Check out Most Impressive High Ponytail Hairstyles from Celebrities

To have an active hairstyle, you need something more impressive and outstanding than a common hair down style. Obviously, high ponytail is one of the wisest choices. Almost women have ever tried styles with ponytail hair. Not only they give new energetic images but also give you comfortable feelings. Today, let’s discover the most beautiful high ponytail styles through images of celebrities. Perhaps, they will give you interesting ideas for the next coiffure.

Long straight ponytail

Talking about a celebrity who is loyal to high ponytail hairstyle, we actually can’t ignore the name Ariana Grande. Although her body is quite small, she knows how to make impression on others by her brand hairstyle. It is long high ponytail. Ariana doesn’t have natural beautiful hair so she often uses hair extensions. Among her choices, long straight ponytail is the style that she loves and uses the most frequently. Long hair is smooth and sleek while the ponytail style is youthful and active. 

Ariana has strong brown skin so that she likes keeping dark hair color than bright ones. This is also a wise choice of her to protect her own real hair from unexpected chemicals and damage. 

Long straight ponytail

Short ponytail hair

The beautiful wife of Justin BieberHailey Baldwin has the ponytail style which is completely opposite to Ariana’s. She has a sexy body and an ideal height but she chooses to have a short ponytail hairdo. Surprisingly, this style fits her white- pink concept perfectly and makes her appearance become more radiant than ever.

Her hair roots are naturally retained with dark brown color and hair ends are with the impressive platinum blonde hair dye. These two parts of hair are seperated by an eye- catching black ribbon. In addition, short hair doesn’t hide her bare back and makes her look so charming.

Short ponytail hair

Loose wavy long ponytail

Straight hair is beautiful but it sometimes gives simple effect. Thus, combining ponytail style with hair waves is really useful to make the appearance of women become more attractive. Vanessa Hudgens‘s loose wavy long ponytail is the clearest evidence for that. 

Applying the sexy and mysterious style, her hairstyle with loose hair waves looks much more ye- catching and impressive. She also dyes hair with chocolate brown hair color to be suitable with her black outfit as well as embellish her beautiful face. Vanessa is really intelligent in collaborating styles, right?

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Loose wavy long ponytail

Curly high ponytail

Another interesting choice for women who love rebellious and active styles is high curly ponytail. Let’s check out the image of Ciara– one of our most beautiful black women. You will see that this style is so gorgeous. It is clear that she has chosen to wear hair extensions to have this special style but we can’t deny that they really make her appearance become full of creativeness and personality. Black hair curls are completely natural, voluminous and stunning which help her hair to look thicker and much more attractive. 

curly high ponytail

High Ponytail with bangs

Jennifer Garner has a style with impressive layered bangs and loose curly ponytail. The style helps Jennifer to hack her age very well to have a younger appearance. She also skillfully combines hair with the classical brown hair color and soft makeup to make the most beautiful and natural image in the event.

ponytail with bangs

Twisted ponytail

How do you think if having ponytail hair braided or twisted? The hairstyle must be double impressive. Zoe Saldana had also appeared with a twisted ponytail hairdo which is extremely creative and rebellious. Her long hair is parted and twisted into a completely new style that can take every people by surprise. 

This coiffure is relatively neat and safe for you when taking part in events or meetings. Moreover, its variations are unlimited so that let’s create your favorite style and be ready to become the most attractive person in the crowd!

twisted ponytail

Half up high ponytail

Lastly, if you don’t want to tie your whole hair into a ponytail, you can make hair into a high half ponytail style. It is the combination between half up half down hairstyle and ponytail hairstyle. The part of hair relaxed down helps your appearance remain something soft and charming. Whereas, high ponytail is at the top of head so that it helps your hair look more outstanding. It will be better if you have hair with bright colors and bobbing hair waves. Try it now and you will see amazing things from this sweet style!

Half up high ponytail

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