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If you are meeting some unexpected hair troubles such as thin hair, short hair, damaged hair or even hair loss, using hair extensions is exactly an ideal choice for you.

Unfortunately, not all women who wear them feel satisfied with their new appearances because of many different reasons. Understanding your anxieties clearly, we would like to introduce you a wonderful method to make your hair look more gorgeous than ever. It is applying Body wave hair of Luxshinehair. Among wavy hair extensions, this one is the most purchased hair texture in our company.

Let’s check out all interesting things of them right in this post!

1. Information about body wave hair of Luxshinehair


No one can deny that body wavy hair is one of the most impressive and eye- catching textures of hair. Different from other texture such as deep wave or water wave, body hair waves or loose waves are big, clear and voluminous as beachy waves so that they can easily fit diverse shapes of face as well as help women have the most impressive appearance.

Trustworthy origin

Body wave hair extensions of Luxshinehair are made from 100% Vietnam human hair. We always guarantee that there won’t have any fraudulence about their derivation. Our hair sources are collected from trustworthy donors all over Vietnam. They are also carefully checked to make sure that hair is virgin and remy hair which can give the best hair products.

Wonderful qualities

As things we have introduced above, qualities of body wave hair will actually be wonderful thanks to the good origin. We use both manual technique and machine technique to make hair products with body wavy texture. In the process of making its texture, unexpected elements in hair bundles such as white hair, weak hair and split ends are completely ignored. Thus, images of this hair are extremely beautiful, strong and regular.

Besides, you can completely feel secure because signs of hair shedding, tangles are very rare. Whereas, problems with non- remy hair, processed hair and hair bugs do not exist. Thus, hair always looks soft, smooth and sleek.

black body wave hair

Beautiful colors

Body wave hair extensions of Luxshinehair are hair waves which are loose, big and beachy. These hair waves have basic colors so as to give the most real and attractive image.

You can choose traditional colors like natural black, jet black or dark brown. In addition, some suggestions with lighter tones like light brown, shades of blonde and red are really amazing.

We don’t support hair extensions with colorful hair tones such as blue, green, pink, etc because hair will need to be bleached and dyed for many times to get these shades. That also means hair will be more or less damaged and weaker. The quality of hair will not be guaranteed. However, we can make sure that hair colors that we supply are still completely impressive and unique.

Outstanding styles

With Body wave human hair of Luxshinehair, you can freely create your hair with various styles. Girls with active and rebellious characteristics must be fans of body wave short hair styles. Not only their voluminous hair waves are useful to hide your shortcomings on your face but they also help your appearance become much more impressive and outstanding.

wavy short hair

If you love soft long hairstyles or want to change your daily short hair, applying body wave long hair is absolutely a wonderful idea. Indeed, having long hair waves are extremely popular with womankind, including celebrities.

body wave long hair

Luxshinehair have hair products with diverse length sizes from 6 inches to 32 inches so that you can choose any style you want to have the best appearance.

Types of hair extensions with body waves

Luxshinehair is a famous brand for supplying hair extensions to all over the world. Obviously, we can meet your various demands of hair extensions’ types. If you are a wholesaler, suggestions of bulk hair, weft hair will actually not make you disappointed. Body wave hair weave and hair bulk are two of products which are best sold. They always look nice and charming.

Besides, we also make many other types of hair like clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, wig, lace hair, etc for customers who need hair with the most comfort and convenience when wearing.

Impressive Life span

The life span is always one of the prior things for customer to choose their favorite hair brands. Luxshinehair takes pride in bringing to you the most wonderful body wave hair extensions with the best life span. When you haven’t needed to use them immediately, you can put them away on normal condition for more than 2 years without worrying that hair can be damaged, broken or got bugs. We make body wave virgin hair with 100% real human hair so that hair is always natural and beautiful. In case that you have worn these body wave perm hair extensions on, you can keep them on head for several months with careful and proper hair care.

We have introduced usages of hair extensions in some other posts. Thus, if you care about them, please visit out blogs to see more useful information.

wavy hairstyle for thin hair 1

2. Differences to other brands’ body hair waves

If you search for body wave hair images on social networks, you can get images which are a bit different with our descriptions. Clearly, each hair brand has their individual name for their hair so that it can be various among brands in the world.

In the global market, brands of Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair are the most popular ones. Their body hair waves have big S- line texture while Luxshinehair’s texture is loose wave hair which is soft and bobbing. Of course, we also have these S- line hair extensions but they are called water wave hair or water body wave hair to distinguish.

Brazilian body wave hair

That can make some misunderstandings for customers who have been used body hair waves of these above brands. However, you will actually not feel disappointed with the result you got from our body hair waves. They are really charming and eye- catching when being applied.

If you like these body wave hair extensions of Luxshinehair, let’s contact us immediately to get the best hair products and receive our wonderful promotions as soon as possible.

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