DIY I-tip Hair: How To Save Money And Still Rock Hair Extension

I-tips are a type of hair extension that latches onto natural hair using flattened microbeads or metal cylinders.
I-tips are a great option because they offer easy access to the scalp. All your natural hair will be left out, unlike with sew-in weaves, where the majority of natural hair is braided down under the extensions. This translates to less time in a stylist’s chair. Sew-ins can be a three- to six-hour process, while I-tip installation is done in an hour and a half. Without the barrier of braids, your real hair is free to move easily and “breathe.”
This type of hair extension also allows for more mobility since the extensions can be pulled into a natural-looking, no-fuss ponytail or topknot. They’re also heat- and color-safe, so you can style them the same way you would your own hair. They can be washed, blow-dried, curled, or straightened.
How to make this interesting hair extension at home? Let’s find out in this video.

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