Eye-catching Hairstyles With Braids On Side

Needless to say, the braids have become a trend in recent days for its flexibility and versatility. The braided hairstyles not only keep our hair neat but they also give us more convenience to join different activities and make them look beautiful. We can style the braids with numerous variations like cornrows, ponytails, etc. Among of them, hairstyles with braids on side are considered as the innovative ideas when it makes girls stylish and helps them show their personality.

Side braided hairstyles are one of the most popular hairdos among African American females. However, with the development of media, they are loved by not few people from other countries because many celebrities also beautify their hair with the side braided hairstyles. There are a lot of these hairdos, but today we would like to give you more details about two of them:  Braids on the side with black hairstyles and braids on the side with curls hairstyles. Now, let’s start.

Side braided hairstyles

How to create a simple side braid?

There is something necessary you must remember before making any braids. Firstly, keep in mind to moisturize your hair before you decide to install braids. The second thing is not to pull and tie the braids too tightly because this can lead to some breakage of your hair and damage the scalp.

As a matter of fact, to create a simple side braid is not hard. So you can own a gorgeous side braided hairstyle without any difficulties. So, now find out how to make a simple side braid for beginners.

  • Make sure that your hair is smooth. You need to detangle your hair by removing all knots and then brush it gently.
  • Firstly part your hair into the side. After that, apply texturizing spray on hair to ensure that your hair will not be out of the braid.
  • Pull your hair to the left or right side depending on your favorite.
  • Divide your hair into 3 sections and plait them.
  • Finally, use an elastic holder to secure the braid.


  • If your hair is thin, you ought not to braid to the ends of hair because it can result in a thin look for the braid.
  • In case, you own short hair, it is necessary to make the quite tight braids.

A simple side braid

We have introduced some steps to do a simple braid, which are so beneficial to beginners. What about more sophisticated side braid hairstyles? Now, explore some stunning hairstyles with braids on the side below:

Several Gorgeous Side Braid Hairstyles

1. Black hairstyles with braids on the side

One of the prominent characteristics of the side braided hairstyles is that they fit every hair color. And black hair is no exception. Here are several delightful side braid hairstyles for black hair.

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Side Braids with a Ponytail

This hairstyle is so creative and gives you a new appearance. Part your hair into 2 equal parts. While the hair in this part is braided, the other is tied with a ponytail, which brings an imposing look for your black hair.

Side Braids with a Ponytail

Elegant Double Braid on The Side

A variety of African famous actresses choose this side braided hairstyle to participate in luxurious events and ceremonies. Because it makes them elegant and noble. For this reason, many girls follow their idols with this braid hairdo.

Elegant Double Braid on The Side

Side Braids and Mohawk

Many people think that the Mohawk hairstyle is just suitable to men. But, what a wrong conception is!  The Mohawk works well with both males and females. Specially, when mixed with the side braid on black hair of women, it flatters their attractiveness.

Side Braids and Mohawk

Stylish Black Hair Braided to The Side

If your hair is long and black, wear this side braided hairdo. It is so easy to create. You just need to sweep almost your hair into one side then braid them. The remaining section left in this side will be converted into many small braids toward the back. To be honest, this hairstyle can turn you into a center of attraction in any events.

Stylish Black Hair Braided to The Side

Other Lovely Pictures of Black Hairstyles with Braids on The Sides:

Side braid with long hair

Lovely side braid with black hairstyles

Beautiful braids on the side for girls

2. Braids on The Side With Curls Hairstyles

Braids on side are not only wonderful to all color but also textures of hair, especially curly hair. Braids on the side with curls hairstyles really win the heart of many girls.  Now, you can see a few of the side braids with curly hairstyles.

Loose Short Strand Braid

This is the first side braid with curly hairstyles in our list. By some simple steps, you can have such a beautiful braid hairdo easily. What you need to is to braid several strands loosely and then secure them with a nice hairclip to get a charming look.

Loose Short Strand Braid

Side Cornrows on Curly Hair

Here is another side braid hairstyle, which you can wear if your hair is curly. The combination of cornrows and curls is perfect. The Side Cornrows on Curly Hair helps to highlight the good points on your face.

Side Cornrows on Curly HairPulled Back Vertical Braid on Short Curly

When mentioning to curly and short hair, we can’t miss the Pulled Back Vertical Braid. To create this hairdo, sweep your hair and pull them back on the side, mixed with a single chubby vertical braid. Now, you are so good-looking, be confident with this hairstyle.

Pulled Back Vertical Braid on Short Curly
Inside French Braid on Long Blond Hair

The curly and long blonde hair goes along with the side braid. With long blonde and curly hair, adding inner French braids on the side, you will have a look of a rock star.

Inside French Braid on Long Blond Hair

Side Swept Curly Braids

This hairstyle is so lovely and sweet. Curls are converted into the nice side swept braid. There is no word to express your beauty and cuteness at this time. You look like a little and cute princess, who melt your prince’s heart.

Side Swept Curly Braids

We have shown you extremely beautiful braids on the side with black and curls hairstyles. Do you like this article? If you want to find out more about other gorgeous hairstyles like half up half down hairstyles with braids or hairstyles for prom with braids and curls and so on, continue to visit our website.

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