DIY | Quick and Easy Wig Making Tutorial For Beginner

Human hair wigs have become a lasting staple in the hair business. Most people like wigs, not just for covering up flaws, but most for fashion and beauty. A wig allows people to change their hairstyle without actually changing their hair or spending hours in the salon.
Like all good things this method has its pros and cons see below:

  • Saves Time
  • Lays Flat
  • Seals Wefts (minimum shedding)
  • Easy to take apart and reconstruct


  • Glue can get messy if you’re not careful
  • If glue gets wet and you don’t dry immediately, the glue will loosen
  • Wig can be a little stiff at first but will loosen up a little after a couple of wears
  • If you ask me the pros outweigh the cons, the cons are like a warning (be careful when constructing your wig and dry immediately after getting wet).

Let’s try to make your own hair wig !!!

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