Different Types of Hair Highlights you may not know

As for modern girls, the concept of “hair highlights” is no longer too strange. We can see women with ombre, balayage or chunky highlighted hairstyles everywhere. However, whether you’ve known enough information about types of hair highlights or not and then what else styles can you do with these hair highlights? Let’s with Luxshinehair discover all things you may not know about different types of hair highlights right in this article. We make sure that you will have to be surprised very much!

1. Different types of hair highlights

1. Ombré highlights

The clearest type of hair color highlights must be ombre. Ombre hair is very easy to recognize because the difference between the two colors is very outstanding. The root part of hair is often kept naturally or dyed with dark colors and the tail part of hair is dyed with a lighter and more eye- catching to make the complete contrast. Of course, that distinction is not too severe to make sure that the hair color is beautiful and impressive.

Although this style can be considered simpler and more classical than other types of highlights for hair, it is still be loved and used very much. Girls like it because of its own simpleness but charm.

2. Sombré highlights

There are many people misunderstand that ombre and sombre is one. In fact, sombre is considered a kind of ombre but it still has characteristics which are different from ombre style. This type of hair highlight technique looks subtler and softer than ombre. You can feel that it is like the initial dark color is gradually melted and faded into a lighter color.

This style is much more natural so that if you are a girl who love something sweet, gentle but still want hair look impeccable and outstanding, don’t hesitate to try sombre hair highlight technique for yourself.

3. Balayage highlights

As mentioned before, balayage hair is one of the most popular types of hair highlights that almost girls know about. This highlight technique is also called hair painting because the image that it bring to hair is really artistic and creative. The hairstylist sweeps hair dye on different positions on hair directly and then uses his skillful hands to make the perfect balayage color which looks like an artwork.

The hair color will be regularly swept on whole hair instead of being made with the clear distinction between the two colors like ombre or sombre hair. Especially, this style is very suitable for wavy or curly hair because it makes much more softness and mildness.

Balayage highlights

4. Babylights

As its name, this highlight technique makes super- fine highlights that are often placed around the hairline. They are not too bold and outstanding but the image it brings to is very natural and warm. Commonly, girls will keep their own hair colors and just add more babylights so as to make hair look more mysterious and impressive. This hair color highlight is also often used for wavy hair so that highlights will look softer and more regular.


5. Chunky highlights

Opposite to babylights, chunky highlights give images with bolder and lighter color hair strands. The clear alternate combination between a light color and a dark color makes hair look gorgeous. Chunky highlights are very easy to be misunderstood with babylights or ombre style so that if you are gonna make this style, make sure with your hairstylist to avoid unexpected results. This style is sometimes called frosted highlights for women with short hair.

Chunky highlights


6. Flamboyage highlights

If you want to have a more outstanding hairstyle, why don’t you try flamboyage hair highlight technique? This style is fashionable and trendy which can make girls fall in love right at the first time. It is the perfect blend of balayage and ombre hair to make the harmony between highlights and lowlights of hair.

With flamboyage highlights, your hair not only looks more outstanding but also looks sleeker and much more eye- catching. Don’t mind combining it with creative colors to make peek-a-boo highlights. That will be very wonderful!

Flamboyage highlights

7. Foil highlights

Foil highlights are quite similar to balayage highlights because they are made by sweeping colors at different positions on hair skillfully and artistically. However, foil highlight technique is somehow more sophisticated. Instead of painting hair dye on hair directly, the hairstylist need to use foils with hair dye for concentrated lightning. Thanks to that, your hair will look brighter and sleeker.

Foil highlights are often used when you want to make outstanding and radiant highlights to give the best result. If not, you can apply balayage style to make hair look more regular and natural.

Foil highlights

8. Ribbon highlights

The last type of hair highlights that we would like to introduce you is ribbon highlights. This is also a wonderful way to add some dimensions and depth to the hair. Many people say that this style is similar to balayage hair but they have a bit differences.

Hair has its solid base. Ribbon highlights are thin strips of contrasting colors woven throughout the hair.  That means this style looks the most outstanding, natural and clearest when it goes with big loose hair waves or hair curls.

Ribbon highlights

2. Application with types of hair highlights

Essentially, hair highlights are very outstanding and eye- catching so that you can comfortably choose yourself every hairstyle which you loves to apply on your hair.

Commonly, girls like to choose types of highlights for light brown hair or types of highlights for dark brown hair since these colors look very natural and soft and they can go well with different face shapes and skin colors. In these situations, blonde highlights, silver highlights and red highlights get much love of women because they give images which are very harmonious and attractive.

type of highlights for dark brown hair

Of course, you can also make highlights right on your own natural black hair to make something new on hair. With the types of highlights for black hair, you can combine with bright highlights but not too dazzling like caramel, blue, green or dark purple highlights.

types of highlights for black hair

However, our suggestions are only relative references. Let’s feel which type of hair highlights can make your hair look the best and then apply them skillfully.

How do you think about these types of hair highlights? Don’t hesitate to try it when you are ready to change with a more impressive new hairstyle! We make sure that with suitable highlights, your hair will look more gorgeous than ever. Visit our Luxshinehair store to find for your favorite hair extensions with impressive highlights if your real hair is too weak and thin!


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