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There is a saying that “Never be too busy to be beautiful”. It is totally true because beauty not only helps us to become more confident about ourselves, but also gives us many opportunities in their own career path. Hair plays an important role in enhancing one’s beauty. A different hairstyle or hair color can magically change your current appearance. However, a lot of women daren’t change or color their hair due to the fear that using chemical colors, bleach or heat can destroy their natural hair. This is understandable because after using chemicals, hair strands will soon be weak and dry leading to hair loss or thinning hair. This is the reason why wearing hair extensions should be the best choice for anyone who often changes their hairstyle and color. Colored hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, so you can easily braid, style or color it in whatever you like.

Here is a list of colors of hair extension for you to choose.

Ombre hair extensions

Ombre color shows no sign of slowing down. This trendy and modern hair color is the perfect choice for anyone who want to have a perfect look. All ombre’s require is one hair color at the roots that eventually becomes a different shade at the ends. Ombre hair extensions can easily turn you into another person who is more fashionable and active all the time.

Ombre hair extensionsBlack hair extensions

It is no exaggeration to say that black color stay trendy and modern no matter in which century we are, how clothes and make up style are changing. Made from 100% human hair, this natural black hair extensions are surely the perfect choice of every one who love to be natural, charming and trendy. Black is one such color which matches with everything, every style. It is elegant and classy in its own way. This color is a favorite of every woman and makes them look royal.

Light brown hair extensions

Sweetness and shininess are two words that describe closest the meaning of  light brown hair extensions. Imagine how brighter you are with a long, thick and shiny hair walking down the street under the sunlight! Besides, choosing clothes and make up to combine with light brown hair color is quite flexible and does not take too much time. Therefore, we can save a little time for ourselves, right?

Dark brown hair extensions

It is time for you to forget what you’ve heard outside that dark brown color is so boring. On the other hand, it is actually the most versatile colored hair extensions. Dark brown shows the sophistication or elegance of woman. It emphasize and enhance the women’s internal beauty, creating friendly feeling with other people. See more Dark brown hair extensions

Blonde hair extensions

Blonde hair has proved its high position in hair color styles recently since it becomes the most favorite color of super stars in the world. If you are a big fan of US and UK, you can see a lot of celebrities attract the spotlight and shine up in the red carpet with a long blonde hair mostly in curly and wavy texture. Blonde hair extensions should be your first choice that will magically give you stunning Rapunzel locks which are long and smooth. One of the reason why you should try blonde human hair extensions is that it is quite hard and harmful if you use bleach or chemicals directly on your existing hair.
View our blonde hair extensions

Red hair extensions

Red is a high-impact hair color which can immediately grabs attention from anyone wherever you are. No word can describe how outstanding you are with a hair colored in red. If you are having intention of dying your hair in red color, Luxshinehair highly recommends you to try our red hair extensions instead since to get right red hair color, you need to bleach your hair and use a lot of harmful chemicals that will completely destroy your real hair. Besides, sometimes you still cannot get the perfect red color despite bleaching your hair many times.

Blue hair extensions

Blue hair extensions are the impressive colored hair extensions. They are really a good choice for this summer. Why are blue hair extensions? If not using extension, to get the blue color, between washing, bleaching, drying, coloring, drying again, styling, and possibly cutting, getting mermaid hair is the long time that you spend on it. Therefore, wearing hair extensions is always the brilliant choice. Blue is the color of ocean which helps you look younger, fresh and confident.

Blue hair extensionsGray hair extensions

If you are looking for a stunning and captivating hair color, grey hair extensions are truly your finding. Made of 100% human hair and bleached carefully, our gray color will last longer and stay strong for a long time. Grey hair extensions will give you an attractive look and help you to be more active and fashionable

Gray hair extensionsRainbow hair extensions

As rainbow hair color becomes more popular and stay trendy with good reason: it is a style that looks good on anyone, no matter what the texture or length is. Therefore, you can easily combine rainbow hair extensions with different texture such as curly, wavy or even straight. It is also suitable for anyone who want to have temporary colors and want to be outstanding from the crowd. There is one thing for sure about wearing rainbow hair extensions is that all the eyes will stay on you and all your outfits will match too.

Rainbow hair extensionsPink hair extensions

Hair coloring is an age-old concept and people have never been fed up with. Among the hottest colors, pink is the outstanding one. Have you ever dreamed about owning a smooth pink hair like a beautiful princess stepping out of a fairy tale? With our pink hair extensions, it is no longer a dream. Now you can completely have your own pink hair without using any kind of chemicals and bleaches.

Pink hair extensionsPurple hair extensions

Purple is never be an out-of fashion hair color. A lot of girls try to catch up with this big wave by dying their hair in purple color. However, it leaves the bad results for their real hair. After a short time of coloring, hair strands turn weaker and drier and easier to break. Therefore, using purple hair extensions is always the best option for you to protect your natural hair and stay trendy all the time because this shade of color takes a long time to fade away.

White hair extensions

White color is one of the most difficult colors to dye that requires bleaching for many times. Therefore, women tend to use white hair extensions that help them to save time, say no to harmful chemicals. Moreover, you still have a perfect white hair like US UK super stars. These white colored hair extensions will bring women an outstanding look and completely change their appearance.

White hair extensions

In short, hair color is very important that directly affects your appearance. Don’t immediately rush to a nearest salon to dye your real hair just because of seeing your favorite idol’s hair color in a concert or in red carpet. You may regret instantly when finding that this transformation is just a magic of hair extensions. Instead of that, finding suitable colors of hair extension will be better for you to enhance your hairstyle. It not only saves your valuable time, but also gives you the perfect color that you dream about. Luxshinehair does hope that we can contribute a little bit on helping women all over the world to promote their hidden beauty. Let Luxshinehair be your destination!

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