Discover Monica Brown short hairstyles

Monica Brown is known as a successful and famous actress, singer, artist and businesswoman of America. She always attracts everyone’s attention not only by her reputation and talent but by impressive and charming appearance as well.

In recent year, our beautiful singer no longer keeps soft image with long hair, her figure always goes with trendy and catchy short hairstyles. Let’s discover Monica Brown short hairstyles with us, they can be useful for your style- changing next time.

1.Pixie hairstyles

Monica sounds to like pixie hairstyles when she changes a lot of different types with this style. Let’s see these impressive hairdos.

Pixie hair with choppy bangs

Monica Brown short hairstyles

Instead of keeping a tidy image, Monica can hide her high forehead and make the face look more balanced and harmonious with choppy bangs. In addition, she dyed her hair with white color to boost the beauty of her brown skin. The big contrast in color works well on creating an outstanding appearance for our American singer. Monica’s image is bright and attractive in the event with this pixie hair.

Pixie hair with short side- part bangs

Pixie hair with short side part bangs

With pixie hair, keeping short side- part bangs is never unfashionable. This hairstyles helps her face always bright and good- looking. Moreover, the hairstyle is neat, young and comfortable.

In hot weather days like, this stylish and liberal haircut will actually meet girls’ satisfaction. It is also the reason that Monica has kept this style for a long time and bring it to almost events that she takes part in. She knows to combine this haircut with trendy clothes and her perfect body to make impressive highlights. You can also be like her with it, let’s try it!

Pixie hair with middle- pointed bangs

impressive pixie hairstyles

This is another variation for her pixie hairstyle. Her bangs are hair sprayed and made into a middle- pointed hair part in front of forehead. It is really something new and pro-active for her face. Moreover, she look self-confident with this strong and vital image. It is not boastful when saying that Monica is one of people who fits perfectly with this short pixie hairstyle.

Not only the haircut, her hair color is absolutely on fire! Dark red shade reveals the spotlight of this haircut amazingly. If it’s black, I’m pretty sure that it cannot create such a big effect like this one.

Pixie hairstyles with short wavy bangs

Pixie hair with short wavy bangs

Taking her advantage of being suitable with pixie haircuts, Monica continues renews her hairstyle with short wavy locks. She applied successfully this style at BET Awards and it actually made strong impression. As far as you can see from the photo, she looks young and happy with this attractive haircuts and twinkle make- up styles.

Pixie hair with long side part bangs

Monica Brown impressive hairstyles

Monica looks cool and mature somehow. A side of hair is kept long and covered a part of face, the other part of hair is shaven to look neat and active. With this style, she showed off a newer and more impressive appearance than ever. One of the most eye-catching part is the longer one. It creates an asymmetrical style for Monica with both edgy and feminine aspects.

Pixie hairstyles with emo bangs

Pixie hair with emo bangs

Emo bangs are considered the beautiful and impressive type of bangs. Therefore, Monica can’t ignore this trend but add it to Monica Brown short hairstyles collections.

It is so clever that she combines her natural black bangs with a little of red color to make it more outstanding. However, she also uses twinkle earrings and fashionable clothes to make her appearance as wonderful as possible. Girls should learn more from this operation.


2.Other short hairstyles

Short curly hair

short curly hair 2

Monica Brown has a lot of various choices for this hairstyle. Sometimes, she choose herself with a common curly hair with soft bur catchy curls. Sometimes, she have curly hair with hair spray to make wet hairstyles and keep it longer and puffer.

Besides, she often has short hair rock style with loose curls on the top of head and two sides below are clean- shaven. It looks actually attractive and charming that make her feel confident at anywhere.

short curly hair 1

Straight bob

Among Monica Brown short hairstyles, we cannot forget her ombre straight bob. With this figure, she looks so gentle and cute which is completely different from these above pixie haircuts. Red hair color helps the girls look extremely young and pro- active. Perhaps, this is her favorite color so that she always be in the most self- confidence and brightness, regardless of short or long hair.


How do you think about these aforementioned Monica Brown short hairstyles? Are they beautiful and attractive? We believe that you will also have the same thought with us because her short hairstyles actually take us by surprise. You can also be beautiful like her with these styles so don’t hesitate to give yourself a renewal.

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