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Platinum blonde is a hair color that is always popular, even with Hollywood stars. This color is never outdated because it brings an extremely attractive beauty. However, like all other hair color trends, over time, it always has new changes on the base color. For example, the most chosen platinum color now has a lot of silver and smooth color on the tail, some are darker at the base. The platinum blonde color combination with different hairstyles really caught the attention. That’s why many women love it. If you also want to learn this style to renew yourself, please refer to our article. Our main task is to give you lots of suggestions and advice with the best platinum blonde hair colors below. I believe that everything is useful to you.

What do you need to know about the platinum blonde?

Platinum blonde is made up primarily of hair dye. There are very few people in the world who have natural platinum blonde hair color, perhaps only about 2% of the world’s population. This hair color is often found in European countries-areas that lack light because the evolution of light hair is related to the body’s synthesis of Vitamin D.

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What do you need to know about the platinum blonde?The platinum color is not completely white and the platinum blonde is the lightest, whitest shade of blonde. Like other colors, it has different levels such as cold, neutral, warm colors. One special thing about this hair color is that it is a bright color, so you won’t be able to dye it without bleaching your hair or lifting your basic hair color. Some different platinum blonde hair colors that many girls love are champagne, silver, blue platinum, honey blonde, pearly platinum blonde, dark or light platinum, brown platinum, etc… There are lots of good hints about this hair color for you.

Choosing hair colors based on skin tones is necessary so that don’t ignore our article of Best hair color for skin tone chart to have suitable hair colors.

Who is the famous star that owns platinum blonde hair color?

If you see a lot of Hollywood stars possessing this hair color, don’t be too surprised, with bold and new beauty, the platinum blonde color is becoming a new trend. It also comes from the fact that celebrities choose this hair color to appear on the red carpet, from models and actors to singers. That shows how great the attraction of this color. Here, some of their images will make you think about owning a platinum blonde color for your hair.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian platinum blonde hair colorChanging the platinum color of the hair when it appeared on fashion week showed that Kardashian was really attracted to this hair color. She looks really fashionable when combining this hair color with a sexy suit. The platinum blonde color of her hair is shiny and smooth with light curls that are perfectly suited to her glossy brown skin. Kim Kardashian looks hotter than ever.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens platinum blonde hair colorStill platinum blonde color but with a lighter and whiter tone, Vanessa transformed a great image. Her hair color is more silver.  She let her hair not too long, using loose waves to create a sparkling effect on her hair color. Her makeup is perfectly matched with the same accentuated eye color and sensual red lips. Vanessa looks really fluffy and sweet with this hair color.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne platinum blonde hair colorWith a platinum blonde bob hairstyle, the model Cara perfectly displayed her rebellious personality. Layers cut to create a beautiful nature for her hair. She has white skin and this color is really for her. The brightness of her hair color is really ideal, it shines exactly like the nature of platinum color.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles platinum blonde hair colorWhy aren’t platinum blonde-colored hairs? Look at Solange, it’s really interesting. After a brief farewell and the disappearance of Instagram, she returned and changed dramatically with long platinum blonde-colored braids. She is extremely attractive at Fashion Week with this hair color. Her skin color still looks so great and perfect. She has a wild beauty.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone platinum blonde hair colorEmma becomes elegant with platinum blonde hair tufts. Her hair color is really close to natural color. She has a neutral skin, not too bright and not too dark. Therefore, choosing more yellow tones is perfectly reasonable. Gentle makeup also enhances her beauty in this hair color.

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Some different platinum blonde hair colors to try

Not only celebrities bring this hair color inspiration to you. It really satisfied many girls. Let refer to some awesome platinum blonde hairstyles below. You will definitely want to own this color immediately for your hair.

Platinum blonde Highlights

Platinum blonde HighlightsYou can choice curly bob hairstyle with bright platinum blonde highlight. Please add bangs if you want to look younger. Do not forget to keep your hairline and inner hair in natural color, only platinum blonde highlights on the outside. You will really love this hairstyle with the color effect it brings, especially when you use your hand to stroke your hair, bright and dark colors will appear intertwined.

Platinum blonde mixed

Platinum blonde mixedThis dye is really wonderful. It makes your hair colorful and unique. Platinum blonde completely shines up because of the mixture of dark colors. You should style the hair curling waves to make the color more clearly. In fact, the hair you own will resemble a shooting star. That’s so cool!

Pearly platinum blonde

Pearly platinum blondeTrue to its name, this color shines like a pearl. It’s great with long and straight hair, you will have a smooth feeling like your hair turns into a platinum silk strip. It’s perfect when you go to the sun. The light shining down makes it sparkling and gorgeous.

Platinum blonde is an option worth a try. You should own one of the best platinum blonde hair colors that we recommend above. However, performing this hair dye may cause your hair to suffer damage. If you don’t want to go through it, don’t worry, we are willing to provide you the best hair extensions and wigs with many colors, including platinum blonde color.  Everything becomes easy now. You will always feel confident with your favorite hair color. Please come to us and enjoy it.

Don’t forget to take care hair colors after dyeing to keep your hair in the most beautiful image. Off course you still have different outstanding hair colors to try except for this platinum blonde hair color, let’s find more about Fashionable and beautiful colors for short hairstyles or Beautiful braid hair colors for girls in 2019, you will actually love them.


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