Discover the most impressive chin length bob styles for women

If you are finding for a hairstyle which both looks fashionable and can be suitable for every age group, chin length bob is exactly the style you should choose. Although hair is short but you still have thousands ways to make it special. These styles help you always feel comfortable and young so why don’t you try them? Today, let’s discover the most impressive chin length bob styles for womankind together with Luxshinehair!

1. Chin length blunt bob

Talking about beautiful chin length bob styles, we can’t ignore outstanding blunt styles. No matter  how thick your hair, chin length blunt bob can give you the cutest and sweetest images. Especially when you have straight hair and side part style, this short hairstyle will be very useful so as to both hide your unexpected shortcomings on your face like chubby cheeks or short forehead and give you an appearance which is much more bright and charming.

chin length straight blunt bob

Besides, you can also choose to have chin length bob with soft hair waves. Many celebs love this style because it looks very elegant and eye- catching. You only need to add on hair with your favorite hair tone and natural hair waves and then its effect will actually not make you disappointed. Don’t forget to combine this style with soft makeup and a sexy dress, your appearance will be gorgeous!

chin length wavy blunt bob


2. Chin length layered bob

Having hair with layers on bob style is also a good idea. In addition, if you own thick hair, layered bob can bring to you the result which is much more surprising than ever. Like styles with blunt bob, you can completely make layered bob with any hair texture you want. As for straight hair, layers will give face framing style that help your unbalanced face look better while hair waves give something soft and creative to beautify your appearance.

Chin length bob with layers is very suitable with bright balayage styles. They will help trimmed hair look catchier. Anyways, you can obviously have hair with dark tones if you like because highlights on hair will make them become outstanding.

chin length layered bob

3. Chin length bob with bangs

Although chin length bob styles are short, they don’t give images which are too rebellious or masculine. In contrast, their appearances really give something mild and comfortable. Especially when you know how to make them with suitable types of bangs.

If you want to have a style of chin length bob for fine hair, having wispy bangs is not a bad idea. Wispy bangs are not thick. They even can’t hide your forehead but their effect is really good. This style is popular with women in every age group because it helps the appearance become much more younger and fresher. In addition, chin length bob haircuts with different textures will make their face look cuter and lovelier.

chin length bob with wispy bangs


If you are lucky when owning thick hair, there are many styles of bob with bangs for your various demands. For example, chin length bob with side bangs is absolutely impressive. It gives mature and graceful images. Moreover, bangs don’t cover forehead so that they will not make you feel uncomfortable as well as make your face look darker or shorter.

chin length bob with side bangs

In contrast, if you want to make impression with other people by your rebellious style, why don’t you try making a style with thick bangs. You can choose to have chin length wavy bob, chin length straight bob or any other style you want to combine with suitable bangs. Thick bangs are really eye- catching and if they are curved a bit, the effect of them on hair will be much more attractive.

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4. Chin length curly bob

Changing your normal short hairstyle with chin length curly bob is wonderful. This hairstyle is more popular with older women because the image it gives is natural and comfortable. Adding some curly bangs on hair also makes hair look more outstanding. If you are an African American woman, this still will actually not too strange and it is always on the top of short hairstyles which are loved the most.

chin length curly bob

In your opinion, which style making you feel impressed most? Do they make you want to visit the hair salon immediately to have one of these gorgeous chin length bob haircuts? Share with us if you have a beautiful appearance thanks to these styles.

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