Causes and Treatments: Pimples on Scalp Causing Headache

All problems on scalp make you feel irritate, right? They can be common dry scalp, dandruff or unexpected head lice, fungus, even boils. Especially, problems of pimples on scalp are very diverse and they lead to a lot of complications. Causing headache is the trouble often met by people all over the world. In this article, Luxshinehair will help you to find out all things of causes and treatments of pimples on scalp causing headache. Perhaps, they will be useful advises for your scalp problem.

pimples on scalp

1. Causes of pimples on scalp

Similar to acnes on skin, pimples on scalp appear when you don’t care your scalp on the good condition. Bacteria, fungus, dry scalp and dirts can break in your scalp and hair and generate kinds of pimples. In a clearer way, when hair follicle gets clogged with dead skin cells or scalp sebum in dirty environment, pimples will raise. It can emerge at any position on your head, even at the nape. The clearer it is, the more inferior people feel, especially women.

pimples on scalp

You can get these bad problems in many different situations such as:

  • Using too many hair care products like hairspray, hair gels, hair dyes, etc which are not suitable for your scalp. This thing not only makes your scalp become more sensitive with conditioners but also makes hair easily get damages, even causes hair loss for long term.
  • Not washing hair thoroughly and often: We don’t stimulate you to wash hair daily but is is better that you should do every one day or two days. Make sure that you wash hair carefully and thoroughly to have the best result.
  • Sweating too much: It’s up to each person’s predisposition that your scalp can leak more or less sweat and make scalp get pimples.
  • Staying up too late and eating hot food: Let’s give up these bad hobbies if you don’t want to have pimples on your whole scalp and skin because they are bad agents.
  • Heredity is also one of reasons od causing pimples. Although the ratio of this cause is not much, it should also beware in the worst cases.


2. Pimples on scalp causing headache

When having pimples, you will want to rub, squeeze and remove them immediately right after finding them, right? Obviously, with such these actions, your scalp will be red, damaged, hurt, bled, even get unexpected symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, etc. They will make you feel extremely uncomfortable and not self- confident.

If these phenomena continue happening frequently, headache is the obvious result. You will have to face it not only when you squeeze pimples but also when you sleep or do other acts. Headache maintenance can last some days, some weeks, even become a long term symptom that effects on your daily life if you don’t have opportune treatments.

pimples on scalp causing headache

3. Treatments of pimples on scalp

To avoid having unexpected consequences, let’s find yourself suitable treatments of pimples on scalp which can cause headache.

Topical treatment

These days, the best and quickest way to solve problems of health as well as hair problems is using the topical treatment. By smearing directly topical on pimples on your scalp, medicine’s effects will help to minimize the development of acnes and recover your damaged scalp in the soonest time.

Don’t forget to find out ingredients of these kinds of topical. You’d better ask for doctor’s or dermatologist’s advises to get the best topical treatment for your case.

topical treatment

Tablet treatment

Being a kind of medicine, using tablet treatment is also highly appreciated. However, you can need more time so that medicine can work effectively. However, you won’t get sticky and uncomfortable feelings on scalp like topical treatment. It is actually a strong point that make a lot of people choose as an alternative medicine method.

Tablet treatment


Folk remedies

Our precursors collected a lot of experience of folk remedies to deal with pimples. You can use this method in cases your scalp or skin is too sensitive with medicine and you need something more natural.

  • Using lemon quintessence: Let’s smear directly lemon quintessence on pimple on your scalp. This method is used when acnes is small and still not be broken. Don’t be foolish to use this treatment when you’ve  broken pimples. If not, you will feel very hurt and stung because of acid in lemon. Lemon quintessence will help to control oil on scalp. Thanks to that, your scalp will be clean and difficult to get acnes.
  • Using quintessence of garlic or ripen papaw: This method is very safe and you can easily do it yourself. The effect of garlic and papaw is very good when you smear on pimples. It helps to abate the inflammation of big acnes.
  • Solution od olive oil or lavender oil: Being fragrant and soft oil, using these kinds of oil on pimple on scalp is also a good way to abate inflammation of pimples. Their flavour is very comfortable that can make you forget the headache you meet.

Folk remedies

Besides, you can find more other natural treatments for treating pimples causing headache on the Internet. There are many suggestions for your recommendation. Besides, for beautiful hair, don’t forget the hair treatment with rice water, it’s very effective!

Using suitable shampoos

Pimples can come when they are irritated by bad ingredients in your recent shampoos. Therefore, let’s ask for doctor’s advises about the shampoo you are using. If it is not appropriate for you, let’s change into another one. Problems of pimples and acnes will actually be minimized. Don’t forget to buy high quality and natural shampoos to avoid regretful results afterwards.

Having healthy lifestyle

There is a clear and amazing truth is that when you are happy, bad problems will happen less. Thus, let’s have yourself a healthy lifestyles via daily acts such as having proper diets, drinking much water, sleeping on time, etc. Pimples won’t prevent you from your entertaining time.

Having healthy lifestyle

Luxshinehair hopes that you will get helpful suggestions for your problem of pimples causing headache. Never disregard the appearance of pimples on head if you don’t want to have unexpected results after. It is necessary to have the soonest treatments. If you see that this article is good, don’t forget to give us your comments and visit Luxshinehair store for other news as well as our hair extensions!

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