Everything you need to know about weave hair extensions

We know that weave hair extensions are the traditional and popular hair extensions that a lot of girls all over the world apply to have new images for their short or thin hair. So what reasons that make these extensions be much chosen like that even when it can takes more time to apply on hair than clip in or tape hair extensions.

In this article, let’s discover interesting mysteries of these weave hair extensions together with Luxshinehair. May be you will also become a big fan of this impressive hair type. Weave hair extensions are not only beautiful and impressive but also very durable and useful.

1. What are weave hair extensions?


Weave hair extensions are also called weft hair extensions or hair weaves. Hair is spread out in a same direction and sewn into a long weft. Weft hair has the large coverage so that it is always one of the top choices for women who meet unexpected problems of hair like thin hair, short hair, weak hair or even hair loss.

Different types of weave hair extensions

Almost all of us think hair weaves only have a unique type. It is shown like wefts with different sizes which are sewn in real hair to make hair look longer and thicker. However, these hair weaves are more various than things you know. We can separate weave hair extensions into 3 main types.

  • Sew- in hair weaves: As mentioned above, these are the most popular type of hair weaves that all people know. Real hair will be cornrowed in a line and then hair weaves are sewn onto the part of braided hair to add hair layers for thin hair positions. You can apply full head weaves or half head weaves which are suitable for the hairstyle that you want.
  • Bonded hair weaves: With this way, the shaft line of hair wefts are glued and then bonded in the hair part which is close to the scalp.
  • Beaded hair weaves: There have microbeads on the hair weft so that you can apply this type like the way you do with keratin I- tips hair extensions instead of sewing in hair.

However, not all these types are suitable for wearing on hair. Applying beaded weave hair extensions can take you a lot of time and taking them off is completely not easy. Whereas, if you want to remove bonded hair weaves which are firmly glued, you will also have to waste quite a lot of time and of course that can make your real hair cut off or damaged. These things is nothing good.

Therefore, the best way is choosing sew-in hair weaves, we sew them in cornrows of hair and take them off just only by cutting threads. It is extremely convenient and useful. Moreover, the quality and duration are also very impressive.

2. How to choose the best weave hair extension?

To get the best weave hair extensions, you shouldn’t ignore these below criteria that decide whether hair weave is good or not. In this article, we will not mention choosing bonded hair weaves or beaded hair weaves because they are not popular and can make unexpected bad effects. Instead, you had better choose sew in hair weaves to get the most wonderful image.

Trustworthy origin

Good sew in weave hair extensions need to have the clear origin to guarantee the best quality of hair. Many suppliers cannot do this thing. They are ready to mix synthetic hair, silicon hair, even animal hair into hair extensions to cheat customers for having high profit. Those products cannot give you good weave hair extensions. In contrast, they make you look awkward and shy in front of others because hair is very bad and unnatural.

Being a famous company in exporting hair extensions, we are proud of supplying all customers with the most real and attractive weave hair extensions. Our hair is 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair from trustworthy and clear donors. Hair is always checked thoroughly to make sure that there are no problems relating to nits, lice, tangles or any other damages on hair.

Wonderful quality

Quality is the most important standard to choose any product, including hair extensions. Our hair weaves not only have clear source but also give the perfect quality. We have both skilled blue collars and advanced machines so that we always make weave hair extensions with the best quality. Hair is not processed with toxic chemicals so that they always look the strongest, the most natural and beautiful. Workers made them carefully so as not to cause tangles or shedding. You will actually feel surprised with our smooth and burnished weave hair extensions.

Variation of textures, length sizes and colors

Luxshinehair can meet all demands of textures such as curly, wavy, straight, kinky, yaki, fumi and so on with different length sizes from 6 inches to 32 inches, even longer with special orders. Therefore, you never be worried that you won’t find yourself an appropriate hairstyles. Colors are extremely diverse for your choices to make sure that hair does not look tedious. You can see more details about these characters at our original page, they will actually take you by surprise!


3. How to put in and remove weave hair extensions

How to put in:

To have the most beautiful appearance when wearing these hair weaves on hair, you had better to ask for another person’s help to sew wefts in real hair perfectly. Steps to wear these weave hair extensions are also very simple and easy to do if you are careful and focus on them.

  • Firstly, make a horizontal line at the position you want and make a cornrow from a small part of hair. This is an important step because the cornrow is where we will sew weft in to make hair become longer and thicker. You need to be skillful to make cornrows which are not too tight or too loose. If so, they can make you hurt or make wefts be sewn unfirmly.
  • After that, you put the weft on the cornrow. Using the needle and threads to sew in a line, which starts on a side and finishes on the other side. Make sure that sew in lines are regular and beautiful to make the best images when wearing wefts on hair.
  • Continue the similar steps with other weft to make your hair look thicker and longer according to your idea.

With the skillfulness when wearing, you will actually see the wonderful change between before and after putting hair weaves on your head. A completely new image with thick and strong hair will make you become more outstanding than ever.

How to remove:

Removing hair weaves is very simple because you only need cut threads which have been sewn before, take off hair cornrows and let all hair rested. After that, you can brush hair and wash hair to bring it back the common state.

4. How long do weave hair extensions last?

High quality weave hair extensions like Luxshinehairs’ also satisfy you with their durable shelf life. With good care, you can save hair weaves for about 2 years, even longer. Weave hair extensions are sewn into solid and fixed wefts so that they are not easy to get tangles and shedding. Moreover, because they are good real human hair, internal problems like nits, lice or any other damages will not exist. Thus, their shelf life can last longer.

In case you’ve applied weave hair extensions in, you can still keep them for 2 or 3 months on head with skillful care. Remember that hair weaves will never last long if they are bad hair weaves with low quality. Therefore, make sure that you can find a source of supplying good hair extensions to have the most beautiful and durable hair weaves.

5. Is taking care of weave hair extensions difficult?

It will not take lots of time and efforts to take care of weave hair extensions if you put your attention on.

As for weave hair extensions which have not been used yet, you should put them in dry and cool places and keep them far from high temperature so that they will be protected on the best condition. You had better to hang them up on safe and clean positions to make sure that they are always smooth, shiny and not get tangles or dirt.  Washing these hair sometimes, drying and brushing carefully and softly to keep them always beautiful and new.

Find more clearly at: How to wash weave hair properly

When having them on your head, you should take care of them more skillfully.

  • With weave hair, you don’t need to wash your hair too frequently because it can make cornrow be loosen as well as wefts can easily be fallen out and make hair become tangled. You should only shampoo your hair every 7 to 14 days. Don’t forget to ask for your stylist to find the suitable and specialized shampoo for caring hair better.
  • You should avoid scratching your scalp with your fingernails or a rat- toothed comb because they can damage inside wefts. Let’s always be soft and careful when you wash hair!
  • You need to dry your hair after that but don’t use too hot temperature to avoid making unexpected trouble.
  • Don’t forget to moisture your weaves with deep conditioners every day to keep hair beautiful, smooth and shiny.
  • Covering or braiding your hair when sleeping so that they will not get tangles.
  • If having any problems appear, come to a trustworthy hair salon as soon as possible to have the best solutions.

6. How much do weave hair extensions cost?

It is up to each texture, length size, color as well as standard so that hair suppliers can decide the price of hair weaves. Many people wonder whether they should buy hair wefts with the extortionate price to have a good product or just use synthetic hair with the much cheaper cost. The answer is that you don’t need to worry about that. You can completely choose weave hair extensions with both good quality and reasonable price.

Luxshinehair is exactly one of suppliers who can meet these demands of you. Our hair weaves are 100% real human hair with perfect quality from Vietnam. Having hair sources from a small country but our hair extensions are extremely beautiful and strong. Moreover, the cost is very competitive. You can buy a short hair weft only with 102 dollars per kilogram . The variations among textures or length sizes are not big. The quantity is completely up to your choice. Always remember that don’t use artificial hair weaves with dirt cheap cost if you don’t want your real hair get bad damaged someday.

7. Common Q&As

Do hair weaves damage hair?

You shouldn’t blame for good weave hair extensions that make your hair damaged because problems only happen when you use unsuitable wefts such as bonded weaves, artificial hair with bad quality or the way you take care of hair weaves is not right. Please see above information to have useful directions about wearing these hair extensions! You can find a thorough answer at here.

Can white girls get weaves?

Of course yes! Every girl can be more beautiful with weave hair extensions. Many people say that Caucasian girls, who don’t have strong hair like American or African’s hair, shouldn’t use hair weaves because their hair can easily get damages. However, damages can happen with anyone who don’t use weaves in the right way. Therefore, white girls can feel secure with wearing weave hair extensions if use them right and care for them skillfully. Weaves absolutely fit these girls’ appearance since they give beautiful, thick and natural images for their hair.


Do celebrities use hair weaves?

You think that all famous girls have their available beautiful hair? No way! Almost of these celebrities wear hair extensions once at least to have outstanding appearance in the crowd. They also often use hair weaves because they give natural, nice and impressive images. You can refer to some styles of Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, etc.

8. Customer reviews about Luxshinehair’s weave hair extensions?

Because of good price and quality, a lot of customers trusted and chose Luxshinehair as a long term partner so that the company’s prestige is more and more developing. Almost customers who order hair weaves give good comments and compliments for our products.

Wholesalers like these weave because hair is very beautiful, strong and natural. Variation of length sizes is a plus point that make them satisfied so that they can make other types of hair extensions like clip in hair, tape hair with suitable textures.

As for individual customers, they love these weaves because they have diverse textures and standards. That is appropriate for their own demands and budgets. However, they never have to worry about hair’s quality since it is always on the best conditions.

Besides, customers are very happy about our wonderful customer caring service. Many people have come back with our company for the newer orders.

These aforementioned details are actually partly helpful for you to choose one of the most popular hair extensions. Hair weaves can make a bit difficulties for you when installing but their effect will very wonderful. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately to have yourself the best weave hair extensions. Luxshinehair is always willing to serve you!


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