Easy Fixes For The Most Annoying Summer Hair Problems

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We can say that summer is the best time of a year when you can take part in many outdoor activities with friends and family. Who don’t love lying on a beach and enjoy the sun? Well, i’m pretty sure the answer is a nope. However, in companion with the fun, there are some bad things can happen to your body such as burned skin, skin cancer, freckle, and so on. Beside skin which is affected directly from outer factors, hair also suffers from them. What are the most annoying summer hair problems and how to fix them? Don’t let summer wreak havoc on your hair, Luxshinehair will help you in this post. Scroll down now.

Sun-triggered hair color fading

As a matter of fact, UV rays from the sun are considered the biggest enemy of not only human skin but human hair in summer. Not only can they change your hair color but they also lead to split ends and breakage. Apart from UV rays, chlorine in pools and salt water in seawater can also discolor your hair when you go swimming. For bleached hair, it can turn to green when you have a swim so that you need to take care of it much more than any other hair color.


  • The simplest way to protect your natural hair from the sun’s UV rays is by wearing a wide-brimmed hat (or a scarf) in order to cover it.
  • If it’s not necessary, you shouldn’t go out from 10 a.m to 2p.m when the UV rays are the strongest in a day.
  • Together with body sunscreen, hair sunscreen is an indispensable item in summer. One that we would like to recommend you is L’Oréal Elnett Satin Extra-Strong UV Hairspray.
  • When swimming, it’s a great idea to wear swim cap to reduce the contact of your hair and the chlorine and sale water.


Oily locks

There are many reasons for greasy hair. When it’s hot, your skin tends to sweat more than usual. At the same time, the scalp discharge extra oil to protect your hair. Consequently, your hair get matted quickly. Besides, frequent shampoo results the oily locks as well. It’s absolutely one of the most annoying summer hair problems because your hair looks dirty as 3-days-off-wash condition. On the one hand, the oils weigh your stress down which causes flat and thin hair as well as itchy scalp.

Summer hair problem: oily locks


  • Reduce hair wash. Even your skin is oily type, it is highly recommended to shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week only. In the off-wash day, you can use powder baby to absorb the extra oil in your hair and scalp. Besides, dry shampoo also works in this situation.
  • Hide the oily locks with different hairstyles. Among them, ponytail is the most favorable one.  No matter how clumsy you are, you can still do it by yourself. However, you should not make it tightly or the necessary oil cannot transfer from the scalp to your hair ends. As a result, your natural tress can get breakage or split ends. Adding volume by curling your hair is a good idea but don’t forget to apply hairspray before the heat process. Or you can make French braids crown alternatively.

Greasy scalp

Overuse of hair products, sweat and shortage of hair wash can lead to greasy scalp. When it happens, your scalp is full of natural oils and dirt which prevent the scalp from breathing. In addition, itching and irritations can appear. It’s not only uncomfortable but hurt your scalp neither. If this condition places for long time, your hair is not only dirty but also unhealthy due to the lack of nutrients from scalp.


  • Wash your hair 2-3 times a week.
  • If your skin is oily, stop applying moisturizer to your scalp or it creates buildup in your scalp and hair leading seriously greasy scalp.
  • In companion with outer care, you need to pay attention on healthy diet as well. You should eat food including vitamins E, vitamins C, omega-3, and so on. Meanwhile, hot food or fruits are in black list. They cause bad effects to your whole body, not only hair and scalp. Hence, you should avoid eating them as much as possible.

Frizzy hair

Dehydration and damages brings out frizzy hair. In summer, your hair has tendency to be lack of moisture more than any other periods of a year due to hot heat, UV rays, chlorine in swimming pool, etc. When it is damaged, the cuticles are rough and opened which let the moisture to disappear quicker. Hence, they tangle a lot.


  • As we know the cause of frizzy hair, it’s moisture problem. Thus, the antidote to fizzy hair is, of course, the moisture. For this reason, look for a good serum that can lock the frizzy hair in.
  • In addition, climate control shampoo and conditioner which not only have the ability to cleanse your hair as long as your scalp but also work as a barrier between your hair and the harsh weather are also necessary. They may whip the most stubborn locks into submission. TRESemmé Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner are great suggestions.

easy fixes for the most annoying summer hair problems

Here are some most annoying summer hair problems you may get in this season. With the easy fixes mentioned above, your hair will be gorgeous and healthy all summer.

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