How To Buy Tape In Hair Extensions On a Budget?

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How to buy Tape in hair extensions on a budget? These days, Hair extensions are everywhere. From the Clip in ponytails that light up the accessory stores to the premium extensions peddled by people whose hair looked best on the last season of the Love Island, hair extensions’ supply and demand are both bigger than ever.

It’s easy to see why. Rather than being limited in length, volume or style, hair extensions meant women could have whatever they desired. They have become a wanton weapon of every woman’s beauty arsenal. 

Out of all the multitude of hair extensions types, Tape in hair extensions has always been one of the greatest options to boost the length and volume of your hair without having to stick to tedious day-to-day application and removal. So you want Tape in hair extensions? Best Tape ins on a budget? It’s true that you get what you pay for and you will spend more money on premium hair than that from the dollar store. But in fact, you don’t have to break the bank.

How to buy Tape in hair extensions on a budget

The secret is knowledge. By understanding what Tape-ins are, what is the best grade of hair quality, how much they cost, etc, you will know what you are going to pay for. More importantly, you will be able to spot a killer deal for the best hair. Here are some things that might help you be 100% sure for your purchasing decision. Keep reading on to know how to buy the best Tape in hair extensions on a budget.

What is Tape in hair extension?

Tape in hair extensions are the perfect method of hiding hair loss problems or bad haircuts in a safe and cheap way. They come in thin pre-taped wefts only 1.5 inches wide that you attach to your natural hair by ‘sandwiching’ them together. How to apply Tape in extensions? Take a thin strand of your own hair and place it between two tape-in wefts, creating bonds, about a quarter of an inch close to your scalp. These bonds will lay flat on your head, making them virtually undetectable. The glue used on tape in hair is medicinal, which ensures that it is totally damage-free to you and your hair.

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How to buy Tape in hair extensions? 

So, you are curious to try the best Tape in hair extensions? But how? We do understand that buying extensions can be a daunting task because of multiple available options. But don’t stress it. We are here to help you. Below is a guide for you to figure out buy Tape in hair extensions on a budget. 

Choose Human hair Tape ins

When it comes to hair quality, not all Tape in hair extensions are created equal. Some customers may opt for synthetic hair which is typically made of plastic fiber. It can mimic natural hair, but is not recyclable or biodegradable. However, the gold standard should be Human hair. It can be styled like natural hair, dyed like natural hair, washed like natural hair, and worn for years – if properly cared for.

Human hair extensions are always the best option when choosing your tape in extensions. And Remy human Tape in hair extensions is the finest quality of human hair available. Remy hair is collected in a way that ensures that the cuticles remain intact and facing the natural growing direction. This keeps them from tangling and maintains their natural look.

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Tape in hair extensions can be reused multiple times, so it is necessary to invest in good quality real hair that will keep its shape and silkiness for a longer period of time. This way you can get the best value for your buck. So, do you have any more questions about this standard? If yes, feel free to contact Luxshine’s customer support staff. We are available 24/7 to help you.

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Choose a fair price for your Tape-ins

We all know that we get what we pay for. So it’s understandable when good quality hair comes with a certain price. But don’t get fooled by overpriced tape in extensions.  After a certain price point, the final cost of hair extensions reflects celebrity collaborations and brand marketing. In fact, that is not the actual value of the tape-ins.

Seamless tape in hair extensions usually come in packs of 50-70 grams and a fair price for these sets is around $55. If you do not apply the extensions for yourself, you will have to pay extra fees for having them fitted at the salon, which might set you back about $100 per session.

If you are finding a wallet-friending pick for your Tape-ins, Luxshine Hair can be a great choice. We provide you high-quality hair extensions at a fair price tag. It’s because we do everything for ourselves from manufacturing hair to marketing. So the cost is the actual value of the tape-ins. You can come and try our products for yourself to examine what you have heard.

Choose the correct color for your Tape-ins

Maybe you want to try experimenting with different hair colors. Or maybe you are looking for Tape-ins in just a slightly different color to create faux highlights. Or maybe you want a crazy bold hue for a special occasion. Whatever it is, color blending is key to get the best results. Make sure to choose the correct shade for your tape-ins. This not only helps to match extensions to your natural hair but it also creates a natural look once you have them applied. Do remember that Remy human hair can always be dyed. So don’t shy away from coloring your tape-ins if they are not a perfect match to your own hair!

If you want to experiment with highlights/lowlights or even ombre, getting a few bundles in a lighter or darker shade that is complementary to your natural hair. And you’ll be able to achieve the hairstyles of your dreams without using any bleach! 

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How to get hair extensions on a budget?

You have already known how to buy Tape in hair extensions. But how to get them on a budget? Keep reading on. We suggest you some tips and tricks for a better bargain right now! 

Shop around to find average prices and deals

The secret to finding any deals is to always shop around. However, you never want to purchase your Tape-ins solely based on the savings you’ll get either. By shop around, we mean discover what kind of options are out there, analyze different companies’ prices, and learn the price range that seems reasonable for your wallet. 

Finding the best quality Tape in hair extensions on a budget is like math class. You should take all the prices into consideration and find the averages. Then you can have the best one that is wallet-friendly.

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Know the store you are buying from

Online shopping has become one of the best shopping methods. Today, it is not too difficult to confirm the reputation of an online seller, whatever they are selling. Checking on their social media accounts is also a way to do so. There are many new brands coming up every year so in order to compete, lots of them opt for a better experience for customers in general. Aside from trusted sellers who are dominating the market, you can try to push your luck with some unknown brand but we cannot guarantee that you will receive what you pay for. When in doubt, you should do more research.

You should look for a robust return policy too. Having a flexible return policy shows the retailer is confident in its products. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, Luxshine Hair allows you to return the hair for a full refund providing that the hair hasn’t been altered or tampered with. 

It’s the end of the article. You have already read through our tips and tricks on how to buy Tape in hair extensions on a budget. We hope that you are armed with the best weapons in choosing the perfect Tape ins that suit your needs and budget. So, now you are set on the path of making the best out of your Tape in hair extensions, with no damage and a good price – longevity ratio! Go straight and shine your beauty. If you need assistance, please contact Luxshine Hair, a Vietnam human hair factory! We are always ready to assist you!

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