Fusion Hair Extensions – A Secret To Have Beautiful Hair

Changing hairstyle continuously without damaging your scalp and natural tress is one of the outstanding strengths of high quality hair extensions. In term of material, human hair extensions are always the priority choice of females. For a little of time, you can renew your appearance completely with thick, natural, smooth and soft hair. 

Nowadays, there are many popular types of extensions, which are designed to meet different demands of customers as well as to be applied in certain hair types. Among of them, fusion hair extensions may be a perfect choice for girls who want to an impeccable look with ease. Below is what you should know before deciding to install this type of hair extensions.

Fusion Hair Extensions

1. What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are also called “pre-bonded hair extensions” or keratin hair extensions and heat installation method. However, sometimes, it doesn’t actually need glue at all, it bases on the application method you choose.

What Fusion Hair Extensions Are

When it comes to good fusion hair extensions, Luxshinehair is the first name you should consider. We always provide high-quality keratin hair extensions including flat-tip, I-tip, U-tips, and V-tips. All of our products are made from 100% Remy human hair of Vietnamese women that is very smooth, soft and strong enough to bleach, style and color. The company supplies many products with different textures, colors, and lengths that match your natural hair. Besides, we also have many other types of hair extensions that are favored by many customers. Contact us to own beautiful and great hair extensions.

2. Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

hair extensions pros and cons

Outstanding pros

  • Giving Longer and Fuller Hair
  • Lasting a Long Time
  • Being  ideal for every hair type
  • Safe for your natural hair and scalp
  • Perfectly seamless look

Some extinct cons

  • Requiring an Experienced Hair Stylist/ Hairdresser
  • High costs
  • Allergic and itching scalp can happen

Although keratin hair extensions own some shortcomings, there are some ways to minimize the disadvantages and maximize the advantages. If you want to know, just click here for more details about pros and cons of this hair extensions and how to make it best.

3. Installation Methods

There are two different installation methods for this type of hair extensions, called cold fusion hair extensions and hot fusion hair extensions. Now, find more details about both of them:

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Generally, cold fusion is mostly understood as bead hair extensions. As mentioned above, it is so easy to do! The stylist will pull some strands of your hair through the bead and then also insert the I-tip hair through it. Finally, use a pair of pliers to clamp the bead down to secure the extensions firmly on your head. This way is definitely safe for girls to try.

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Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

This is one of the gentlest and simplest methods of installing hair extensions with the least damage. With this technique, a stylist will use micro ring beads to attach I-tip hair to your natural hair.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

What are the difference between this one and the above method? It’s about the bonds. Instead of using the bead, the keratin itself plays the role as bonding factor. When it comes to the application process, it should start at the base of the head and then move to sides and back. The stylist will melt the glue at the base of the extension by a fusion hair iron and then wrap it around a small section of your hair.

There are different shapes of the keratin that can use this installation. They are flat-tip, I-tip, U-tip, V-tip hair extensions that are quite popular nowadays. 

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

While you are wearing hair extensions, your natural hair will still grow. That is the reasons why you ought to go to the hair salon every few weeks to get your stylist to get rid of the extensions with a gentle and safe alcohol-based method and replace them closer to the scalp.

This post is helpful to you, isn’t it? Luxshinehair hopes that the interesting information about fusion hair extensions can satisfy your demands. Thanks for your reading!

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