Distinguish between remy hair vs virgin hair

To get suitable hair extensions for yourself, you should know more about hair extension types and the differences between Remy hair vs Virgin hair. As the high-quality human hair extension supplier, Luxshine brings to you this post to distinguish remy hair vs virgin hair.

What is virgin human hair ?

Virgin hair is also known as raw hair (100% real human hair) meaning that it has never been chemically treated such as dye, bleach, curling, iron, ironing … or anything. It is obtained directly from the donor and packaged for sale after being washed thoroughly. All the cuticles are intact and lay in the same direction making it smooth and soft. If your hair has gone through any chemical treatment, it is not completely virgin hair.

What Is Virgin Hair
What is virgin hair?

All of the strands are from a single donor, which means the bundles of hair you buy must be solely collected from the same person. Because the virgin hair is collected from long, healthy raw hairs so the hair is soft, silky, and without any chemical treatment.

Features of virgin hair:

Virgin hair gives a person more options. For single-day hairstyles, you can choose a rather simple or sophisticated style, and for special occasions like weddings you can always try out a more festive style. You can change your hairdo or hair color to almost whatever you want and your virgin hair will happily comply. 

Virgin hair works naturally. Synthetic hair tends to be shiny and uncomfortable, noticeable at a glance but virgin hair is not. It is not processed so that they retain all of the natural hair’s natural qualities. No matter how you apply them, the units will fall and frame the face just like your own hair.

Virgin hair is composed of thick and strong strands that do not break easily. The strands are flexible and the volume remains constant so you can comb them easily and don’t worry about hair loss. 

Virgin hair is created by careful and skilled hands so it will last longer than any other Remy or synthetic hair type, and honestly buying such virgin hair can be a sizable investment. If you are looking for a unit that can maintain and hold for a long time virgin hair is the best option.

What is remy human hair?

What Is Remy Human Hair
What Is remy human hair?

Remy hair has qualities like unilateral cuticle orientation, which basically means that all hair cuticles are going in the same direction. Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hairs are always aligned in the natural direction as it grows at the top and ending at the ends, to maintain the natural texture style and directional cuticles. This helps to get rid of the frizz problems commonly found in non-Remy or low-quality hair. Remy hair is only lightly processed. Price is an indicator of Remy hair. It is expensive! If you have proper maintenance, it will last a long time.

Features of remy hair

Real Remy human hair or Remy human hair is considered to be the best quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact, unlike most non-hair extensions. Align and preserve the hair cuticle in a one-sided direction to ensure the natural look of the extensions. 

Remy wigs and human hair extensions also tend to be the most popular hair extensions on the market due to their exceptional quality and value. For non-Remy hair extensions, the collection process differs so the directions of the cuticle become mixed, leading to unavoidable matting, tangling, and shedding problems. 

While non-Remy hair may feel shiny and soft at first, after some washes, silicone coating is used to keep the super silky hair worn out eventually, leaving the hair feeling rough and easily broken. So Remy hair is highly recommended if you want to have straight, long and soft hair.

What is the difference between remy vs virgin hair?

Virgin Hair – Raw, untidy hair. It should not be bleached, curled, dyed, treated, or chemically altered. 

Remy Hair – Human hair is collected directly from the hair donor with the cuticles still intact. 

difference between remy vs virgin hair
Distinguish between remy hair vs virgin hair

Virgin hair is hair that has been completely untreated and intact. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet stringent standards including not to be curled, dyed, permed, bleached, and chemically treated in any way. The great thing about virgin hair is that it can last for up to a year with proper care and maintenance. Remy Hair is perhaps the most misunderstood and abused phrase in the hair industry.

Remy hair is achieved when the cuticles are intact and not peeling off, and most importantly, it is tied so that the cuticle stays in the same direction since the cut from the donor. Keeping the cuticles of your hair strands and arranging them in a one-way style creates perfectly natural hair extensions.The basic key you want to know is whether it gets processed and not processed.

The truth is, 97% of human hair out there has been chemically treated in one form or another.  Forget what’s virgin and what’s not, and focus on getting quality hair for yourself or for your clients should be more important. If you enjoy your purchase then it matters not if it is virgin or remy hair, right?

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