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When faced with the option to buy wigs, people will have several ways to approach the matter. Maybe they will try to find the best deal on the Internet, or pick from a trusted brick-and-mortar store. However, you need to know about all of the types before committing to a specific unit. This is why having all of the Different Types Of Wigs Explained clearly will save you a lot of time and energy.

No matter where or who you buy from, it’s essential that you understand all of the basic features regarding wigs. Do I want a long wig or a short one? How long will a 20-inch wavy wig look like? Should I pick a monofilament top or treat myself with a hand-tied one?

Let’s explore all the available cap constructions, types of hair fiber and lace wig, wig density, wig lengths as well as how one can spot high-quality wigs.

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Types of Wigs: Based on Cap Construction

There are five main types of wig cap construction. Some of the most common method wig is constructed include:

  • Open Cap Wig ( aka Capless Wig, Classic Wig, Wefted Cap, Open Weft, Machine Weft)
  • Monofilament Wig
  • Lace Front Wig
  • Hand-tied Wig
  • Combination Wig

Each type comes with its pros and cons. Although the list above is non-exhaustive, they cover some of the most popular wig cap construction available on the market.

To be able to get the most suitable wig for your needs, you absolutely should check out all of the above options to find what is best. When weighing your options, you should include these main questions in your quest for the best hair systems :

  • How much flexibility and styling versatility do I need?
  • What is my desired level of comfort?
  • In what weather, condition will I wear my hairpiece?
  • What is my requirement for the hairline?
  • Does my sensitive scalp require a certain kind of material?

While there is no perfect cap type when it comes to wearing a wig, we think some types are more suitable for certain groups than others. Once you have worked out your needs and priorities, you can check out our detailed guide on cap construction to firmly grasp how the main types of wig caps are made.

the best wig cap construction

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Types of Lace Wigs: Various options for fashionable looks

Amongst all of the wig cap construction, lace wig remain the most popular and accessible kind. These mesh units allow women to mimic the naturalness of hair growing out of the scalp as well as a flawless front hairline.

With the types of lace wigs, you can pick among full lace wig, lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, and/or 360 lace wig.

Depending on the lace wig you are working with, you can fancy many different hairstyles like an updo, ponytail, and multiple parting options. With an undetectable natural-looking hairline and tremendous options for customizations, lace wigs provide for a natural, spot-on look without breaking the bank. You can learn more about all common types of a lace wig on our dedicated post.

Women wearing full lace wig

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While thinking about choosing a wig, most people would first think of how the wig caps are made and constructed. But this is only one part of the equation. Many wig lovers would argue that the hair fiber and the style itself are so much more important.

If you have found the most suitable form of the wig cap, you should next consider the wig quality, the hair fiber, the length as well as density of your hairpiece.

Different Types Of Wigs Explained: Human Hair Vs Synthetic

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of hair material when it comes to wig making: Synthetic hair fiber and human hair fiber. Within each type, you will find more quality grades and terminologies like raw hair, virgin hair and Remy’s hair, heat-friendly fiber, Kanekalon, etc…

While both types of wigs enjoy wide usage all over the world, they each come with their own set of characteristics, care instructions, and styling ability. For this reason alone, one can not blindly pick a wig without considering the hair material companies used to make wigs.

Due to their polar opposite nature, a person needs to be mindful when shopping or helping a consumer pick out wigs. A real human hair wig will behave and require different care from a synthetic one. Ask these questions would help guide one to the correct decisions. Here are some to try out:

  • How long do I plan on using my wigs?
  • Do I wear them every day?
  • Am I willing to style and put the effort in every day to make it look good?
  • Am I willing to purchase wig-specific hair products and combs?

With clear answers to these questions, you will figure out the most appropriate hair types for your next hair transformation.

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Wig Types: Wig Quality And How to Choose

Whether you are getting a human hair wig or a synthetic wig, the matter of quality is always on the back of people’s minds. More often than not, wig guides tend to gloss over this matter.

However, getting the right kind of wig is simply not enough, since the market is already flooded with low-quality units. How do you identify wigs of high quality? To truly know poor quality one from high quality one, having different types of wigs explained in terms of quality is crucial.

We decided to give you some valuable tips to help you recognize signs of reputable vendors and how to spot a good quality wig. Sometimes a good quality synthetic wig will give you a much better experience than a low-quality human hair wig. So the question of picking quality products is of vital importance.

Identify High-quality wig

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Long Or Short : Different Types of Wigs Explained

Buying wigs is simply not just about picking color and texture, it is also about picking the right length. But how does the number that wig manufacturers and retailers give apply a curly or wavy style?

To grasp this matter, you have understood how manufacturers and hair sellers measure their products. When you understand how they arrive at this number, check out the wig length chart. This will give you a good estimation of how your desired styles would look in real life.

Wig length Texture guide

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Wig Types: Based On Hair Density

Each person will have different needs when it comes to wig density. A person with thin hair may want a lighter variant while someone with full hair may want a heavier variant.

In an essence, the thicker the hair is, the higher the wig density is. With increased thickness come a heavier product and a fuller appearance. Of course, having the right rate of density is only part of a big game plan in rocking the best wigs. You can always change up how dense your wig appears by looking into other customization methods like plucking and trimming.

Wig density guide

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Wigs have become a staple in many women’s closets. This is not hard to understand due to its simple usage and glorious appearance. Having all the different types of wigs explained to you in a simple language, you are much more likely to figure out the best types of wigs to wear and care for.

If you are still somehow on the fence on what wigs to buy after reading our guide, do check out the most popular wig types available in our store.

In many situations, a different kind of hairpiece would be an even better choice compared to wigs. If you are wondering whether you belong to this group, you can check out all forms of alternative hairpiece products. Sometimes, the problem may not lie in the product itself but more in what was being picked and considered.

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