Discover most natural hairstyles for medium length hair

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Every woman wants to have their hair with the most beautiful but natural texture. However, these natural hairstyles often look quite simple and less outstanding. Don’t worry because all of your problems will be solved after reading this post. It doesn’t matter if you are a white woman or a black girl, these below natural hairstyles for medium length hair will help you have the most impressive appearance.

natural medium hair

1. Black deep curly hair

This is one of the most popular and remarkable black natural hairstyles for medium length hair. Every African America woman know this style because it has been too familiar and unique. Many of them have deep hair curls naturally without making sophisticated styles or dyeing on hair with unexpected chemicals. In addition, their natural black hair is very thick, big and sleek so that hair curls will look much more outstanding.

Even, if you are not a black girl, you can completely make a hairstyle like that when you go to hair salons or ask for someone’s help. Of course, you can do it yourself but the result can be not perfect because you can feel a bit difficult to control your making hair curls. Anyways, just do it if you are skillful and professional. It must be very impressive!

Don’t forget to make a suitable attached style such as middle part hair, side part hair or hair corn rows, etc. They will very useful to help you have diverse styles that you want.

natural deep curly hair

2. Medium hair twists

Talking about hairstyles for medium length natural hair, we can’t also ignore unique hair twists. Styles with twisted hair give images which look extremely bouncy and eye- catching. You don’t need to dye hair with any color so as to make radiant looks because its own black color can give the most natural and attractive images.

In the past, this was the style of black girls but now, it has become popular all over the world. You can choose to make hair into small twists or jumbo twists. Both styles are impressive and easy to do. They are also safe and protective hairstyles for medium length natural hair so that you will always feel comfortable and self- confident with them.

medium hair twists×4-loose-wavy-hair-black-color-2

3. Romantic hair curls

Sometimes, hair’s naturalness doesn’t come from its black color but from its curly texture. Let’s see this picture of Zendaya with natural brown hair curls. We make sure that many people will misunderstand that this is her natural hair color because it looks very soft and comfortable. She has romatic hair curls which look voluminous and attractive. Beside, brown hair color is soft and curly bangs are very eye- catching. Their perfect combination will actually make women become the most outstanding ones.

Romantic hair curls

4. Black medium straight hair

Although black natural curly hairstyles for medium length hair are beautiful and creative, you should also change into other styles on some occasions. Black medium straight hair is really not a bad idea. This is one of the most popular and natural medium hairstyles. 

With this style, your appearance will look much more mature and graceful comparing to other wavy or curly styles. It also gives neat and mild feelings that almost women want to have. Combining having medium straight hair with natural black hair and soft makeup, we make sure that you will look gorgeous!

medium straight hair

5. Medium wavy hair

There will be a big short coming if we don’t mention medium wavy hair in this list. You have thousands choices of hairstyles with hair waves in order to have an image which looks the most natural and suitable with your face.

Commonly, women will choose soft hair waves or loose hair waves so as to make a charming style. In addition, dark tones of hair such as black or dark brown will help hair to be retained with its naturalness. Having medium length size for wavy hair is also a clever choice because you can take care of hair as well as make diverse styles with the most beautiful and comfortable images.

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medium wavy hair×4-loose-wavy-hair-dark-brown-color

How do you think about these natural hairstyles for medium hair? Winter is neatly coming so that let’s choose yourself a warmer style with medium length hair. Both their nice appearance and comfort will actually make you satisfied.

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