaged after bleaching and dyeing your hair, you can use wigs to replace real hair. Choose premium wigs that were made from 100% Vietnam hair to make your glowing hair become wonderful. Luckily, we also provide such products at Luxshine Hair. Please come to it and enjoy.

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