Flattering Short Curly Hairstyles That Inspire You

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Do you think your long curly locks make you out of fashion and even weigh you down? Are you looking for a new haircut that is definitely trendy and gorgeous but still keeps your current texture? If yes, be brave and confidently go to hair salon nearby for a chop! There is no surprise to say that there are more than 50 ideas about short curly hairstyles that completely inspire you. For those who are seeking for natural short curly hairstyles or for anyone who is considering to have a haircut, keep following coz this post is all you need. Luxshinehair will give you a list of most delightful and lovely short curly hairstyles for women. Are you ready? Here we go.

Short curly hairstyles for women

 Curly pixie cut

A pixie cut with plenty of volume on top is definitely a cool hairstyle. The short curly strands contribute to adding more volume to your hair. This hairstyle does work with women who own fine thin hair since short curly texture will help your hair look much fuller. Let’s say good bye to your old curly hair and say hello to a completely new and classy pixie cut. Curly pixie cut If you are finding some short curly hairstyles for round faces, you should take curly pixie into your consideration. Many celebs now are going back to this fancy hairstyle as a live proof for the attraction of this haircut. Curly strands from ears to forehead will help reframe your round face, give it a harmonious look, especially when combining with a pair of sunglasses. Short curly hairstyles for round faces https://luxshinehair.com/product/i-tip-loose-curly-hair-blonde-color If you want to challenge yourself with a coolest hairstyle which will surely grab all people’s attention, shaved pixie cut should be your first choice. Many people often think that pixie cut will make them look manly and masculine. However, you may think again after reading this post. Many women has already proved that this thought is wrong by rocking beautifully shaved pixie. The result is beyond your expectation. They look even more feminine and cooler!

Shaved pixie cut

Short Vintage Curls

Vintage short curly hair is also one of the classiest short curly hairstyles for round faces and other shapes of face since it helps sharpen your jaw line and gives you a perfect look.  A bob with short curly strands will provide wearers a vintage look, especially it will definitely complete your look with a red lipstick. Among all short curly haircuts, short vintage curls should be the most nostalgically beautiful hairstyle.

Short Vintage Curls


Curly Bob With Deep Side Part

A curly bob will instantly give you a glamorous and chic look. The deep side part will give height to the crown and make it look fluffy and cool. Besides, side part will underscore your natural charm and even push it higher. Curly texture is always known as the sexiest and most stunning hairstyles. It’s even truly right with short curly hairstyles.

Curly bob with deep side partJaw-length Curly Bob With Bangs

Among all cute short curly hairstyles, it’s undeniable to say that jaw-length curly bob is the most outstanding. This hairstyle is best-suited with anyone who has a slightly curly hair. A pair of glasses is a perfect choice to combine with this lovely hairstyle which will help you look younger than your real age! Jaw-length bob is definitely a perfect choice for short curly hairstyles.

Jaw length curly bob with bangs

Short Afro Hairstyle

Ladies with natural curly hair can completely enhance your beautiful lock with a short Afro hairstyle. This hairstyle is desperately chic, especially combined with nude-tone make-up. If you are looking for hairstyles for short curly hair, short afro is seriously a great candidate for your up-coming haircut. A pair of earrings with matching necklace will contribute to creating a confident appearance of anyone who rocks this short curly hairstyle.

Short Afro Hairstyle


Messy Curly Bob With Layers

Layers never run out of fashion. Layering can go well with different kinds of texture and give the best result. Curly layers are not the exception. Layers help to add more volume and dimension for your real hair. Besides, combining with color will help your hair look more attractive and deeper. Messy curly bob with layer is definitely a cute short curly hairstyle that you are looking for.

Messy curly bob with layers

Rounded Bob With Curls

No matter how long or short your hair is, when it comes to curly texture, your hair only looks its best when the curls stay healthy. The healthier it is, the shinier it becomes. Therefore, protecting and caring your curls are quite important. Curls look best when they are in rounded bob and blended with each other. They will give you a healthy hair and help you look more confident. Copper red is a good idea for coloring this haircut.

Rounded bob with curls

Middle Part Curly Bob

Bob style is always one of the most favorite hairstyles of women and maybe each of us used to have bob at least once in life. Bob hair goes well with natural curly texture and from this, we can create many different versions. Middle part curly bob is one among the most interesting short curly hairstyles. Part your hair in middle to have a lovely framed face! Middle part curly bob https://luxshinehair.com/product/u-tip-romantic-curly-hair-black-color To conclude, it is worth a try to rock short curly hairstyles. Be brave to change yourself, to see how beautiful you are actually. There are so many hairstyles for short curly hair that you can choose, from pixie to bob. Get your final decision and try one of those fantastic short curly hairstyle to flatter your look! How about long  curly hair styles or pineapple hairstyles? Check them out now! If you need any support, contact Luxshine Hair, a Vietnam hair vendor to get assistance! We are always there!

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