Celebrities and their impressive fringe hair

Fringe hair sometimes can make you feel uncomfortable because it covers forehead and makes your face look darker, even bigger. However, having fringe hair is also a wonderful way to make your appearance become younger and fresher. Obviously, the charm of youth is always the thing that all women chase after, including female celebrities. In this article, let’s with Luxshinehair discover the most impressive and beautiful fringe hairstyles of celebs!

1. Gigi Hadid

Perhaps you always see that this famous supermodel always appears with fashionable hairstyles without bangs. However, it doesn’t mean that Gigi is not a fan of fringe hair. There are many times she has fringe haircut and of course, she still gets all flashlights. Instead of having cool non- bang styles, fringe hair makes Gigi look so lovely and attractive like a barbie doll. Even when she smiles or not, the charming face and cute bangs give her all things.

Gigi Hadid

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez owns a perfect round face which can fits every hairstyle. Obviously, haircuts with fringe hair also can’t make difficulties for her. Selena’s face is extremely suitable with fringe because it makes her look much more beautiful and younger than keeping mellowed styles without bangs.

Fringe hair is like wispy bangs, hair is not too thick or long that makes her feel angry or uncomfortable. Different from the baby image that Gigi Hadid has, fringe hair makes Selena look more charming and beautiful but not make her cute face become older.

Selena Gomez

3. Ella Eyre

A fringe cut combined with curly hair actually makes Ella look charming and nobler than ever. Ella Eyre has a quite mature face so that fringe hair is useful to help her face look fresher but not make her charm be decreased. This hairstyle is relatively popular and suitable with different shapes of face so that it is a wonderful choice for the young these days.

Ella Eyre

4. Taylor Swift

There will be a big mistake if we don’t mention Taylor Swift with fringe hair. She always appears with bangs to hide her long face and high forehead. Of course, this is actually a wise choice. Her fringe can be changed with various styles like curved bangs, curly bangs or straight bangs. With fringe hair, we can make sure that no one takes notice that Taylor is 30 years old this year. She actually looks very beautiful and full of energy.

Taylor Swift

5. Emma Stone

Emma’s face is also very suitable with fringe hair. Especially when she has short wavy hair with brown hair tones, she completely does not feel uncomfortable. In contrast, her smile reveals to us that fringe hair is absolutely beautiful and impressive.

Emma Stone

6. Katy Perry

With advantages of a perfect face and white skin, it is not difficult for Katy Perry to find suitable styles with fringe hair. One of them is short choppy bangs. Combining this kind of fringe hair with an updo style and outstanding ornaments, Katy Perry brings to the public an image which is both lovely and attractive.

Katy Perry

7. Rihana

If you think that fringe hair is only suitable for cute and lovely girls so you are completely wrong. Rihana with fringe hair is the clearest evidence so as to deny that perception. Rihana likes keeping fringe with short hair since that makes her look both young and active.

This famous diva also doesn’t hesitate to renew her appearance with bangs in front of her fans. No matter it is straight hair, wavy hair or  colored hair, she still looks gorgeous.


8. Marian Rivera

Let’s talk a bit about fringe hair of Asian famous women! We will take the image of the most beautiful Filipino celebrity Marian Rivera, she looks actually attractive with fringe hair, right? We can’t criticized any features on her face cause her appearance is too beautiful and charming. In addition, it makes her face look much younger and lovelier.

Marian Rivera

9. Irene

Fringe hair is like the most outstanding brand of Korean women hairstyles. Almost girls in this Kimchi country have ever had bangs with a lot of different variations. Seeing the image of Korean’s Idols, fringe hair is actually the most effective way to make the face of all girls become more beautiful and balanced.

Irene is exactly one of the most wonderful evidences for that. Irene has a face which is beautiful but a bit cool and lovely hair bangs help her look much friendlier and more charming.

Irene 1

If you feel too tedious with common hairstyles, you can have some changes with fringe hair like our celebs have done . Having bangs is a wonderful way to make your face look fresher and more charming. Don’t worry if your hair is thin or spare that can keep bangs because you can visit Luxshinehair and find yourself a suitable hair extension with fringe hair. Every problem will be solved to give the best image for your hairstyle.

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