Discover Curly Shag Haircuts of famous women in the world

You must have not been too strange with shaggy hairstyles of straight and wavy hair, right? Their free hair strands help hair become much more natural and softer. However, how will they look if being combined with mischievous hair curls? Whether your hair will become messier or not? Let’s check out curly shag haircuts together with Luxshinehair right in this article via real images of female celebrities!


Zendaya owns a beautiful face which can be suitable with a lot of different hairstyles. Obviously, making curly hairstyles can’t make any difficulty for her. She had also tried the style with shaggy hair curls. She chose to have loose curly hair which gives the most voluminous and bobbing effects on hair. Instead of having a style which is focus on the length size of hair, Zendaya only kept her curly shag haircut with medium length so as to make hair look thicker and more natural.

Talking about the hair color, chestnut brown hair was her choice. It fitted her makeup layer perfectly as well as helped her appearance become more graceful. In addition, curly bangs were very creative. They made her hair look much more eye- catching and attractive.

Jessica Williams

Different from Zendaya, Jessica Williams chose to have a classical short curly shag haircut. This charming American actress kept fumy curly hair with her black color. It naturalness and creativeness made the hairstyle become impressive.

Jessica chased for the mature style so that she chose to have side part hair instead of normal bangs. It was actually a wise idea because it not only made her appearance become more enchanting but also hid her short forehead perfectly. 

Jessica Williams

Sarah Jessica Parker

Although Sarah Parker was over 50 years old, she still looked extremely charming and attractive with her shag haircut for curly hair. Taking her advantage of white skin tone, she had an impressive short hairstyle with stunning shaggy hair curls. They made her appearance look brighter mad much more eye- catching. 

Obviously, blonde hair is the most wonderful choice for her style. It is elegant, outstanding and full of charm. Her image also became younger and much more fashionable than ever. 

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rita Ora

Not only does Rita Ora have an endowed voice but also she has the beautiful appearance. If straight and wavy  hairstyles make her look charming and sexy, curly haircuts give her images which is full of rebellion and personality. 

When Rita Ora had curly shag hair, she combined it with short hair and outstanding curly bangs. Shaggy romantic hair curls looked messy but they did not make her appearance look awkward. On the contrary, hair was very natural and enchanting.

Choosing a right hair color played a very important role in the success of her style. Rita is an active women so that her hair color must also display her characteristics. Thus, she dyed hair with an unique ombre hair color. Hair roots were natural brown hair while hair ends were dyed with honey blonde shade. That was such an interesting combination to embellish mischievous hair curls. Let’s see the way she had this wonderful shag haircut with trendy eyeglasses and tone sur tone custome, she looked so great, didn’t she?

Rita Ora


If you are finding for a long curly shag haircut, try referring the style of Ciara’s shag curly hair. Her hairstyle is quite similar to the style of Zendaya that we have mentioned above but it also has differences that help our celebrity become impressive and charming. 

Because her outfit was pink, she needed to have something more special to make herself look outstanding at the event. Therefore, she chose to have deep curly shag hair with bangs. Bobbing and voluminous hair curls fitted well with her strong brown skin. Of course, dark brown color also made hair look extremely natural and impressive. 

With the advantage of a perfect body, Ciara could keep longer hair lock without worrying that they would make her height to be affected. You agree with us that Ciara was really suitable with this style, right?

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Ciara curly shag hair

We hope that you will like our suggestions of curly shag hair. Perhaps, they will be good choices for your next change of hairstyle. Don’t worry if your hair is thin or weak because you can still have these styles with wonderful real human hair extensions from Luxshinehair. Please visit our store to know more information.

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