Curly sew in hair of Luxshinehair and things making you amazed

Women who unluckily own thin and weak hair often wear hair extensions to cover these shortcomings. One of their favorite choices is using hair weaves or sew in hair extensions to add more length and volume for hair. Especially, curly sew in hair of Luxshinehair gets much love from customers. Today, let’s stay with us and we will show you all of their amazing things.

1. Brief Information


Talking about one of the most popular types of hair extensions, we can’t ignore curly weave hair. It is also known as curly sew in hair. Simply, because African American women are main customers of hair extensions brands, they extremely love hair extensions with their natural curly hair textures.

Curly sew in hair extensions of Luxshinehair not only meet target customers’ demands of curly hair but also make impression because of their variations and wonderful qualities. Our curly hair sew in extensions are totally made from 100% Vietnam real human virgin and remy hair. Hair sources are skillfully selected to make sure that there won’t have any unexpected problems of bugs, white hair, processed hair or non- remy hair. Obviously, hair tangles and shedding are also very little.

We use modern technique and machine to have curly weave sew in hair which looks the most regular and beautiful. They make straight and proper hair wefts that keep hair strands smooth and in the same direction. Besides, our skilled workers also help to make hair clean, style hair curls and complete the last steps before sending to customers. This closed and harmonious combination make our curly weave hair become perfect and highly appreciated.

Why you should choose sew in method?

Obviously, sew-in method has many features that you should consider thoroughly before getting a sew in weave. It owns both positive and negative aspects. However, we will list 4 reasons why you should choose it for curly weave:

  • It’s safe. Without any chemical effect, this method is friendly to your natural hair as well as your scalp. Of course, you need a professional hairstylist to fit it for you.
  • It’s seamless and flawless. No one can detect your hair extensions for sure.
  • It’s long-lasting. Your curly weave hair will leave in your hair for 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows up.
  • Your own hair is protected. Absolutely, your natural hair is underneath the hair extensions so it hardly contacts to bad environment or heat. On the one hand, it can get longer in healthy condition. Additionally, you can take care of it easily with moisturizer and essential oil.

2. Beautiful textures of Luxshinehair’s curly sew in hair

Deep curly

Among curly sew in styles, deep curly hair can be considered the most popular and attractive type of hair extensions as for women at every age group. Hair curls are small but regular and voluminous so that they give the owner a very new appearance which is full of activeness and personality. Hair strands and bouncy and stunning like noodles. However, they completely do not look messy but extremely smooth, eye- catching and creative.

Loose curly

As for this curly hair textures, hair curls are a bit loosen to give more natural and softer curly hair strands. This is the style that modern young girls all over the world love much. It help them to make different styles without worrying that hair can be easily damaged like other complicated hair textures.

Fumi curly

Many women are curious about this interesting hair texture because its image is relatively new and creative. Long hair strands are rolled and curled into pipe- shaped hair curls. After you apply these hair extensions in hair and brush them smoothly, you will have a natural curly style which is absolutely voluminous and charming. A lot of global celebrities have had fumi curly hairdos and they give wonderful results.

Kinky curly

This style is also considered the best curly sew in for natural hair. Kinky curly sew in hair is also a kind of pipe- shaped curly hair but it gives shorter and wider hair curls. This style looks elastic and lively so that it is really an ideal choice for women who like something a bit rebellious and outstanding. More importantly, hair curls make volume very well and help our Queen become full of self- confidence and charm.

Romantic curly

Another style that we can’t ignore when discovering curly hair extensions of Luxshinehair is romantic curly hair. As its name, this is really an absolutely unique and creative hair style. Hair curls give the owner natural and comfortable feelings which are completely not be affected and tangled. Why don’t you try choosing this style with any hair length size you want? We make sure that you will have a style which can make the most wonderful impression for your appearance.

3. Impressive suggestions for curly sew in hairstyles

Curly bob sew in

Almost people who order curly sew in hair extensions are African American women. They live in regions with hot weather so that having short curly weave hairstyles is much more popular. Moreover, these hairdos also help them to display their characters more clearly. Come to Luxshinehair, you are not only suggested to buy beautiful and suitable curly styles but you are also chosen with any short length size and hair color you want. It is up to your current hair situation that you can order your favorite curly style for the most beautiful appearance.

curly bob sew in

Medium length curly sew in

When you have longer curly hair, hairstyles are also more diverse. Apart from common styles such as middle part curly sew in or side part curly sew in hair, you can create with more styles like braids, buns, half up half down hair, etc. If you have skillful hands, you can completely transform your old hair appearance into a new amazing one just by using our full curly sew in hair extensions.

Medium length curly sew in

Long curly sew in

Luxshinehair can take you by surprise because we can supply hair products which have the impressive length size. How do you think if your curly hair can get the length up to 32 inches? That is so gorgeous, right? With these hair weaves, you will actually be the most outstanding woman among the others.

long curly sew in hair

Nowadays, there are many similar hair extensions sold with different styles, sources and qualities. To have the best effects on hair, it is necessary for you to find a good and prestigious brand of hair extensions like Luxshinehair. We commit to bring to you real human curly hair extensions with the best quality and the most reasonable price. Of course, all other hair products of Luxshinehair also have wonderful qualities to meet customers demand perfectly.

Let’s visit our Luxshinehair store and Luxshinehair website for more information about our hair extensions. We serve all hair products from hair for wholesalers like bulk hair, weave hair to hair for individual customers like clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, wig, etc with every different texture.

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