Differences between Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig

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Recently, lace wigs have become more popular with a variety of textures and colors, which brings many advantages as well as benefits for wearers. However, do you know clearly about full lace wigs and lace front wigs? As a matter of fact, there is a little difference between them that can cause misconception for people when choosing to buy a wig. Today, we decide to share with you some important information related to these kinds of wigs, full lace wigs and lace front wigs, to help you have a clearer view on them.

Differences between Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig

1. What is Full Lace Wig?

Firstly, we need to find out the term of full lace wig together. What is it?

The full lace wig includes a lace cap covering the whole head. The hair is knotted carefully into the lace by hand. Besides, it has a strip of stretch to help users correct the wig cap so that it can match your head most.

With the full lace wig, you can easily style your hair with any hairstyles from plaits to a bun or a high ponytail. It makes your hair natural and realistic as if you are not wearing the hair extension. So, you can be completely confident and free when using the lace wig to hide your hair’s downsides as well as comfortably show your traits.

2. What is Lace Front Wig?

As known as a kind of lace wig, lace front wig has some differences compared with full lace wig. You need to consider this to avoid mistakes when purchasing them.

The front lace wig consist of two parts, the front and the back. The front is called the lace part that there is hair knotted by hand. And, the back part is elastic or a piece of clothes covering the whole scalp. In this part, the wig maker sew weave hair extensions to fulfill it. As lace wig, this type also includes 2 elastic bands to adjust wig size.

Lace front wig is able to be designed away from the face to cover the hairline meanwhile the scalp is still seen via the sheer mesh. Also like full lace wig, the lace front wig gives your hair natural beauty and versatility as well. Thanks to its convenience, this wig is beloved and believed for using by lots of people.

Needless to say, lace front wig brings a natural appearance with the real-looking hairline. This hair product completely suits those who have balding or thinning edges since it is able to imitate the hairline so well.

What is Lace Front Wig?

3. Differences between Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig

Now, you must have understood more about full lace wig and lace front wig, right? In this part, we will show the differences between these kinds of hair extensions for you. Let start!

  • Material to make the base

A full lace wig goes with a base made of lace completely and the lace will cover the entire head of wearers.

Meanwhile, it is quite different for a lace font. The lace is made of a sheer mesh for the front part of the wig. The material to create the back part of the base is thicker but still very comfortable.

  • Styles

Full lace wigs have more versatility than lace front wigs. When using full lace wigs, you can feel secure to freely make various hairstyles such as plaits, a high ponytail, up-dos and so on. You don’t need to worry that others will discover you are wearing a hair product.

In other words, lace front wigs seem have the less probability of hair styling, especially a high ponytail. However, lace front wigs bring a natural look in the front of your face since the lace is not almost visible.

  • Price

As mentioned above, full lace wigs are completely made of lace. All hairs are sewn into the lace by hand. That’s is the reason why their price is often higher than that of lace front wigs. What’s more, full lace wigs are harder to wear, in comparison with lace front wigs.

In term of price, lace front wigs are cheaper and easier to apply although you are using them for the first time.

  • Durability

Regarding durability, both full lace wigs and lace front wigs can last for a long time. Importantly, you should use, clean as well as maintain them correctly and carefully. It’s said that they are all human hair wig, hence, you can take care of them as your natural hair. How to do? Check it here.

Is this article helpful to you? We hope that this interesting information will help you have a deeper comprehension on full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Wish you choose the wig that suits you most.

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