Copper hair dye and its gorgeous shades

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When you find for impressive hair colors, shades of red hair must be your top choices, aren’t they? However, not all red colors can be suitable with your appearance. Making a wrong choice can make you regret for a long time. Because these tints are very difficult to bleach and dye, they are obviously also not easy to be faded away. For now, you no longer need to worry about that. Luxshinehair will suggest to you the most appropriate and attractive styles with copper hair that make you never feel disappointed.

copper hair

1. What is copper hair?

At first, you need to have some basic information of copper hair tones. Copper hair is sometimes called ronze hair or auburn hair. It is one of the most common red hair colors. Shades of copper hair is also quite diverse and unique. You can see from light tones like ginger hair or strawberry blonde hair to dark and soft tones like copper brown pennies’ color.

Copper hair color or copper red hair belongs to red hair dyes but almost of its shades are not too outstanding such as tones of burgundy red hair or coral red hair. Thus, they don’t make other people feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, you will still have unique hair colors which attracts all others’ attention.

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2. Impressive copper hair colors

Copper brown hair

As for women who love something attractive but still soft and gentle, copper brown hair can satisfy your demand. Clearly, its tone is as brown as copper penny color. Because, it has bronze colored hair lights, it gives wonderful bright and sleek effects that common brown tones don’t have.

To make hair look more impressive, making mild loose hair waves for long hair is really a good choice. Not only do they make the better volume for hair but also they help to cover your unexpected shortcomings like chubby face, even wide shoulders. Of course, long hair with soft color always makes good sympathy for womankind, right?

copper brown hair

Copper auburn hair

How do you think if your brown hair is combined with auburn shade?  The result is in the picture below. Auburn red hair is not a strange hair tone since they are really wonderful. When you have it with brown copper hair dye, you will get a softer tone but it is outstanding enough to make your appearance become much more beautiful and charming.

Having a short copper hair style with auburn shades is an try- worthy suggestion that we would like to recommend you. It gives graceful and noble looks.

auburn red hair

Copper blonde hair

This shade is like strawberry blonde color. The hair tone is peachy and creamy that is very suitable for young girls. It  doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly, copper blonde hair can make everything does well.

However, this style is relatively bright, you should consider dyeing if your skin tone is white and bright. Because combining with brown skin can make the unexpected result that makes your face become darker and less outstanding.

copper blonde hair

Golden copper hair

Another impressive tone of light copper hair color is golden copper. It is a bit bright and slick than strawberry blonde and it really gives the luxurious and enchanting appearance to the owner.  It is no problem if you have dark or light skin, long or short hair because the main tone of hair is light brown and it is very easy to mix with different appearances.

Obviously, its effect is still perfect and miracle that is suitable for every event you want to take part in. We make sure that you will be one of women who own the most beautiful hair color.

golden copper hair color

Copper balayage hair

When making highlights on hair, having balayage style is the most popular. Copper highlights on brown hair must be one of wonderful choices.The combination between the two nice mutual colors will make a more attractive style than ever.

Besides, you can also have copper red shades with ombre hair, ribbon highlighted hair, etc. They will give you favorite appearances which are suitable with your hobbies.

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copper balayage

We hope that you will love this article of copper hair. These colors are absolutely beautiful and charming, aren’t they? Millions of women have tried them and felt satisfied. For now, it’s time for you!

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