French Twist Hair and its Various Hairstyles

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If you love hairstyles which are neat and a bit ancient, French twist hair is exactly the thing you’re finding for. Time goes by, this hairdo is not only popular with French women but also loved much by womankind all over the world. Its variations also appear more and more that not make us disappoint about impressive styles, designs as well as colors. Right now, let’s discover the most beautiful French twist hairstyles together with Luxshinehair!

1. Things you need to prepare

No matter which hairstyle you want to do, you always need to prepare everything thoroughly. Luckily, making French twist hairstyles is quite simple so that the preparation is also not too sophisticated. Things you need to have are a comb, a brush, a suitable kind of hair spray, some bobby pins and also any accessories you want.

If you are skillful, everything will go easier. However, if you are a bit lubberly, it will also not a big problem. You can do well these hairstyles only after some time trying. Of course, asking for another help is highly stimulated so that you can get the best and most beautiful result.

2. Simple French Twist Hairstyle

Don’t think that simple style is not beautiful because it is the most popular and attractive hairstyle that makes people all over the world know about French twist hair widely.

How to do

Step 1: Brushing hair to a side

This is an easy and simple step but extremely important. Brushing hair untangles hair and helps hair become smoother to make styles. Whereas, sweeping hair to one side is the first stage to make a right twist hairstyle. You should take notice that don’t let hair relaxed but hold it on your clumsy hand.

Step 2: Using bobby pins and fixing hair

Because the last French twist will be fixed in the middle of your head so that you need to use small pins at the back of your hair and keep them in a vertical line. It is up to your hair is thin or thick to use the suitable amount. This thing will also help your twist not be loose afterwards.

Using bobby pins and fixing hair

Step 3: Spraying hair

Of course, you can ignore this step if you don’t have the hair sprayer but if it is available, you should use it. Hair spraying is necessary for the process of twisting hair since it helps your hair be fixed better.

Spraying hair

Step 4: Slowly brushing again

After you spray hair, your hair can become a bit tangle and stiff so that you need brush your hair again. However, let’s be careful so as not to make pins fallen out as well as make every step above goes wrong. Holding hair and brush it to the other side is the best and quickest way.

Step 5: French twisting your hair up

Obviously, this is the most important part. It demands your skillfulness and carefulness of yourself or of the one who helps you make this style. Let’s twist your whole hair up tightly. After that, you fold the redundant ends and hide them inside the twist.

twist your hair up

Step 6: Fixing your twist with adding pins

Let’s fix the big French twist with small pins and make sure that hide them skillfully so as that they will not be clearly seen and them your hair twist will look perfect.

Fixing your twist with adding pins

Step 7: Decorating with accessories

Keeping the natural twist can make you feel a bit simpleness and tediousness. Therefore, if you need some highlights, using more twinkle accessories is completely good. Nowadays, you can find lovely and beautiful ornaments every where so that you can change images of twist hair easily.

That is all for a simple French twist hair style. Are you impressed with it?

3. Most impressive French Twist Hairstyles

From the simple one, you can make thousands variations of French twist hairstyles according to your hobby. Let’s check out for some of the most outstanding hair twists. Perhaps, you will find yourself a favorite twist hairstyle.

Low- hanging twist

This French twist hairstyle is a little opposite to the simple hairdo because hair is twisted down instead of twisted up. However, its image still takes us by surprise. This hairstyle can be appropriate for girls with shorter and thinner hair. It is easy to do but the result is so beautiful and impressive.

Low- hanging twist

Messy French twist

Instead of twisting hair in tight and sleek ways, you can make a messy style with hair. Making the twist according to the style you want and then make some tangles with remaining short ends for the messy and natural appearance. Make sure that you won’t dig your long hair out. If not, your hair twist will be completely damaged.

messy french twist

Diagonal French twist

With this hairdo, let’s have small pins at positions which can make a perfect diagonal line as you like. Then, twist hair tightly along available pins and fix it. You should make this hairstyle with some curls and bright colors to make better highlights. It will actually not make you disappointed.

Diagonal French twist

Side twisted ponytail

This is a perfect combination between a French twist hairstyle and a ponytail hairstyle. The hair twist is in bevel direction and hair ends is loosen to expose a creative ponytail. This hairdo is very suitable for girls with long hair and soft characteristic.

Side twisted ponytail

Bridal twist

Hair twist for bride is much noticed because it has to look the most beautiful and attractive. It is the impressive combination between the hair roll and relaxed hair. It looks not too tight but not too loose to make the feminine appearance for the bride in her special wedding day. Having more hair waves or hair curls will make hair become softer and more attractive. Don’t forget to attach with suitable accessories for the most beautiful image.

bridal French twist

How do you think about French twist hairstyles? They are actually not difficult as things you image, right? Therefore, don’t hesitate anymore, having yourself a special hair twist style and take your friends by surprise right now!

For any question or comment, feel free to share with us. Bequeenhair is willing to help you to have the best appearance. Even if you need to add hair extensions for making perfect thick French hair twists, Bequeenhair with high quality hair products will actually be the most wonderful choice for you.

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