Flawless tones of ash colors that you should try immediately

Girls always want to have outstanding hair colors to make impression with others. They find for bright tones but they make hair easily get damage and tangles. Don’t continue worrying because ash colors can help you to deal with all these problems of hair. Let’s together with Luxshinehair find out about flawless tones of Ash colors right in this article!

1. Ash gray hair color

When we talk about ash color, ash grey can be the first color tone you think about, right? Despite being the classic and basic tone, it doesn’t mean that this hair color is faint without attractiveness. Ash gray is always known as the trendy and outstanding hair dye for women all over the world.

Because ash gray is not too outstanding like red or pink, you don’t need to bleach hair before. The result is your hair will be kept away from unnecessary toxic chemicals. Of course, you can completely feel secure with images that it brings to your real hair. This hair color is soft and harmonious so it makes the owner become much more charming and nobler.

Ash gray hair color


2. Ash blonde hair colors

Ash blonde colors are also very popular and diverse with many different color tones. Each color has an individual strength that attract girls try. Let’s with Luxshinehair discover the most impressive ash blonde colors!

Ombre ash blonde

Ash blonde hair dye is essentially very beautiful and bright. There is no reason that you don’t have it with ombre style which is a bit sophisticated and creative for a new fresh appearance. You can combine ash color on the end part of hair with a darker tones on hair roots like black or gray. Their contrast will actually brings to you interesting surprises.

Ombre ash blonde

Silver ash blonde

This is exactly the most suitable hair dye for women with active and energetic characteristics. Silver is one of the brightest shades of blonde color so that noone can deny the attractiveness of this color. You can combine this hue with a soft wavy style or a luxurious straight style, silver ash blonde can meet all of your satisfactions.

Silver ash blonde

Smoky ash blonde

Smoky hair is never out of fashion so why don’t you combine it with ash blonde shade? Imagine your hair is gradually transformed from black or gray to a brighter tone of blonde, its effect is so great, right? Don’t forget to make suitable style for yourself like big hair curls and middle part style or modern long straight hairstyle, your appearance will look much more impressive!

Smoky ash blonde


Sunkissed ash blonde

This summer, let’s wear your favorite pair of sunglasses and make yourself a hairstyle with this sunkissed ash blonde color! The perfection of all things will actually make your vacation become more wonderful than ever. Sunkissed blonde is so sweet and bright. We make sure that you will look much younger and more beautiful with this unique style!

Sunkissed ash blonde

3. Ash brown hair colors

There will be a big shortcoming if we don’t mention various shades of ash brown hair colors. Brown color has never ever out of fashion and ash brown is too. It  is up to different dark- light level of the color that ash brown gives different images. Let’s try checking out some ash brown colors right here!

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Soft ash brown

It is just the simplest way to have a hairstyle with ash brown color. You have natural dark brown on your hair roots and the rest is like the melted color which is gradually faded. Its softness but charm will actually occupy your love right at the first sight.

Soft ash brown


Light ash brown

Essentially, light ash brown will look brighter than dark brown colors, especially when it is under sunlight or lamp light. This hair dye is loved by a lot of the younger since it is outstanding but not too blazing. On the other hand, the color is very neat and enchanting.

Light ash brown

Chocolate ash brown

This ash brown color sounds sleeker and of course sweeter. This shade is quite dark but it’s different enough to make you recognize. If you are a girls who love something charming and full of mysteries, don’t hesitate to try this style immediately!

Chocolate ash brown

4. Ash purple hair color

Many people think that shades of purples are so rustic and unfashionable but you will actually have to think over after seeing the image of ash purple hue on hair. This hair color is very bright and dreamy. It can help you to catch other eyes right at the first time. You can keep full ash purple or combine this tone with some blonde highlights or any creative style you want. With this outstanding and impressive hair dye, there is no limitation for your style.

Ash purple hair color


5. Ash pink hair color

Yes, you totally don’t see wrong! Ash pink hair dye is exactly the thing we are going to talk to you. This hair hue is extremely suitable for girls who love lolita and sweet images. Soft pink fits perfectly with trendy ash hairstyle so as to bring the miracle attraction for girls.

Ash pink hair color

6. Ash blue hair color

You can choose yourself a hair style with ash dark blue or ash light blue cause they are both beautiful and stunning. Obviously with bright hair hues, you will have to bleach and dye hair in longer time so if you are considering dyeing hair with these tones, make sure that you will care for them carefully and frequently.

Ash blue hair color

7. Ash green hair color

Not every girl can have hair with ash green color because this shade is very difficult to combine with faces and skin colors. However if you are the lucky girl who look great with it, let’s always be self- confident because ash green will make you become more outstanding and gorgeous than ever. Many celebrities bring their appearances with ash green color to public and they get a lot of good comments. How about you, can you be like them?

Ash green hair color

8. Ash red hair color

Don’t hesitate to have yourself a hairstyle with ash red tone because it will make you look absolutely impressive. Let’s choose a dark red color or a simple soft red tone and combine it with your favorite hairstyle, the result you got will actually take you by surprise!

Ash red hair color

We hope that these aforementioned suggestions of ash colors will give you more choices for your next hair colors. With these impressive hair colors, we believe that you will be the most outstanding and loveliest women no matter where you are in.

Of course, if you don’t want to dye hair since your hair is too thin and weak, let’s visit Luxshinehair store, we have every beautiful and safe hair extension with ash hair colors for your various choices. Trust in us because we always commit to bring to you the most excellent appearance.


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