Crazy hair day ideas for little girls on Halloween

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What things have you prepared for your children this Halloween? We make sure that all candies, presents, horrible costumes have been ready. How about their hairstyles? Little kids’ Halloween will be much more memorable and complete if you create unique hairdos for them on this occasion. Today, let’s check out crazy hair day ideas for little girls on Halloween day right here together with Luxshinehair!

bat hair

1. Pumpkin hair

Actually! Nothing is more suitable than having a pumpkin- shaped hairstyle at Halloween, right? There are thousands of different ways to create styles with this inspiration. Not only they give new images on little kid’s hair but also they display the cuteness and impression for babies. That will be very useful for them to get more candies and love from the adults.

Pumpkin hair

Pumpkin hairstyles are very easy to do because you only need to make buns as normal and then create them with bright colors or accessories. They are really interesting crazy hair ideas!

pumpkin hairstyle

2. Cat ears hair

Hairstyles with shapes of cat ears have never made little girls feel tedious. They look so cute and creative. Instead of wearing a cat ears headband to have a cat- shaped face immediately, why don’t you braid or make any style with your babies’ hair for much more impressive crazy hair day ideas.

Let’s see! kitten ears hair makes our little girl become so sweet, doesn’t it? With this image, who can refuse to give girls more gifts?

cat ears hair

3. Cupcake buns

Common! With this appearance, you know what the children want, right? This is exactly one of the cutest and easy crazy hair ideas for girls. Creating hair buns with outstanding hair colors and twinkle accessories will be gorgeous ideas. We make sure that all little girls will love them.

Cupcake bun

4. Spider hair

Obviously, only cute styles can’t make perfect crazy hair ideas for girls on Halloween. We need hairstyles which are more horrible and impressive. Making hair with spiders’ images will actually make you feel a little bit creepy.

Girls often doesn’t like spiders but how about colorful artificial spiders? We make sure that they will not feel scared, even like these illuminations on their hair. You can separate your girl’s hair into different directions and then fix hair with spider- shaped hair combs so as to have an amazing result like on the below picture.  This is really one of attractive crazy hair day ideas for long hair this Halloween, isn’t it?

Spider hair

Hair creations from spider shapes are never run out. For active kids, having spider hair with more awesome images will be wonderful ideas for crazy hair day. Only with some black piper cleaners, hair pins and a hair pompom can you make an impressive spider bun style like this. Let’ try it!

spider shaped hair

How about making a spider web with your girl’s hair? Amazing! This style will actually one of wonderful crazy hair day ideas for short hair that you shouldn’t ignore. Let’s seperate hair on top into small boxes, combine and tie hair locks together to make a net shape. Lastly, you can put a plastic spider on hair and the style is completed.

sipder web

5. The mummy hair

Let’s try taking advantage of your little girl’s long hair to make a thrilling style with a tiny fake skeleton. The effect will actually very impressive! You only need to wind long hair over the skeleton model but leave his head, arms and feet and then the mummy has appeared. All are ready for a surprising Halloween this night.

Mummy hair

6. Eyeball bun

Similar to the way you do with spider bun, this eyeball bun will actually make many people’s hair stand on end. Let’s prepare a plastic eyeball and some red piper cleaners to make bun hair become so terrible. This style can be considered crazy but exciting for Halloween occasion, right?

eyeball bun

7. Bat hair

One of the most impressive symbols of Halloween day is the bat. Why don’t we making unique and eye- catching hairstyles with this animal kind. You can have bat hairstyles with bun or with relaxed hair or any other style you can create so as to make gorgeous images for babies.

bat hair bun

There are still a lot of amazing crazy hair ideas for Halloween day as well as other cosplay occasions in year, let’s spend a little of time searching and making them if you want your girls to have magnificent and memorable appearance! In addition, kid’s hair is quite weak and thin so that you should carefully consider to make the most suitable styles for their hair.

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