Coolest Ideas To Rock Perfect Platinum Hair

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The cool and fresh breezes going through our hair when going out is the signal of beautiful autumn on the way to come. It’s also time for women to show off their charming beauty adorned by cool clothes and stunning hairstyles. If caramel or chocolate coffee balayaged brown color and faded blue-the soul of the fresh beaches are top favorite hair color in summer, platinum hair is considered to be the trendiest hair color this autumn.

Platinum hair color requires a right method and skillful colorist to achieve. Besides, the way to maintain the color is also important. However, the result that it gives to women is fabulous. Platinum hair will easily attract other people and help you look cool than ever.

Enjoy our mixed platinum hair collection below to get some inspiration!

Platinum hair color

Short platinum hair

Platinum hair color can go well with different hair types and textures. However, to keep your hair soft and healthy, remember to take care of it carefully after achieving your hair goal coz bleaching can lead to hair’s damage and hair loss. One of the useful way to caring your hair easily is getting a short cut. A short platinum hair is not only simple to protect, but also gives you a cool style. Here are some motivational examples about short platinum hair.

Side swept chin length bob

Side-swept chin-length bob is a good idea for a platinum dyeing.

Short platinum inverted bob

Short platinum inverted bob should be an excellent choice for those who are having short hair or intending to have a haircut. The harmonious combination between short hair and platinum hair color will enhance your beauty and attractiveness.

Short choppy pixie platinum hair

Short, choppy pixie platinum hair is exactly what a cool girl needs. Some people often think that pixie or tomboy hair style will make women less attractive and more masculine. However, on the other hand, pixie combined with platinum hair color even helps to raise women’s femininity in a unique way.

pixie platinum haircut

pixie platinum cut

Platinum blonde hair

Platinum often goes with blonde hair. Colorist managed in showing the beauty when mixing these two color together to achieve another impeccable shade of platinum hair called platinum blonde hair. If you want to purchase a chic and charming hair style in blonde platinum, loose wavy texture cannot be skipped.

Platinum blonde hair

Side-parted straight blonde platinum hair color with a pearl toner for a natural look is amazing. There is no exaggeration to say this hair style and color is a dream of most of girls in the world. You yourself can completely realize your dream. If not now, then when?

Side parted straight blonde platinum hair

Smoky frozen blonde hair should be a perfect choice for Disney-loving hearts. Let’s be a frozen queen for this winter!

Smoky frozen blonde hair

Platinum blonde short hair can suit different shapes of face. Bob in wavy, curly or straight texture is awesome. Besides, lob hair cut is a good choice for girls who like medium length and not ready to get a short cut. For those who like cool style as a fashionista or real model, a short pixie choppy cut will bring a beyond-expected result. We already collected all trendiest platinum blonde short hair pictures for you to have a look!

Platinum blonde short hair

Perfectly blonde platinum shortcut for women from different ages:

Perfectly blonde platinum shortcut

Short wavy texture will add more volume and dimension to your hair.

wavy texture platinum shortcut

Pretty blonde platinum hair color for girl who like extremely short hair:

Pretty blonde platinum hair color

Together with blonde color, silver, grey and purple also match harmoniously with platinum. Each color has its own beauty and feature but generally, it all helps women complete their look and become more confident and attractive with their new hair color.

How to apply hair color yourself

Platinum silver hair

Platinum silver hair is really a dramatic hair color for autumn-winter. Besides, you can ask the colorist to add some blonde at the roots for a perfect hair color.

Platinum silver hair

Wavy bob in platinum silver hair is another choice for girls. The soft and fluffy strands will bring you a charming and attractive look.

Wavy bob in platinum silver hair

Platinum grey hair

Platinum grey hair may be one of the most expected hair color this autumn-winter. No matter how style of clothes you choose, how make-up you wear, this hair color will cover all. Look at these long platinum grey locks, how do you feel? I bet that all of you have to utter this word: incredible!

Platinum grey hair

Beautiful Platinum grey hair

Platinum purple hair

Another choice for girls who like different shades of platinum is platinum purple hair. There is nothing more beautiful than the combination between charming purple and pretty platinum.

Platinum purple hair

Pretty pastel purple bob in wavy texture will bring you a lovely and charming look. This stunning hair color is predicted to create a new trend this autumn. No one can ignore the beauty and attractiveness of platinum purple hair.

Pretty pastel purple bob in wavy texture

Platinum hair color now is becoming more and more popular for all women in the world and seem to be never be out of fashion. Hopefully after reading our post today, you will get more inspiration and get ready to welcome the first puff of chill.

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