Discover celebrities’ hairstyles with honey blonde hues

Women with blonde hair always have something mysterious and charming that makes special impressions with other people. Many people say that girls with blonde hair are all beautiful and sexy girls. Obviously, hairstyles with blonde tones are never out of fashion. One of the most impressive blonde tones that is loved by millions of girls all over the world is honey blonde.

Honey blonde is not too light like platinum blonde or silver and it is also too dark like tones of brown. Its attraction is really as sweet as its name. Even, it becomes the typical hair color of many famous women. In this article, let’s discover celebrities’ wonderful hairstyles with honey blonde hues together with Luxshinehair.

Honey blonde hair


This beautiful diva has never been afraid of trying outstanding hair colors. Obviously, some honey blonde tones can’t make her look worse. On the contrary, honey blonde absolutely fits with Beyoncé‘s brown skin and make her appearance look extremely charming and eye- catching.

Honey blonde hue that Beyoncé has is unique. It is like the combination between golden blonde and lighter brunette colors. With this hair tone, she looks so outstanding even when she tie hair with a soft low ponytail hairstyle with straight texture. Let’s see her self- confidence. She is so wonderful with her blonde hair, right?

beyonces honey blonde hair

2.Ciara Harris

Ciara has never ever ignored any new hair colors of her hairstyles from soft haircuts like wavy hair, straight hair to rebellious styles like kinky straight hair or dreadlocks. With harmonious and bright face, she is suitable with every style that she wants. Of course, having hair with honey blonde tone is too easy with her.

Indeed, Ciara doesn’t like hair colors which are too bright so that she chooses herself an elegant tone of honey blonde. It is combining her own natural hair color with honey blonde highlights for a perfect balayage hairstyle. This hair hue really goes well with her caramel skin tone and makes her look so attractive and sexy.

Ciara Harriss honey blonde hair

3.Gigi Hadid

This professional model never makes us disappointed about her styles in any situation. Gigi very likes blonde tones, especially honey blonde because it looks outstanding and fits perfectly with her bright skin tone. Especially, when combining between light yellow highlights and golden brown lowlights, it appears the color of honey blonde which is extremely attractive and sleek.

She also skillfully relates this impressive blonde tone to different hairstyles such as natural wavy hair, braid hair, straight hair, etc for various images. Thus, each time when she appear with honey blonde hair is a time we see a newer appearance from this talent girl.

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Gigi Hadids honey blonde hair

4. Jenifer Lopez

Jenifer Lopez is also a loyal fan of honey blonde hair. Sometimes, she dyes her hair with full blonde to look so impressive and charming. Sometimes, she has honey blonde highlighted on her light brown hair. These blonde hair colors help her look bright in everywhere she appears.

J.Lo likes combining her wavy hair with honey blonde hair. Hair waves are bobbing and stunning while honey blonde is fresh and sweet so that this cooperation brings to her the image which is very young and full of energy.

Jenifer Lopezs honey blonde hair

5.Rita Ora

Rita Ora always appears in the public with her blonde hair. Apart from her favorite platinum blonde hair color, honey blonde is also a hair hue that makes her fall in love. Rita’s hair spirals is absolutely out of the world. She is really like a full artist when skillfully combining her deep curly hair with bright honey blonde hue. More specially, she knows how to take advantage of her own strong brown skin tone to make her hairstyle look the most gorgeous. That’s so amazing!

Rita Oras honey blonde hair

6. Jessica Alba

It will be a big mistake if we don’t mention Jessica Alba in this list. Jessica has a harmonious face, bright skin tone and shiny smile, there is no reason that can prevent this beautiful actress having herself a sweet and outstanding hairstyle with honey blonde.

Jessica likes sleek honey blonde hair with soft long hair waves. It makes her look extremely beautiful and attractive. This hairstyle actually helps her to get a lot of flashlights on every occasion she takes part in.

Jessica Albas honey blonde hair

7. Amber Heard

Amber Heard essentially looks very beautiful even when having no makeup. However, she becomes much more attractive and charming when going to events with soft makeup style and her impressive honey blonde hair.

Amber chooses to make loose hair curls with light honey blonde because it gets on well with her white skin and sweet style that she has. She also combines her hair with some shades of light brown for a perfect balayage hair tone and it really gives the good result.

Amber Heards honey blonde hair

How do you think about hairstyles of these famous women? We make sure that you will have to exclaim that “Wow! They look so gorgeous!”. Honey blonde hair really does its job very well when making girls always look bright and attractive. You can also be like them with this hair color so that don’t ignore this suggestion for your next hairstyle.

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