Emiru hairstyles when livestreaming

Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming services in the world which is owned by Amazon. Twitch is a gamer’s paradise and it brings both gamers and creators to their fans. The idea of watching people play game doesn’t make sense for non-gamers but every month there are more than 100 million people joining Twitch to do that. What would make you surprise is that there are many female professional gamers on the website. They are hot girl gamers with an attractive appearance. Emiru is one of the hottest Twitch streamers.

When streaming, Emiru hairstyles change sometimes because she is also a cosplayer. Which one is the most suitable and natural on her? Let’s take a look.

Emiru sans makeup selfies

Some information about Emiru

Many people were curious about Emiru’s age and they are all surprised that she was born in 1998 in Wichita, Kansas. Emiru real name is also a big question because she always has hazy descriptions for her name. However, some people reveal that she is Emily Crunk.

She streams the League of Legends game primarily and is well-known for it. Emiru’s Twitter has ben made since December 2012 and her account has over 150k fans following. She is also a famous cosplayer. Emiru’s Instagram attracts more than 138k followers with lovely cosplay images. The phrases “ Emiru cosplay” and “Emiru ahri” has been widely known all over the world .

Besides, Emiru is also known for her natural beauty. She is pretty and Emiru sans makeup selfies are gorgeous. Are there any secrets behind her natural beauty?

Emiru hairstyles

1. Long, naturally straight hair

Emiru is kind of confidential in her private life. Although she is famous all over the world, she hardly shares her daily life as other live streamer. Apart from her cosplay hairstyles, we usually see Emiru in natural long straight hair. Since she appeared as LOL players to now, she always keeps that hair, no change at all. Another signature of her natural tress it the deep swept bang which almost covers all of her forehead. Though having a simple hairstyle, she still cute with beautiful figure and pretty face even when she gets no makeup. Via her videos and photo as well as the livestream, we can realize how strong and thick our gamer’s hair is. Do you know it’s a good sign of health?

emiru sans black hair

2. Comfortable style

It is said that you can be the most self – attractive when you wear comfortable style. The truth is that you and Emiru, as well probably do not have many time to spend on hairstyle. Most of the time, Emiru Twitch just lets her hair down. Sometimes, she will tie it like the photos below. It’s really cute and lovely in accordance with her bunny. As we mention before, our female livestreamer was born in 1998, she is really young and talented, and this simple hairdo is suitable for her age as well.

emiru sans

3. Voluminous waves with Scarlet shade

Beside working as a Twitch livestreamer, LOL Emiru is a professional cosplayer as well. Although she doesn’t change her natural hair, she wears wig a lot. Among them, we find out this picture which her tress looks like her real one. Undoubtedly, Emiru is gorgeous with with hair color and voluminous waves. Instead of a pure and naive image in long black hair, she is totally sexy and fashionable with the scarlet shade. In addition, the big waves soften her look and hides some edgy aspects in her jawline perfectly. The tone of hair color matches her skin as well. It boosts Emiru Sans light skin up amazingly. We think she should try this hairstyle more usual, it’s good at her.



4. Short hair

This is one of rare photos of Emiru Twitch with short hair that looks naturally as her own tress. Even when she plays other role in cosplay, she usually chooses characters with light colors such as red, blue, yellow, etc. and long hair. However, in this pic, she simply wears a bob with swept bang which is like her natural hair. Hence, it is so real and favorable on her look. With a face as an Asia, she is so cute and beautiful in that hair. Once again, the bang embraces her face perfectly to cover the jawline and soften her face.

emiru sans short hair

5. Light silver hair

Do you know it’s a wig? You don’t believe it, right? We mistake it at first as well. The roots are darker so we may think it’s a new born hair. In fact, it’s an ombre wig. Whatever it is, we cannot deny the beauty of LOL Emiru hairstyles in this photo. While black color gives her a pure image, this light color kills it up and brings out a young and wild version of our female livestreamer alternatively. An totally opposite style impresses her fans for sure. It’s great for her to refresh her look frequently. 

emiru sans silver hair



Among of Emiru hairstyles, we are pretty sure that you, her fans, will love her natural look most. Do we get it right? Anyway, changing hairstyles sometimes will give a fantastic effect for her in the career as livestreamer. After all, how will you view about natural look? Share with Luxshinehair in the comments section below! If you want to try out her beautiful wig, contact us now. Luxshinehair will give you the best deal.


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