Demi Lovato hairstyles that make us feel impressed most

Demi Lovato must have been the name which was too familiar with fans of International Showbiz. She was a famous American singer, musician and actress. Not only does she have endowed talents but also she has an appearance which is very beautiful and attractive. One of things making her always look outstanding is her hairstyles’ change. In this article, Luxshinehair would like to show you the most impressive Demi Lovato hair styles that will actually satisfy your demand.

Demi Lovato hair

1. Demi Lovato short hair

Unique bob

Recently, Demi Lovato often appears with unique bob hairstyles. She has straight bob with curved ends and of course impressive hair colors. Black hair is still the main color that is loved by Demi. It is both natural and safe for her hair. Maybe, after many time dying hair with bright colors, now is the time she needs to protect her hair better and more carefully.

However, if only keeping casual black hair, it is not Demi lovato. Demi always knows how to make impression with other people by her interesting hairstyles. She has side part bob hair which can clearly display her personality. On hair ends, she dyes them with radiant colors. Sometimes, she dyes hair ends with the lovely pink hair hue. Sometimes, she changes them with the bright green color. Besides, she also combines these styles with outstanding makeup and shows off her sexy body maximally.

Unique curved bob

Wavy short hair

If not having outstanding highlights on hair, Demi Lovato will make wavy styles on her hair to attract others’ attention. Demi has tried a lot of different wavy styles with short hair and we have to recognize that she looks completely gorgeous with them.

Wavy short hair

The short hairstyle that she often uses the most may be natural wavy bob. Demi has a square face so that when she keeps hair waves, they will help to hide her unexpected rough jawline. Having hair with side part style, middle part style or combed back style is not the problem because she has the face with golden ratio that many people have to desire. Demi Lovato also often keeps this style with her black hair or with some baby highlights. The hair color is natural but it is really perfect to embellish outstanding hair waves.


wavy bob hair


Curly bob

Another impressive short hairstyle of Demi Lovato is curly bob. Instead of having deep hair curls, Demi chooses to have outstanding loose hair curls. With this style, she dyes hair with light brown color which is soft but impressive enough. She also keeps fringe hair to make her image become younger and fresher. Does this picture of Demi Lovato hair remind you of the one- time Disney Princess?

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Curly bob

2. Demi Lovato long hair

It is not difficult to recognize that Demi Lovato usually uses hair extensions to have long hairstyles that she expects. However, they are really useful that help Demi always looks gorgeous at events she takes part in.

Long straight hair

With this hairstyle, the appearance of Demi Lovato become extremely outstanding. She has very long hair which can reach her behind. Black hair and sleek brown hair are the top choices when having this style. This style helps her have the more mature and charming than ever.

Commonly, she has middle part style for long straight hair because it makes her face look bright and balanced. Her forehead is not be cover with bangs so that her face also look much sharper and smarter. Of course, combining this hairstyle with soft makeup and polite clothes helps Demi get many good comments from the public.

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Long straight hair style

Long wavy hair

Wavy hair is also a popular choice of Demi Lovato when having long hair. Hair waves are essentially natural and very charming so that they make Demi’s square face look much softer. With wavy hair, Demi can show her style more diversely than having the neat long straight hairstyle. Of course, you will always see a happy Demi Lovato who is full of personality and energy when having impressive wavy hairstyles.

Long wavy brown hair

Each wavy style with different colors brings to Demi a distinct image which makes her always look impressive. Demi Lovato blonde hair and Demi Lovato red hair gives energetic and dazzling images while Demi Lovato brown hair and black hair bring to her the appearance which is so feminine and charming.


Long wavy red hair

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Colorful long hair

If you think that the hairstyle of Harley Quinn in the film “Suicide Squad” is too colorful and impressive, you can not know about the rainbow- colored long hairstyle of Demi Lovato. She dyed on her hair with the most attractive hair colors that make her become gorgeous.

Pink, yellow, green, blue and light purple are all on her natural hair. That is so amazing and rebellious. Demi is one of the rare celebs who dare to dye hair with the style like that. Anyways, it is really beautiful and impressive.

Colorful long hair

She also has a lot of times dyeing hair with outstanding and unique ombre styles such as blonde- pink hair, orange- green hair, brow- ash purple, etc. They are such colorful experiences on hair!

ombre long hair

Long high- ponytail

Sometimes, changing the mild long hairstyle into a long high- ponytail hairstyle is a wise and interesting idea, isn’t it?

Demi Lovato has also had this style and she looks really attractive and bright. It was clearly that she used a ponytail hair extension to have this impressive image but we couldn’t deny that it brought to Demi Lovato a strong and active appearance which were extremely suitable with the clothing and style she was wearing.

This is completely not a new hairstyle but when it’s applied on Demi’s hair, it looks so wonderful. Moreover, strawberry blonde hair color and straight texture of hair is absolutely a perfect combination.

Long high ponytail

We hope that you will feel relaxed with these beautiful Demi Lovato hair styles. If you have any question or comment about hair, don’t mind sharing with us. Luxshinehair is always by your side to help you have the most impressive hairstyles.

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