Christina El Moussa hairstyles in daily life

Are you a big fan of hit series Flip or Flop airing on HGTV? If the answer is yes, then you must know Christina Anstead, formerly known as Christina El Moussa. The Flip or Flop co-host is known not just for an America TV character, a previous real estate agent and model, but also for her incredible natural look.

Christina El Moussa without makeupThough she has become a mother of two kids, Christina el Moussa is always well-dressed with elegant hairstyles when appearing on TV shows. As a famous celebrity, she must be careful and picky in hairdos to make a perfect image even when she is off air. However, have you ever thought of Christina el Moussa hairstyles in daily life? Let’s scroll down to know more.

Voluminous waves with middle part

Can you realize the difference between two photos of Christina on her Instagram? With or without makeup she still looks beautiful with a bright face. She looks splendid with carefully paint eyes but her bare face is also flawless. In addition, her hairstyle makes a big change on her as well. You absolutely get familiar with this image of Christina because she usually appears with this voluminous waves. By curling her long bangs, it embrace her face perfectly and re-frame her face for a soft look. A fact that may surprise you that Christina El Mousse chose this hairstyle for her wedding! She must have loved it a lot.

Natural and with pretty makeup

Pin back hair

How do you feel about Christina smile in this picture? She is an attractive lady with lovely personality with a charming smile which attracts a lot of people towards her beauty. Simply pin the hair back, she looks fresh and elegant amazingly. This Christina El Moussa hairstyle is not only suitable to daily life but also occasional events such as TV show, proms, wedding, etc. 

Christina El Moussa pin back hair×4-kinky-straight-hair-dark-brown-color

High ponytail

Being a mother of two kids, Christina El Moussa still keeps her young vibes in her blood! Time cannot eclipse her beauty at all. Instead of letting hair down as she always does, the celebrity choose to make a simple high ponytail with deep middle part – which creates her iconic appearance! Especially, she highlights it by adding mix colors of platinum blonde and dark blonde. In the photo, she is elegant as well as energetic and funny which we might never relate to her before.


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OMG, look how happy they are! Coming back to the role of a mom, Christina usually choose simple hairstyles such as this bouffant. While she loves her bangs a lot, she still, sometimes, refreshes her tress with part-free style. She is now a truly mother who can spend all day long with her family in a holiday. Thanks to the bouffant, her forehead seems to be longer for a smart woman look.

Christina El Moussa bouffant

Side braid

Opposite to her elegant image in TV show, Christina El Moussa is friendly and simple as any of us in this photo. Look at this, I just think of a normal woman going out for the grocery store instead of a celebrity who is rich and out of my life. In daily life, she doesn’t spend much time on hairstyles, alternatively, she pays more attention on taking care of her family. Hence, a quick side braid is an great idea because it is comfortable and convenient for many activities. At the same time, it won’t hide her beauty but boost it up with a natural look.


Crown braids

Another version of braids that Christina El Moussa usually chooses for daily life. You may think it’s a little hard to do this hairstyles by yourself. In fact, it’s not a big deal at all. You can follow our guidelines here for a simple French braids as photo below. Without the bangs, Christina’s face is much brighter and younger. Especially, the hairdo turns her armpit hair length into a sweet look as a Disney Princess! Many people may think a 2-kid-mother should not try this hairstyle, but it’s absolutely a wrong idea to prevent them from being young again. Every woman can turn back time and stay beauty with this fantastic French braids. Are you ready to try?

Christina El Moussa crown braid

On air or off air, Christina is still stands out in those pictures. Being a star, but she is also a normal women, a mother of two kids in her daily life. Taking off the elegant look, Christina El Moussa hairstyles give her a pure appearance with young and friendly vibes that are suitable to her characteristics perfectly. Beequenhair hopes that you can be yourself and be confident with your natural beauty.

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