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Changing hairstyles is exactly one of the quickest and most effective ways so as to helps girls to have the better appearance. However, only when you know to choose suitable styles can you look the most beautiful in others’ eyes. If you are having some trouble with your hairstyle, don’t ignore this article of us about hairstyles for girls.

In here, we mainly mention hairstyles for younger girls such as hairstyles for teenage girls or hairstyles for little girls. Of course, you can completely choose these styles for older age groups but let’s make sure that you look more suitable and younger with them instead of looking awkward and ridiculous. For now, let’s discover all impressive girls’ hairstyles together!

Hairstyle for girls

1. Beautiful short hairstyles for girls

Although short hair has a limited length size, there still have a lot of beautiful styles with it for young girls. Each style can bring to the owner a different image so that you don’t need to worry that you can’t have cute hairstyles, soft styles or another impressive style with short hair. Let’s check them out!

Short curved bob with bangs

Commonly, as for mature women, they don’t like keeping bangs because they make their face look darker as well as make them feel uncomfortable, especially in hot summer days. However, young girls often have the opposite opinion. Bangs not only give their appearance become fresher but also beautify their short hair.

If you feel that bangs cover your bright forehead and make you feel angry, you can use them only in some special occasions to change your appearance. Besides, choosing suitable types of bangs is necessary. For comfortable styles, you can choose to have wispy bangs or side part bangs. For active styles, you can have blunt bangs, asymmetric bangs or curly bangs, etc. They will be actually very useful for short hairstyles you are owning.

Talking about curved short bob, no word is better “perfect”. Curved bob brings natural and soft feelings while its impressive short length size gives something more active and energetic. Their harmonious combination is undeniable. In addition, because this short hairstyle is for young girls, hair colors chosen are more diverse. You can have dark hair color for gentle styles or outstanding colors for rebellious characteristics. This style is worth being one of attractive and cute hairstyles for girls with short hair, right?

Short curved bob with bangs

Side part wavy bob

We have ever mentioned wavy bob hairstyle many times that this style is extremely attractive and never be out of fashion. This style also has a lot of variations and they make hair become more eye- catching. If you have short wavy hair with middle part style, your appearance often look more stately and mature. On the other hand, when you combine hair with side part style, your appearance will become much younger.

Loose hair waves are soft and voluminous so that they not only give beautiful effects on hair but also help to cover shortcomings on your face such as chubby cheeks or rough jawline. In addition, having side part style is also effective for girls with short forehead or small face so as to make it look better.

It can be considered that having side part wavy bob is a safe choice but its effect is really wonderful. Almost girls look younger and more attractive with this style. This natural hairstyle for girls can even look much more charming when being combined with suitable hair colors and makeup style.

Side part wavy bob

Pixie hair

It will be a big shortage if we don’t talk about pixie hair in this list. Like other styles, pixie hair also has a lot of different types and all of them are impressive hairstyles for girls with short hair.

If you fall in love with cute easy hairstyles for girls with short hair, you can choose to have pixie hair with its natural texture. It is having pixie hair with wispy bangs. Let’s see this texture on the beautiful Korean model Go Joon Hee, we make sure that you will not able to resist yourself with sweet style. Who dares to say that pixie hair always displays activeness? Only with some simple cuts, you can completely get a sweet and charming style with short hair. Moreover, when combining this natural pixie hairdo with appropriate hair color and impressive fashion style like the way Go Joon Hee did, you can have a unique style which can make the rest of the wall chase after.

Go Joon Hees pixie hair

Obviously, apart from this above impressive pixie hairstyle, you still have billions of different ways to do with pixie hair. It can be a side part pixie hairstyle which looks both active and creative. It can also be a fawx hawk pixie style with the impressive image. Sometimes, changing hair with some hair waves and outstanding colors is actually not a bad idea.

pixie hair

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Shaved short haircut

If you are an active girls with something rebellious and outstanding, don’t ignore shaved short haircuts. Nowadays, girls who love menswear style are very popular and shaved short hair is ideal to go with that style. Shaved short hair brings to girls images which are completely new comparing to soft images of hair before. I can look a bit masculine but it is active and full of personality.

Styles with shaved hair is also very diverse. You can choose to have half shaved hair, shaved hair on both underneath side of hair or even you can shave your whole hair just for a gorgeous short hairstyle for girls. Combining these styles with appropriate types of bangs as well as dye them with outstanding hair hues is exactly the thing that make your short hair become more gorgeous than ever.  Models and hot trendies are people who extremely like shaved short haircuts because of their creativeness and wonderful results. Why don’t you try them? May be you are also a lucky girl who fit these styles very well.

Half shaved hair

Of course, you can completely apply these easy hairstyles for girls on your little daughters or sisters so as to have impressive short hairstyles for little girls. These short hairstyles will actually make our little angels feel extremely happier and lovelier!

short hair for little girls

2. Attractive medium and long hairstyles for girls

Different from short hairstyles for girls, hair with medium length or long length size often help girls display images which are much gentler and sweeter. They are actually good hairstyles for girls that you shouldn’t ignore. Let’s check them out right now!

Medium layered hair

Among beautiful hairstyles for girls with medium hair, layered hair is really a good choice. Medium layered hair is a cute hairstyle for girls. Hair layers are created for a face framing style. It is very useful to hide shortcomings on face of girls such as high cheekbones or rough jawline.  Moreover, the effect that layers gives is very outstanding and impressive. It will help you attract others’ attention instead of only having normal straight hair. Sometimes, changing this style with shoulder length hair and soft hair colors is not a bad idea.

Medium layered hair

Loose wavy long hair

Not only are loose hair waves suitable with short hair but they also fit long hair perfectly. Wavy hair locks are quite big so that they make hair become voluminous and eye- catching. More importantly, hair waves give images which are extremely mild and natural but they don’t make you become a rustic girl.

This style is very popular with school girls. Even, it can be considered the trendiest hairstyles for teen girls. It is not the matter if you are a rich kid with luxurious style or a naive fresher with casual clothes, you can completely have this loose wavy long hairstyle. It will actually make you become more beautiful as well as much more attractive in others’ eyes. Don’t for get to make yourself an individual style with impressive accessories to embellish your beauty!

Natural long wavy hair

Half up long hair

When talking about outstanding hairstyles for girls with long hair, we also can’t omit creative half up long hairstyles. Each style brings to young girls different images. We dare to make sure that all of them are gorgeous.

Half up bun

Half up bun is really a special long hairstyle. It belongs to both cool hairstyles for girls and cute hairstyles for girls. Instead of fixing your whole hair into a big bun, you only need to make a small but impressive high bun with any texture and shape you want.

The lower part of hair is kept naturally with relaxed hair strands. You can make them into hair curls, hair waves or just keep simple straight hair. It is totally up to your own characteristics as well as the style you choose that you can have diverse appearances.

Half up bun

Half up ponytail

This is also an attractive girls hairstyle for long hair. This style doesn’t make your hair get damage or breakage like tight ponytail hairstyles but its effect on hair is still wonderful. This long hairdo is very suitable for young girls who like active and energetic fashion style.

You only need to take a fixed section of your upper hair and tie it into an outstanding high ponytail. The rest of hair is naturally down. This style is also similar to half up bun but it looks more voluminous and much more eye- catching. If you are having some trouble of thin hair, this style is exactly an ideal choice for you.

Half up ponytail

Half up half down hair

Let’s google half up half down hairstyles and you will have to be surprised. There are hundreds of millions of results about it for you choose. These hairstyles for girls with long hair are really very beautiful and attractive. They are ideal for long or medium hairstyles for girls.

Half up long hair

Instead of having high half up styles above, you can choose to have low half up styles of hair.  Let’s use your own creativeness as well as the impressive texture of your long hair to make unique half up styles. How do you think if you have half up hair with braid style, bow style or flower style? It is so amazing, right? Don’t forget to dye hair with your favorite color or add more hair extensions on to make hair look more beautiful and impressive!

Flower braides half up hair

Braided long hair

Like half up hairstyles, braided long hairstyles are also very diverse and eye- catching. Having long hair is really a big advantage for girls to have beautiful braided hairstyles. They are always created and updated so as to make the newest and trendiest styles. Apart from having a casual three- strand braid hairstyle, you can make Dutch braids, French braids, fishtail braids, twisted braids, etc. Even, combining different styles of braids on hair is also not a bad idea.

Loose braided long hair

If you are an African American girl, you must have been too familiar with braided hairstyles for black girls. They are not simple hair with loose and messy hair braids but tight braids with impressive styles such as micro braids, box braids, braided cornrows, Goddess braids and so on. Anyways, they look extremely impressive and eye- catching, don’t they?

black braid hair

No matter which braided style with long hair you choose, it still helps your appearance become fresher, younger and much more dynamic. Perhaps, this is the reason that almost young girls from teen girls, school girls to little girls love these braided styles.

braided hair for little black girls

Don’t worry if you can’t have impressive long hairstyles with your thin real hair because Luxshinehair extensions can help you to deal with that problem. Luxshinehair is proud of bringing to you the best hair extensions with the most wonderful quality from 100% Vietnam remy and virgin human hair. They will transform your short, fine and thin hair in to thick and beautiful hair perfectly.

For now, it’s time to choose a suitable hairstyle for yourself. We hope that all of these aforementioned attractive hairstyles for girls will be useful for your choice. If you have any question, comment or demand of hair, don’t hesitate to share with us. Luxshinehair is always ready to help you have the best hairstyles.

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