Discover women’s hairstyles for long curly hair

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Curly long hair is always the on- trend hairstyle because it is much more outstanding and eye- catching than common straight or wavy styles. However, to have beautiful curly hairstyles for long hair is not easy. Making them is quite sophisticated and not all are suitable for your appearance. Don’t worry, you will actually get the most choices after reading this article. Let’s discover together with Luxshinehair about long curly hair styles!


Long curly hair

1. Natural long curly hair

You must have known that almost people have natural hair with straight texture but women in African American countries is different. Most of them have natural curly hair without using hair curler or flexi rods. Of course, time goes by, their hair grows longer and then they have natural long curly hair which takes many others by surprise.

Natural long curly hair

Indeed, they are natural hair curls so that they often look tangled and frizzy. Many women like this one since it gives comfortable and energetic feelings for them. In contrast, it sometimes makes our girls meet unexpected trouble. Hair easily gets breakage or damage after being combed due to the fact that hair is both long and messy. To deal with these problems, African American women often hair with box braid style or micro braids to make it look neater and more attractive.

frizzy long curly hair

However, we can’t deny that long natural curly hair is very unique and impressive. To have the most beautiful images with this style, don’t forget to frequently take care of hair with suitable hair care treatments and let your hair relaxed.

2. Impressive long curly hair styles

If you don’t have natural long hair curls, you can completely make them by applying many other effects. Right now, let’s find out about how to style long curly hair for your new appearances via these below impressive haircuts for long curly hair!

Deep curly long hair

Long hair with deep curls can be considered the most impressive style of long curly hair. It gives the image which is extremely outstanding and specific for African American women as well as for girls who love active and wild styles.

Commonly, this hairstyle is combined with side part hair for young and fresh images. Whereas, when you have hair with middle part style, your appearance looks softer and more mature. However, you don’t need to worry that these changes can make your figure become simple because deep hair curls work very well to make your image become more attractive than ever. They are small but regular and unique. In addition, the longer your curly hair is, the more impressive your appearance is. Especially, this will actually not a bad idea for your hairstyle for long curly thick hair.

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Deep curly long hair

Loose curly long hair

If deep curly hair gives you images which are full of personality, loose curly hair brings to you images which are much softer and more suitable for different objectives of women in all over the world. You can even make these hairstyles right at your home with a hair curler or flexi rods. It’s is up to the style you want and the size of hair curls you choose that you can have various loose curly long hairstyles.

Loose hair curls are bigger than deep hair curls but their effect on hair is very impressive. With this style, women with thin hair can still look nice and charming, even their image can look better than with deep curls. They are bouncy, voluminous and stunning which makes you look gorgeous at every event you take part in.

Loose curly long hair

Layered long curly hair

Sometimes, beautifying your long curly hair with layers is definitely a good idea. Instead of having hair locks with the same length, hair layers will give you more eye- catching images thanks to their diverse length size on hair.

You only need to choose an appropriate style for your long layered curly hair and combine it with the impressive hair color, the result will actually make you surprised.

Layered long curly hair

Long curly hair with bangs

There is no reason for you to refuse to have bangs with your curly long hair. Keeping some curly bangs will give you a completely new image which is far different from former curly styles without bangs. You will have an appearance which looks much fresher and younger.

This is a perfect choice for teen girls and women with young face because it is creative and suitable with their age as well as gives images which look as natural as possible.

Long curly hair with bangs

Half up long curly hair

We often see half up long hair with straight or wavy texture because it give feelings which are so mild and gentle. Of course, this style is frequently applied by sweet and cute girls for special occasions with Princesses’ images. However, who says that this style is not for curly hair?

Half up long curly hair

Half up long curly hair is also an interesting suggestion that you should try to have an impressive long hairstyle. We know that long curly hair gives images which are energetic and full of personality. Thus, when it is combined with the soft half up style, it makes your style become more harmonious and much more elegant. You can choose a common half up half down style for your thin curly hair or have a half up high ponytail style to look more charming and attractive. Every half up style with curly hair will look much more wonderful if you know how to combine them with suitable hair colors and accessories. Try doing them right now!

half up high ponytail style

Updos for long curly hair

We can’t let our long hair down in every situation so having updo hairstyles are wonderful. Hair updos are diverse and impressive then you will never feel tedious with things that these styles bring to. From the mild and gentle style like low bun to active styles like topknot or high bun, you will actually have interesting experiences with them.

Of courses, when you have hair with curly textures, your updo hairstyles will look better thanks to the softness of hair curls. You can also add on it with braid strands, twist hair or any other style you want. The perfect combination between the impressive length size of hair and the sophisticated style on it will give you the most beautiful updos.

Updo for long curly hair

Long curly human hair extensions

In case you have short and thin hair which can’t make nice long curly hairstyles or you have long hair but weak that you can’t make curly styles on, why don’t you try using long curly human hair extensions?

Nowadays, hair extensions are very popular and diverse. They can meet almost your demands for hair problems. Commonly, women choose to have long curly human hair wigs or long curly human hair weaves as the best choices. They can give hair beautiful effects for long time. Otherwise, using tape hair or clip in hair extensions is also not a bad idea because putting them on is very easy and prompt.

Long curly human hair extensions

Don’t regret investing in buying real human hair extensions instead of having cheap hair extensions with bad quality to bring to your hair the most impressive images as well as protect your real hair in the best way. We suggest that you should use Luxshinehair‘s hair extensions. Luxshinehair is a big and prestigious brand in Vietnam. We always guarantee to hand you the highest quality hair extensions in the soonest time with the best caring service.

Long black curly hair

Black is the most natural color of hair and of course it must be one of the names called in this list. Although hair is simply kept with the natural black hair color, it still makes long curly hair look gorgeous. Especially, when it is combined with deep curly hair, the result becomes much better. Black color can be suitable with every skin color while bouncy deep hair curls help to cover unexpected short comings on face like chubby cheeks or broad jawline. Nothing is greater than these advantages, right?

Let’s see some images of celebrities with long curly black hair, you will understand the reason why black hair is miracle like that. It gives images which are so soft, natural and active.

Long black curly hair

Long curly brown hair

Having black hair for long time may make some tedious and simple feelings. If so, let’s renew your hairdos with shades of brown hair colors. Brown hair colors are essentially soft and natural so that they are often dyed on loose curly hair so as to give women images which are more charming and mature.

Almost global stars have ever tried long curly brown hair styles and they got many good comments thanks to attractive appearances that their hair brings to. We can refer to Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez, etc. No matter which age group they are in, long curly brown hair is always on trend and it can make our celebs have the most impressive and outstanding images when appearing in public.

Angelina Jolie long brown curly hair

Long ombre curly hair

Ombre hair color is also one of hair hues which is never out of fashion. We have millions ways mixing hair to have impressive ombre styles. The perfect combination between dark roots and lighter ends of hair gives the freshness and creativeness which no one can deny. Especially when your hair is long and curly, the ombre color will be displayed more impressively and clearly.

We have some suggestions for beautiful ombre hairstyles such as black- honey blonde hair of Rachel Bilson, black- light brown hair of Salma Hayek or brown- blonde hair of Blake Lively, etc. They are so wonderful, aren’t they?

Blake Lively long ombre curly hair

Long blonde curly hair

Blonde color is never out of choices of girls who want their hair to look gorgeous and attractive. Blonde hair hue is essentially bright and eye- catching. Furthermore, there are many different shades of blonde for you to choose so that you will never feel tedious with these outstanding colors.

Shakira Long blonde curly hair

When blonde hair is combined with long curly hair, your hair will look absolutely impressive. It is not the problem if you have loose hair curls or deep hair curls because blonde color is suitable with all. It even look better if you have white skin and a harmonious face. Some below examples of Taylor Swift, Shakira with long blonde curly hair will actually make you love this style more.

Long blonde curly hair Taylor swift

Long curly red hair

Another interesting suggestion for a nice long curly hair style is combining it with red hair color. We can’t deny that red color is extremely bright and outstanding but not every woman can look good with it. There will be a good luck if your appearance can fit this hair hue.

To make hair more impressive, having hair with long length size and curly texture is wonderful. Seeing the image of red hair Rihanna, you will have to agree with us about that. However, you should remember that to have beautiful red hair, you need to bleach and dye hair many times. That also means you need to care for your hair as well as possible to make hair always in good situation and keep hair away from unexpected damage.

Rihanna Long curly red hair

There is an ideal suggestion for you to have dazzling hair colors without making unnecessary effects on your hair. It is applying real human hair extensions from Luxshinehair. It is doesn’t matter if you choose to have hair with dark tones like black, brown or with bright tones like ombre, blonde or red, Luxshinehair can make you completely feel satisfy with our wonderful hair products.

We hope that all of these aforementioned information about curly long hair will give you more interesting ideal for your next hairstyle. Indeed, these suggestions about hairstyles and hair colors are objective so they only look the best when you clearly understand which style you should do and which style you shouldn’t try. More importantly, you need to feel self- confident with your choice because it will help you always look beautiful and bright on every condition. If you find yourself in need of assistance, feel welcome to contact Luxshine Hair, a trusted Vietnam human hair factory. We’re here to provide support whenever you require it!

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