Fashionable and beautiful colors for short hairstyles

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You have had your hair cut but wondered how to choose a suitable hair color with your face? You want to display yourself through your new short hairstyle? You  want to have a spectacular trendy change after many failures?, etc. Don’t be worried! We believe that you will find the most appropriate answers for these problems after reading our information.

For now, let’s explore tendencies of choosing colors for short hairstyles together with Luxshinehair.


This is one of the most popular hair colors which is loved by both young girls and mature women. When combining with suitable short hairstyles, dark brown color makes girls’ appearance become full of charm and attractive. This is also a wise choice for girls who do not want to dye bright colors but still look beautiful and outstanding.

Because it is nearly similar to the natural hair color, it fits many different short hairstyles such as bob hair, curled shoulder- length hair, layered hair and so on.

dark brown colors for short hairstyles


It will be a big shortcoming if we do not mention blonde hair color. This color makes brightness and full of vitality for the young. Moreover, it is completely suitable for girls who have white skin and strong personality. Thus, not only Western girls but also Asian girls like this color.

Almost all short hairstyles can be perfectly combined with this blonde color such as bob hair, braid hair, straight hair, wavy hair, etc.

blonde colors for short hairstyles


Light brown will be an good choice for people who want to dye a safe color, which is not too dark like dark brown or too light like blonde. This is the color for soft, gentle. It brings self- confidence and comfort for girls.

light brown colors for short hairstylesActive girls seldom dye with this color but it is one of the top choices for traditional girls to renew themselves. Light brown is suitable for both long and short hair.  It is not too outstanding but it is beautiful enough to make good impression with people around.


Moss green is fashionable and catchy. This is clearly the wonderful hair color for girls with cool and strong character. However, it is quite difficult to combine with dark skin colors. Anyways, if you want have a spectacular change, why don’t you dye your hair with this color?

moss green colors for short hairstylesMoss green better fits short hairstyles like bob hair, curled hair than long hairstyles. This color is more and more popular with active and modern girls.


How do you think about pastel blue? This is a beautiful color but it is very selective about the skin color. Therefore, it can be another new experience for pro- active and fashionable girls.

pastel blue colors for short hairstylesAlso, this is the only hair color which is merely proper for short hair styles such as bob hair, wavy hair or straight hair so that girls can confidently display their own personality with this unique color.

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Smoky tones are very diverse in the hair palette. Among them, smoky grey, smoky pink and smoky silver are the most outstanding colors. Similarly to ash colors, smoky colors is extremely appealing and attractive. Because of various colors, girls can easily choose a suitable color with both skin tones and their own character. Moreover, they are completely suitable for short hairstyles.

Short hairstyles with smoky colorUsing smoky colors for bun or braid hair is an ideal choice for girls with adored appearance or women with individual personality and remarkable fashion style.

Whereas, smoky tones combined with curly hair makes a gentle, soft but impressive feeling for the others.



You can mix two colors to make ombre for your own hair. Colors which are harmoniously mingled give a wonderful and creative hairstyle. Girls with ombre hair colors are usually active people and always want to try new thing. This dye style is being trendy and fashionable. It highlights original and attractive fashion style of girls in 21st century.

ombre colors for short hairstylesNot only does ombre colors used for long hair but they are suitable for short hair, especially for tail- curled, tail- bulged hair.

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These are the most trendy and beautiful hair colors with short hairstyles in 2019. Each color has its own attraction. It not only shows a simple color but also expresses people’s character through hairstyles, specifically short hairstyles. So let’s be ready to pick up an appropriate color and change your style!


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