What Are Causes Of Split Ends Hair And How To Prevent It?

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Health and beautiful hair is always a dream of almost females at all ages. But how to have such dreaming hair is not easy. Some bad daily habits can cause your hair to be damaged seriously, one of which is split ends hair. This is the most popular hair problem that not few people are suffering from every day. That is the reason why today Luxshinehair has decided to give you all things about split ends hair. We hope that this article is helpful to you. Let’s start!

Everything You Need To Know Split Ends Hair

What Causes Split Ends Hair?

It is undeniable that the split ends hair is one of the most problems of hair that almost people are likely to experience. In fact, the end of hair strand is the most vulnerable and exposure part of your hair. Any factors like weather conditions, chemical hair products, or styling techniques can cause the ends split. When time passes by, hair cuticles of hair strand will be degraded and worn down, which exposes the inner cortex. As a consequence, the hair ends are split and frayed, making it look like the end of a unraveled rope or a broom.

To prevent the hair split ends, the first thing we need to know is what the main causes of this hair problem are. Let find out the causes leading to the split ends.

1. Heat Styling

Heat Styling Tools

Obviously, heat styling tools are believed to be one of the quickest ways to result in split ends. Therefore, daily use of these tools like straighteners, dryers or curling irons can make a negative influence since it can strip off moisture and make your hair dry and vulnerable to splitting.

2. Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment

Split ends can be caused by different chemical treatments such as dyeing, bleaching, chemical straightening or curling that are able to weaken your hair seriously. Those who are taking too much chemicals on hair are more likely to get split ends.


3. Environment

Common weather conditions

Maybe you don’t care, but the extra exposure of hair to the environment is also the major cause of split end hair. Common weather conditions like sun, wind, dry or humid climates will take a toll on your hair to some extent, speeding up the damage.

4. Unbalanced Diet

A balanced diet for hair

The foods you eat will decide how healthy your hair is. It’s the truth! The internal factors sometimes are more important, compared with outside ones. It is explained that the strength and health of hair depends on the overall health of your body that is decided by your diet. Therefore, it is essential to have a satisfactory diet with enough necessary nutrients like vitamin, proteins, etc. Always remember that what you eat will affect directly the quality of your hair.


How To Prevent Split Ends?

How To Prevent Split Ends

The prevention methods are the first and foremost treatment that you need to follow when mentioning split ends.  So, no matter how healthy and strong your hair is, it is necessary for you to do a few of things to prevent split ends.

  • Get regular trims and haircuts (every 6 or 8 weeks).
  • Use the correct hair products that consist of no harsh chemicals. You need to purchase best shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair and split ends to get the best results.
  • Don’t wash your hair too much because it can strip off nutrients that are necessary for your hair.
  • Always be gentle with your hair, especially when you make brushing, detangling or styling it.
  • Cut down using heat styling tools that can cause damage and lead to split ends hair. If you are forced to use them, apply a heat protecting spray to reduce the effect of heat on your hair.
  • Nourish and strengthen your hair inside out by deep conditioning (every 1 or 2 weeks)
  • Limit chemical treatment like dying, bleaching, etc.
  • Nurture your hair with homemade hair masks for split ends made from natural ingredients such as argan oil, almond oil, and so on. These marks can both moisturize hair and prevent split ends.

Luxshinehair has shown you everything that you need need to know about split ends hair. Now, you can learn the simple ways to get rid of as well as prevent this popular hair problem. If you want to know more about other amazing hair care tips like how to fix damaged hair, continue to read our articles in the website. Wish you have healthy and beautiful hair!

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