Everything About Split Ends In Human Hair

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In today’s post, we will talk about split ends in human hair. We can say that it happens to most of us when hair care goes wrong. Meanwhile, we hardly know the exact about it at all. Now let’s find out what it is, what the causes are and ho to treat it right. Keep reading on for helpful information.

What are split ends?

Split hair is one of the most common hair problems that many women have to face with. It is one of the most fearful enemies of human hair. The name is self-explanatory, split ends happen when the hair strands are separated into two or more thinner fragments. 

The fact is that your natural hair grows from the roots. Therefore, the ends is the oldest part and also the most exposed part of the hair. Usually, split ends are found at the tips of your hair.

What are split ends?


How many types of split ends are there?

In generally speaking, there are many different types of split ends and this writing cannot cover all of them. Many say that the number is up to 16. We would like to focus on the six most common types.

The basic split: Another way to call this type of split ends is “the traditional split”. This is probably the most common types of split ends. It reminds us of the letter Y. The basic split is said to be the earliest stage of damage.

How many types of split ends are there?


The mini: Similar to the basic split, the mini (or the baby split) is also a sign of early split development. However, as can be seen, the mini is smaller than the basic split.

the mini

Fork in the road: This is a kind of triple split which looks like a T-junction. The triple split is associated with a more significant damage.

everything about split ends in human hair 2

The tree: Needless to say, this type of split looks like a tree. When it comes to the tree, one side of your hair strand is more damaged than the other.

The tree

The candle: In this type, your hair strand can be compared to a candle as the end is thinner than the top.

The candle

The knot: Although the knot is not exactly one type of split ends, it can lead to tangles and breakage, especially in girls with curly hair.

How many types of split ends are there?

What are the causes of split ends?

When split ends happens, it means your hair is lack of moisture and your cuticles which is the outermost layer of hair are rough. Hence, there are some main reasons leading to this condition as below:

  • Lack of nutrients. As we all know, the hair ends are the oldest part of hair. Hence, it cannot be healthy as it was. Moreover, the longer it is, the less nutrients it get from the scalp.
  • Overuse of hot tools. The heat dries out the hair, especially the hair tips.
  • Unbalance diet. You diet is the direct source of body nutrients. Hence, if you body is lack of necessary nutritions, your hair is the same.
  • Chemical treatment. Basically, chemicals are harmful to your health as well as your hair. The chemicals penetrate into your hair and destroy it from the outside to inside quickly.
  • Environment contributes on this hair issue as well. Sunshine, climate changing, pollution, including air pollution, and so on absolutely affect to your natural tress negatively.

If you want to know more about causes of split ends, continue to read this article.


How to get rid of split ends?

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

There are some simple methods to get rid of this annoying hair problem that you can do at home without spending money and time on hair salon or spa. 

  • Trim your hair frequently. In fact, there are no methods to recover split ends in human hair completely. Thus, the best way to remove them completely is to trim them off. By trimming your hair ends, you reject the old hair that is already weak. If you don’t give your hair a trim of split ends, the damage will spread and reach higher along the hair shaft. Finally, you will end up with tangled and frizzy hair. At the same time, it stimulates the hair growth as well. So no worry about short hair, because it will be back soon or even longer.  
  • Balance your diet. Find out food which is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B and different minerals. Hence, not only your hair but also your body gets stronger and healthier.
  • Limit the heat. Along with hot tools, sunshine and hot water are enemies of hair as well. Don’t go out from 11 a.m to 2 p.m because the sun is super hot at that time. Whenever you go out, apply hairspray and take a hat on. On the one hands, cold warm water is much better for hair wash.
  • Supplement moisture by hair mask, serum and other hair care. You can choose some famous brands for better results. However, remember to choose the ones that are suitable to your hair types and hair condition. Besides, DIY natural remedies, potato recipes for instance, are welcomed. Though their active effects are slow and hard to realize, in fact, it is inexpensive and friendly to your tress. 

If you want to add anything about split ends in human hair, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us to receive the latest guidelines in hair care tips. 

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