Disclosure: How to choose good wigs according to each face shape

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Face shape is a very important factor to determine the hairstyle that suits you. Although everyone has a different face and the shape of each of our faces is unique, most faces will be divided into six basic shapes below.

If you don’t know the shape of your face, the easiest way to tie your entire hair up and look in the mirror to compare with the upper face shapes. Especially when you use a wig, this is absolutely essential for your choices. A properly selected wig will help you to conceal the blemishes of your face shape and you will look beautiful.

How to choose a good wig according to each face shapeSo, how to choose good wigs right with your face shape? To solve this problem, we will reveal to you some specific characteristics of basic face shapes and the most suitable wig styles for each face.

1. The wig for Oval face

The oval face has a long face and the chin part is smaller than the cheekbones. People with this face shape has no dominant areas with their forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin all proportional. Therefore, the oval face is easily combined with most hairstyles.

The wig for Oval faceLuckily if you have an oval face because you can freely choose a lot of wigs for yourself. However, we still give you some useful suggestions. Wig body wavy hair is the best for you with soft and gentle beauty that will highlight your oval face even more. You can also wear a wig straight to honor traditional and elegant beauty.

2. Good wigs for Long face

Long face shapes are characterized by having a very long, narrow bone structure and you may also have a long, thin neck. People who own this face shape often have gracefully taper towel chin and some have a prominent chin.

Good wig for Long faceSo, you need a wig that can extend your face and create an effect that reduces the length of the face. It can become true when you choose a wig that has soft curls with a long bang in front of the forehead to cover your long face. A great option is using wig deep wavy or wig loose curly hair. Look you will so sweet even your own long face. At the same time, don’t forget to add fringe. If you have no idea about wigs with bangs, check it out.


3. The best-suited wig for Round face

Look at Miranda Kerr looking so pretty with the round face have face width and length almost the same and widest at the cheeks. These faces are easily recognizable by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. With some people, the neck may also appear short with the round face shape.

The best-suited wig for Round face

One note you need to know when choosing wigs for round faces, that’s your wig can narrow the width of the face and create a good sense of length. To make the face look more elegant, slimmer, the girls of this group should “get along” with long hair. Especially the long hair is cleverly trimmed into many layers, or the hair curling the soft tail waves embracing your face that will make your face feel longer and more balanced.

We recommend some types of good wigs for you, such as wig straight, wig loose wavy and wig water body wavy hair. With the wig, straight hair that has a suitable length and fullness will obscure your chubby face. You also can use a portable hair curler to create gentle curls for the hair to drop forward. And with the wig loose wavy and wig water body wavy, you should choose the length to the waist. Hair waves are as loose and soft as water waves will make your face look bright and bring a slender beauty.

4. Beautiful wig for Heart-shaped face


Characteristics of the heart face are mandibular contour is narrow, have the forehead and cheekbones are wide. For the heart face, you can freely choose curly hairstyles with big curls, and curly water waves,… and absolutely avoid the straight hairstyle. Your face will fit with a fluffy wig, you can adjust the length of the front hair and drop it down to reduce the width of the forehead. Another note is you should avoid short hair and choppy layers.

5. Favorite wig for square face

Square face shapes have cheekbones, forehead, and jawline almost the same width, the most highlight is the square jaw bone. This type of face has many shortcomings. You can try a curly wig that is mid-length or longer and maybe wisps of hair around your face will break the wide, straight lines of your face. A hairstyle with softness will be reduced by the edge of your face.

The suggestions of us for the girls who have a square face are using wig romantic curly and wig deep curly and you should avoid one-length hairstyles. You will have a new and sexy beauty with the type of wig we recommend. Try to make your own favorite hairstyle with your wig.

6. Wig options for diamond face

The diamond face is a quite special type of face and not popular. You will have face highly angular and somewhat bony, narrow forehead and narrow chin, the widest at the cheekbone. The bob hairstyle with cross banged hair works well on diamond faces.

You can choose one of the three basic types of wig style, which is wig straight, wig wavy and wig curly hair. And then, you can reshape the wig with an ideal shoulder length or use the heat to curl your hair and cover your face with wig straight. You should design the wig focus on reducing the cheekbone width. The advice for you is to avoid straight mid-length hairstyles, it can make the face jaw seem very sharp.

Hopefully, our article has helped you to be easier on how to choose good wigs according to the face shape. The interesting information for those who are interested in this issue is that you can completely contact us to choose the best wig for you. Our company – Luxshine Hair specializes provide high-quality wig hair extension products that were made from 100% real human Vietnam hair. Please visit us and enjoy it!

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