Do weaves damage hair?

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Undoubtedly, weave hair is one of the fastest ways to add instant length and subtle volume to your natural tress. If you are familiar with it, there’s no big deal here. However, a newcomer will absolutely wonder if weaves damage hair or not. Keep reading and we will give you some useful guidelines.

Once again, do weaves damage hair?

Well, it depends on many factors. So, i can go yes and no at the same time. We need to care about hair quality, application method and hair care. All of these elements affect directly to your natural tress. Thus, if you do them right, it’s absolutely a no. If you don’t, of course, a yes is for you.

There are some troubles such as breakage, split ends, dandruff, irritations, etc. However, you can avoid them easily. How?

First of all, you need to understand thoroughly about weave hair extensions. Let’s take a look on our weave 101.

Next, follow our guidelines as below.

Let’s go!

Five rules for weaves damage-free

Rule 1: You get what you pay

what get you pay for

It’s a great idiom and it fits this situation perfectly. Cheap weaves are everywhere in the market from synthetic to non-remy hair. However, is it worth your money?

Let’s think about the quality before comparing to the price. These hair extensions is not only unable to style but also weak. Thus, they die soon! On the one hand, these weaves damage hair for sure. The chemicals inside them will treat it bad to your scalp and tress because of the direct contact. Whilst, if you purchase Remy hair or even Virgin hair, you will find it long lasting, natural-alike and versatile in hairstyles. You can go to Luxshinehair online store to shop high quality weave or contact us for better support.

Rule 2: Stop bonding your weave

No bonding weaves

Bonding is a method to apply weave hair extensions. It is widely known as quick weave. In this installation, you use glue to stick the weave to a lace cap or wig cap. In this case, the glue contacts your natural tress indirectly and directly. The bonding suffocates the scalp and hair which causes the breakage from the roots to the hair ends. So do weaves damage hair? No, it’s about glue only.

Beside quick weave, sew in or braidless sew in are 2 installation methods that are popular in hair extensions world. They are not only safe to your hair but also long-lasting more than quick weave. You should consider them to have a long and beautiful lock.

Rule 3: A professional hairstylist is in need!

We read bunch of stories about bad service and bad technique hairstylists out there. If the result is not good-looking, you can solve it easily. In some case, hairstylists hurt clients’ scalp with the needle leading to wounds. It goes worse to get irritation due to the wrong application. Hence, don’t waste your money to get inconvenient installation, let’s find your own reliable hairdresser at all cost.

If you want to do it yourself, it’s okay but you have to take risk. Wanna avoid it? You need enroll in a professional class before practicing in your tress. It may look easy in Youtube, but I’m pretty sure it takes much effort.

Rule 4: Taking care of the weaves and scalp is indispensable

Hair care

You should consider the weaves as your natural tress and take care of it thoroughly. Especially, the hair extensions cannot take nutrients to keep them healthy as they were, so deep moisturizer is essential. Also, you need to take notice on how to wash your hair properly. It sounds easy but it’s not true. Believe or not, wrong hair wash lead to irritation, allergy, etc.

Rule 5: Don’t use weave for too long

It is highly recommended to take your weaves hair off every 6-8 weeks. There are 3 main reasons. First, you need to cleanse your natural tress and scalp carefully after that long time. Or else, unsanitary happens and consequences to irritation. Second, your scalp and hair need time to rest. The weaves weigh them down and put so much pressure on them. It’s one of the reason leading to damaged hair. Third, your hair gets longer within this period so that your hair extensions may be revealed. You should reapply them to have a seamless look.

Follow our advice, and you never worry about weaves damages hair for sure. This hair care products may cost a lot but it’s worth it, girls. If you are looking for a reliable hair supplier, we proudly introduce you to Luxshinehair. We are a well-known human hair manufacturers in Vietnam that exports high-quality hair extensions worldwide. I hope this post is informative to you. If you have any questions or shares, please tell us in the comment section.

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