Fall in love with 7 beautiful wedding hairstyles for locs

Undoubtedly, locs are among favorite hairstyles of many women in the world, especially black women thank to its neat and impressive look. However, due to the strong image it brings in, many people wonder if it’s suitable for bridal hairstyles which usually give a feminine appearance.

Well, you must read this article to find out the beauty of locs

We will give you 7 wonderful wedding hairstyles for locs that steal your heart right from the first look. Let’s get started!

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1. Braided hairstyle for locs

Braided hairstyle for locsBraids are useful in enhancing your beauty with artistic textures. There are many types of braids to make you flexible with different types of natural hair. As for locs, you should create small braids according to rows. This suits your hair and makes you have a more neat and stylish hair. For the wedding day, you can make braids up to half or full of the length of your hair. After that, use the end of the hair to have a low or high bun or simply a ponytail. Accessories such as pearl pins or flowers are the best ideas to make you stand out.

2. Side braid into a bun

Side braid into a bunA more specific and special style when you use braids for locs is to focus the bun on one side. Make your hair look like a twisted whirlwind on the side, the best ideal is medium and long locs. You can add hair accessories of bridal along the side braid to make you more attractive and charming.


3. Medium locs with twist-out half head

Medium locs with twist-out half headThis hairstyle shows creativity and freshness. It is transformed from pure twisted hair to more unique. The hair twists are small and regular and only created in the front part, the rest of the hair is naturally released with medium length. This texture makes you look so young and feminine. I think a lot of brides will love it because of its cuteness.

4. High top locs

High top locsThe feature of locs is that it is ruffled and has great puffiness. So, why don’t we take advantage of that beauty? It’s simple with this hairstyle, you just need to leave it the most natural and focus it on the top of the head. Your natural locs that you styled will look like a nice hat on your head. You are absolutely beautiful and luxurious with this hair. An interesting option is to install a big flower right on the side.

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5. Long locs drop forward

Long locs drop  - wedding hairstyles for locsOn the wedding day, women often dream to have the most gentle and sexy beauty possible. And, a long hairstyle can completely satisfy that. You don’t need to change too much of your original hairstyle, let it is dropped free, especially forward. You just need to combine a long bridal veil to highlight and balance with the length of the hair. Everything becomes so perfectly!

6. Cute short locs for the wedding day

short wedding hairstyles for locs

Mentioning to wedding hairstyles for locs, people usually think about long hair to create different pattern. Nevertheless, a short one is also a great choice for bridal hairstyles.

With the girls who own short locs, you can refresh the style by dyeing more striking colors for hair. Don’t worry about color hair may not be suitable for your wedding day, you look so cool and personality with colorful locs. There is no reason for you not to be confident to show off your hobby to the man who you will love all your life.

7. Curled-locs with a half face veil

Curled-locs with a half face veil for bridal hairstylesThe hairstyle with specially curled locs that look like little roses. It is truly unique and makes you the center of the wedding party. The half face veil is a wise choice to combine. It highlights the bride’s classic and mysterious beauty and is especially suited to the sacred atmosphere of a wedding ceremony that takes place at the church.

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Along with beautiful bridal hairstyles, choosing a wedding dress for yourself also accounts for a very important part. Now a few wedding dresses ideas so you can wear them with the wedding hairstyles for locs to perfection.

Fishtail wedding dress

Fishtail wedding dressThere is nothing better than a fishtail dress that fits your body to combine your luxurious hairstyle with locs. The fishtail wedding dress embellishes your sexy curves and makes your hairstyle even more awesome.

Wedding dress with cup breasts

Wedding dress with cup breastsTo show off all the beauty of wedding hairstyles for locs that you make, this wedding dress is a perfect choice. Your natural locs can comfortably shine on your beautiful bare shoulders. No one can take his eyes off you then.


Modern wedding dress with motifs and colors

Modern wedding dress with motifs and colorsNot all wedding dresses are white and sewn in a sophisticated fashion. Simple is the prevailing fashion style. Personality girls with short locs will be immersed in this wedding dress. On the other hand, the dark skin of black brides may be more attractive with a different color that is not white. Anyway, we believe it will be useful for you to consider.

Someday, you will become the most beautiful and happy bride. The easiest way for you to visualize and prepare for everything very soon is the reference our wedding hairstyles for locs above. Besides, many girls choose locs for prom which is considered as the most important event in school life of every girl.

We are happy to help you. However, even so, there is no denying the benefits of hair extensions in the development of the beauty industry. In general, the decision is always with you, as long as you feel satisfied with your choice.

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