Differences among balayage, ombre and sombre hair color

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Having highlighted hair colors is always the top choice of girls when they want to dye their hair outstandingly. Obviously, hair colors like balayage, ombre, sombre are very popular. However, not all people clearly understand of them. They often misunderstand between this hue with that hue so that the result after dying hair make them disappointed.

To help you to have better knowledge about this problem, Luxshinehair will show you all things about differences among balayage, ombre and sombre hair color right in this article. Let’s check it out!

1. General Descriptions

All these above colors are color tones used to make outstanding highlights on hair. If not paying attention, you often have wrong definitions about them since they look relatively similar to each other.

The description of ombre hair color has appeared for a long time. It’s like a way stylists and colorists use to test their hands at new transitions and techniques. From that, they discover other extents of highlighted colors like balayage and sombre hair.

Combing a dark color and a light color according different ways to dye on hair brings impressive results which are extremely eye- catching and creative.

ombre sombre balayage

2. Differences between balayage and ombre hair color

What is ombre hair?

The word “ombre” is derived from “ombrer” in French, which means “shadow”. In design field, ombre is used to display the gradual transition from a light color to a darker color or in contrast. In hair color technique, it’s also understood alike.

Ombre color is popularly defined by dark roots of hair that are gradually lightened towards the ends of hair. The shading here is implemented skillfully and finely to create the harmonious cooperation between the two contrasting colors. Ombre colors have been too popular in highlighting technique. It acts effectively with every length size, texture and color of hair.

ombre hair color


What is balayage hair?

The word “balayage” is also a French word which means “sweep” or “paint”. With balayage hair color, stylists will use painting technique to “sweep” bright highlights on your hair. In particular, the hairstylist will divide hair into small part and sweep hair dye on different positions on hair. After that, he will mix colors skillfully to make the natural color motley.

The harmony between bright and dark colors brings to you creativeness, liberalization and also softness. It is actually considered an artic hairstyle.

balayage hair

Balayage vs Ombre

A lot of people wonder whether balayage or ombre hair is suitable for themselves and what differences and similarities between balayage and ombre color are. All things will be clearly explained right below:


Both of them are popular styles in making outstanding highlights on hair. They are both “shading” between a light color and a dark color to make a creative combination of hair dye on hair. Every color, texture and length can be appropriate with them so that you don’t need to worry whether which style is the best for you. In addition, with these styles, you won’t need to worry that they will look bad after your hair grow because the longer your hair grows, the more natural it looks.

Obviously, with such impressive and attractive things, you will have to spend quite long time for dyeing them at hair salon. DIY is possible but you should consider coming prestigious salons for the best results. The average time for making ombre and balayage hair is about 2 to 3 hours, even longer. However, the end product will not make you disappointed.

Balayage vs Ombre hair


Ombre color gives you a relatively clear look between a darker color above and a lighter color below. This distinction between the two contrasting colors is extremely suitable for girls who love the personality, activeness and something rebellious. There is another method which is virtually like ombre named “sombre”. We will introduce about it more thoroughly in the next section.

Balayage vs Ombre


About balayage color, it is a hand painting technique which is extremely popular and creative. Balayage style sounds more comfortable than ombre because it is always customized to the client. It is up to the thing that you want the stylist sweep hair dye on which positions on your hair then you will have different balayage styles. Balayage hair is very natural and mild, especially when you combine it with a style of hair curls or hair waves. They will make your hair look much brighter and more impressive than ever.

There is a big difference between them is that the hairstylist will sweep hair dye directly on hair and then make the natural mixture of balayage style. Whereas, with ombre style, you need to bleach hair to make a perfect light tone. Of course, it will take you longer time to have a good ombre style.

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3. Differences between ombre and sombre hair color

Apart from misunderstanding between ombre color and balayage color, the misunderstanding between ombre and sombre is also very popular. So what are differences between ombre and sombre hair color? Let’s discover together with Luxshinehair right now!

Many people think that “ombre” and “sombre” is one. Indeed, “sombre” is a special type of “ombre” and it also has basic differences. “Sombre” looks softer and milder than “ombre” It gives less contrasts between the roots and the ends of hair. Light color is added just to make hair outstanding enough.

ombre vs sombre

Obviously, the result it brings to is more natural than ombre style. The shading is more seamless and regular than ombre. Besides, the colors also much softer and purer. However, because it is also a kind of ombre style, you will need to bleach hair before having a light color. Therefore, if you are having fuzzy and weak hair, considering before choosing too outstanding colors.

For now, have you understood clearly about differences between ombre, sombre and balayage hair colors? If you are finding for some new hairstyle, don’t hesitate to try with them. They are actually beautiful and impressive.


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