Discover 7 Prettiest Hairstyles color for long hair

Long hair is always beloved by women through out time to time. It’s not only about how gorgeous and feminine it looks, it’s also about how versatile it is for hairstyles. Many people who cannot grow their hair naturally use hair extensions instead to reach their dreaming hair length. However, even though it is so flexible to transform your hair with different hairdos, it goes boring sometimes.

One of the best ways to rock your hair up without shortening it is to change the color! Adding some new hues will refresh your look incredibly as well as make you more fashionable and trendy. 

Welcome to the best collection of hairstyles color for long hair. Here is some basic color for long hair in the latest years.

basic color for long hair In 2019, some popular colors like natural black, chestnut brown, dark brown are still preferred. Now, it’s 2020 – the very first year for next decade, and a lot of girls are looking for themselves with more daring choices. Unique color like blonde, ombre, smoky or, honey blonde, chocolate brown, purple, peachy pink are becoming the most trendy hair colours 2020 now. So, maybe you will have some cool ideas to change your long hair with our advice about hairstyles color for long hair below.

1. Natural black color for straight long hair

Oldie but goodie. We cannot deny the charm of this traditional hair color from time to time. Long hair combines with black color is an awesome idea for almost women. I love the classic beauty, the healthiness, and the shine from this black straight hairstyle. Rihanna is the clearest example of this beautiful hairstyle. She looks so sweet and sexy. By adding a deep middle part, her hairstyle is not out of fashion at all, it’s so modern. Moreover, it exude her bossy and confident attitude like she is the Queen.

Natural black color for straight long hair



2. Chestnut brown waves for long hair

Familiar with many long hair women, chestnut brown is one of the first choices for an amazing hairstyle. However, don’t stay the same. In hairstyles colors for long hair collection 2020, we highly recommend you to add some highlights running down this warm hue. Thanks to them, your hair is remarkable and fun. Combining with some slightly waves, your hairstyle is full of depth and dimension. Especially, your fantastic tress looks thicker than it actually is.

Another great thing about this color is the perfect match with different hairstyles and skin types. However, it is the best idea for someone with a warm skin tone and dark hair that wants dimension and low maintenance.

Chestnut brown waves for long hair


3. Dark chocolate color

Dark chocolate gives a dramatic beauty for your hair. This color is less likely to reveal defects with damaged hair, it makes your hair look shiny and smooth. If you have a dark skin tone, we will give you big surprising news. This sweet hair color does not make your skin tone become darker. Alternatively, you get a mature look with bright skin. Do you know why this color dominates in most trendy hair colors for so long? It’s not only about the color itself, it’s about how versatile and suitable it is for different circumstances such as school, office, prom, wedding, etc. Be charming and gentle in new decade with dark chocolate, you will never be out of fashion.

Dark chocolate color



4. The best long caramel blonde hair

If you get fed of dark color but worry that light tones is not suitable for you, just choose a caramel blonde tone. It’s a great trick to have a sweet and romantic look with this warm shade. A soft ombre like the photo below can create a smooth transition through your long hair with waves and makes them look natural and wonderful all the time. We want to recommend this color for medium and bright skin tone. For others, no worry, keep reading on and choose the best one for you. We have many suggestion for you.

The best long caramel blonde hair


5. Brown to golden blonde ombre hair

This hairstyle color starts with darker brown on the roots and blends into a golden blonde on the ends. A big contrast  between two tones is the most attractive point of this hair color. You should be ready for how it catches other people’s eyes. No need to do anything complicated. just make it straight or add some waves in hair ends, you will be the center of the crowd.

Brown to golden blonde ombre hair

6. Cool blonde

If you are brave enough to transform your hair completely, cool blonde is not a bad idea. As for the color, we can only say it is one of great choice for someone love strong and modern beauty. When you apply color for your hair, it is important to emphasize the shape of your face and the color of your eyes. If you have a light-colored skin tone and blue eyes, this hair color is perfect for you.

Cool blonde

However, beautiful but risky. Your hair can get damaged and become thinner when you try out this color due to the strong bleach powder. Don’t worry, we will give a better option for you – use blonde hair extensions. There are many levels of cool blonde color and other colors for your hairstyle. If you are interested, please visit Luxshinehair to understand more!

The most beautiful braid hair colors for girls in 2020

7. Black to Amethyst purple ombre long hair

This is one of the most unique ombre hairstyles ever. You will love the combination of the variations of this color hairstyle at the first sight thanks to its beautiful dreamy mermaid look. This color is perfect for an adventuresome and freedom. If you love this color, you should keep natural color hair mixed in the root area like you have an amazing color picture.

We especially introduce this color hairstyle for the girls who love new experiences and always desire to stand out in front of the crowd. Also, violet-based tones are a good idea for someone wanting the best fade out with vivid color.

A wavy hairstyle is the best opinion that you should choose to combine this color. To style it, you can use thermal spray on dry hair or portable hair curler. However, you hair must suffer too much after coloring process. You can try a beachy waves with heatless method to save your healthy tress. And don’t forget to take care of your hair with moisturizing cream and essential oil for long hair.

Black to Amethyst purple ombre long hair

With the top 7 hairstyles color for long hair that we showed above, we hope you will give the best decision to choose the best hues yourself that helps you become confident and elegant in 2020. If you want to find a damage-free hair way for your natural tress, it’s absolutely hair extensions. No more bad hair, let’s enjoy our products and feel the best things. Choose the best hairstyles color for long hair to refresh yourself!

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