Creating Your Own Wispy Bangs- Why Not??

If you are looking for bangs style that is trendy and fashionable, wispy bangs should be your first consideration. There is exaggeration to say that this kind of bangs is making most women in the world crazy about it. They are not only chic and classy but also a secret that help women always look young. To help you have a deeper knowledge about wispy bangs and choose a perfect one for yourself that matches your real hair and your shape of face, in this post we will provide you all what you need to know about this perfect fringe type. If you also want to cut wispy bangs by yourself, keep reading!

Wispy bangs

What Are Wispy Bangs?

For those who have never cut bangs may wonder what wispy bangs are and if it has anything that is different from each other. This kind of bangs is also known as textured bangs since it contains longer and short pieces blending together. Wispy bangs are in form of a wisp and look totally different from the bangs that are cut straight cross your forehead with the same length (front bangs). They look lighter and more natural than other kinds of bangs.

What are wispy bangs

What Are Some Wispy Bangs Styles?

This bangs style is also various, including different versions that suit for different face and hair length or wearer’s styles. Here are some main examples of wispy bangs that go with different length of hair for you to choose.

First of all, wispy side bangs can be one of the most popular fringe’s types until now, and maybe in the future. It’s not only common among women in the world, but it’s also a favorite fringe’s style of celebrities. With this eyelash-length fringe, your face will completely change, especially those who haven’t wear bangs before.

Wispy side bangs

Wispy front bangs are also popular. Instead of wearing thick front bangs which are cut straight cross in the same length, women now tend to have fine front bangs with short and long strands blending together which help them look even younger. Some people may think that wispy front bangs are only common in Asian countries like Korea, Japan or Vietnam. However, now they are popular worldwide.

Wispy front bangs

Beside eyebrow-length or eyelash-length wispy bangs, long wispy bangs also have their own strength creating a desperately attractive look to women. Long wispy bangs combining with curly or wavy texture will give you the best result. This combination is definitely a magical technique to frame your round face. The different length of bangs and wavy texture are jaw-framed and help your face look smaller and your chin look a little bit more pointed.

Long wispy bangs

Long wispy bangs are best-suited with long hair. Wispy bangs long hair will help you look more attractive and grab all people’s attention. No matter where you are, no one can take their eyes off you. For anyone who has never had bangs, just by this little change, your appearance will also change possibly.

Wispy bangs long hair

If you own a short hair, you can completely wear crispy bangs. Wispy bangs short hair is also a perfect choice for oval face and long face coz it will help to shorten your face naturally, especially when you are having short hair. Combined with black color, this age-cheating crispy bangs style should be your first choice.

A pixie haircut with wispy bangs is also a good idea for anyone who really want to renew their appearance in the coolest way. A pair of round earrings will underscore this gorgeous hairstyle and help you look more feminine and classy.

A pixie hair cut with wispy bangs

This amazing type of fringe can go well with different length of hair, including medium length and different texture of hair as well. Medium hair wispy bangs are very popular in Korean since K-pop stars often wear this kind of bangs in wavy texture, which brings this trend to most Asian countries, especially among youngster.

Medium hair wispy bangs

Natural straight hair can suit medium hair wispy bangs very well. Here is one example to prove how much you are beautiful in wispy bangs.

Natural straight medium hair wispy bangs

How To Cut Wispy Bangs?

Some people don’t trust hairdressers since sometimes they will not understand what you really want, it can be shorter or longer that will not satisfy you after finishing. So, let cut bangs by yourself. It sounds a little bit crazy but only you know what you like. That’s true.

Therefore, Luxshinehair will show you how to cut wispy bangs by yourself. Following our steps, you will see the result. It’s really simple!

How to cut wispy bangs

First, wash your hair clearly and dry it. After that, take a very small section of hair around the hairline. Clip the other hair off to make sure that it doesn’t blend with your up-becoming bangs. Take your flat iron to pull the parted hair forward.

Use flat iron to pull a small secttion of front hair

Next, do the same thing with the next section of hair. Take a very small section of hair again and use flat iron to pull it forward again. So, we already take one section of hair to cut wispy bangs.

After that, grab a little hair, use a sharp haircutting scissors to cut it. Hold this bang straight down. Your scissors will come down at an angle, not like a normal chop to create texture for your bangs. Take the bang and decide where you want the length is where you start cutting.

Slowly open the scissors and close to cut it (the tip of scissors is down to the ground) to create a sharp and pointed edge.

Use a sharp haircutting scissors to cut hair

Do the same with the rest of that hair section. You can make the outside of bangs a little bit longer to make your them pretty. After you finish cutting, take your flat iron again to round them slightly to make sure that your bangs are not straight down since it’s not natural and it will be shorter. That’s it!

Luxshinehair hopes that Wispy bangs will help to flatter you beauty and it just takes you some minutes to get your own bangs without going to see hairdresser. You can completely change your appearance by wearing bangs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to follow our own style.

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